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    Ok I'm going through the test bank from Wiley for BEC and there seem to be a ton of errors on these problems? Such as it will list numbers but not give you an actual question to answer or the correct answer explanation has labeling and mathematical errors… is anyone else encountering this?!



    Yo. I have seen a few questions where the correct answer response references a number/item/reference that isn't there. Very frustrating. I know how you feel. I just move on knowing that the MCQ is messed up. Are you working on BEC now? how's the overall studying going?



    hey JJM! Yes I'm doing BEC now – studying is… going. Was going to reschedule my exam for the 29th (found an opening, but the testing site is over an hour away) decided against it I just want to get this test over and done with! Those dang variance questions keep getting me! I haven't had my intermediate accounting class for awhile and sad thing is I used to be GOOD at these questions! I think the way Becker explains it is messing me up… oh well back to the books…

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who has errors it is definitely frustrating!!!

    How's your studying going?



    Yep, tons of errors. Sometimes it doesn't even ask an actual question. Just states a few facts and then lists the answers. I've noticed math errors too. Unacceptable Wiley. Everything about 2012 is bad.


    Hi All, sorry to hear you're finding errors — if you can post the QUESTION ID and ERROR DESCRIPTION here we'll reward any confirmed errors with free Wiley review products — books, apps, or Test Bank sections, your choice.

    We know you're busy and have other things on your mind but if you do see an error and can post it — or email it to testbankfeedback@wiley.com we'll hook you up with free stuff.

    Fyi all the questions are checked every year and while there are always some there's no reason the number should be high. Sometimes we check reported errors and re-affirm the the answer but we're happy to check.


    Thank you Wiley



    @PistolPete- Gleim Test Prep has the same issue. I encountered a few questions that never had a question. It gave a sentence and then gave 4 choices. I'm like, what are they asking??? Very frustrating.



    I just did a practice set of 24 questions, found 2 errors. Not a good indication.

    RMCB – 0035 Incomplete question:

    Assume that Velmont Corp. is considering investing in a project with the following possible outcomes and related possibilities.

    a. 350,000

    b. 250,000

    c. 290,000

    d. 210,000

    ECON – 0010 Questions specifies Swiss francs, answer relates to French francs. (no big deal, I know)


    @pistolpete thx — passed to editors and we're checking on them.



    a different subject… but My audit SIMs won't load… how long is it supposed to take for these to load? I am using quick internet at a college library.

    please help!!! this is the main reason I purchased the online access…



    Smbundy – I would make sure your java is updated…I would maybe try a different browser (Firefox?) as well.



    I am on a mac so i will see about my java…



    Man! Jeff is the Man!!! helped me out twice in two days

    sheesh! thanks so mucho



    I thought I was the only one not liking the 2012 Wiley test bank. I don't understand why there are so many errors and the explanations or correct answers don't pop up during a practice session. I went back to use the 2011 Wiley test bank. It's helped me so far so I might as well stick with it.

    FYI, I was using an updated version of Firefox and still got a bunch for formatting errors on the 2012 test bank.



    Yeah, I am calling bs on the Wiley Test Bank user above….I emailed at the address they provided and gave them the exact specifics on the question I found that was incomplete (there are others with errors that I could provide) but they never responded.

    Don't fall for the nonsense, they will correct the question but will not give you anything for the effort of helping them make their product better.



    I work a lot with the Wiley person on here and when they say they will give you something for you're help – they will.



    All right if Jeff says it is so, let it be so.

    I thought the Wiley user above was punking us. I'll gladly revise if they respond.



    The Wiley person is very, very helpful – Trust me!

    My report:

    ECON-0007 (BEC)

    An expansionary policy will have effect on net exports.

    List A List B

    Fiscal A negative

    Fiscal No

    Monetary A negative

    Monetary No

    The above are labeled A-D. Then, the answers are B, A, D, C (in that order.)

    I don't think there is an actual question there. The correct answer given is A (Fiscal, A negative), which would be correct if the rest of the question were there! LOL

    ETA: The formatting doesn't come through, but you get the gist.


    Hi everyone, we've sent out a bunch of product so far. If we missed anyone we'll make it right.

    This is an in-progress effort that involves us having authors review the questions — sometimes they are traveling internationally and not always reachable in real time. We also started tracking fixes by question ID here: http://wileycpa.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10715/kw/question%20errors

    I'll post again to follow up after I get a list of who we've follow up with so far.


    @cpapending can you provide part of your email address or subject line so I can check the testbankfeedback@wiley.com inbox?



    Is this just for incorrect questions in the Online Test Bank or for errors in all of your products? I found an error in a book (Kindle version). What e-mail address can I send this to? I'm not looking to get anything (i.e. products) from Wiley, but I don't want anyone else to lose valuable study time trying to figure out a problem that isn't solvable.

    Thanks for being on here by the way!!


    @kricket please send to the book error to testbankfeedback@wiley.com thx!



    @Wiley CPA Exam Review,

    The original email was titled: BEC module 43 question 61 is incomplete

    I just re-sent the email under….*ANOTHER71 Errors in 2012 test bank (printed books) ANOTHER71* and I included another error I found that wasn't in my original email.

    Having said that I'll save you the effort of looking:

    [omission] BEC module 43 question 61—this problem doesn't any time value factors required to solve the problem. I was able to find 3 of the 4 necessary time value factors in other MCQ's in the module, but not the fourth.

    [error] BEC module 44 question 129– the problem mentions a debt to equity ratio in the actual question of 2/3. The explanation, however, uses a debt to equity ratio of 2/5. It took about 30 minutes of head scratching to figure out this appears to be an error.

    Thanks and I stand corrected, Wiley seems legit, apologies for doubting you! 😀




    Wiley – even though the question is listed under corrected errors, it is still an error in the online test bank I'm using. Do these get automatically corrected in the online test bank?



    Okay, I found an error that really drove me crazy. Under BEC in the Online Test Bank, question COST-0040 (number 58 of 64) is incorrectly showing $21.50 as a multiplier. From how I understand the question, $50 minus full mfg cost of $29.50 is $20.50, correct? Where is the $21.50 coming from? The answer is correct but the explanation is confusing as all get out!

    I figured it this way:

    300,000 units x ($50 – 29.50) = 300,000 x $20.50 = 6,150,000

    300,000 units x ($50 – 32.00) = 300,000 x $18.00 = 5,400,000

    Total = 750,000

    So, again in the explanation/calculation, where is $21.50 coming from?

    I have found other errors, but this was easiest to explain so far.

    HELP Wiley?



    I found the problem! The $21.50 is labor and materials only. So, you could take my answer and subtract it from the additional revenue of $1,500,000 from the extra 30,000 units and you will still come up with $750,000. Crazy!


    @tina82 which version of the Test Bank are you using? Corrections are only being made to the 2012 Test Bank.




    The 2012 version



    I purchased the 2012 Wiley Test Bank for FAR last week. I'm experiencing errors where (1) wrong answers are identified as correct and (2) explanations to answers are incorrect. There are errors in the simulations as well. An excel spreadsheet will be provided for a simulation and the solution offered by Wiley will have formulas that reference the wrong cells.

    It's rather unfortunate because the test bank shines in other areas. I like the layout of the test bank in practice mode – how the solutions are provided immediately after you submit your answers, which makes studying a breeze. I also like how it emulates an actual exam and can be customized in many ways.

    So, sorry to say, I guess it's not just BEC.


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