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    Good morning everyone.

    I reached my final review days and was thinking of buying Wiley Focus Notes or Ninja notes/MC. Have anyone used Wiley Focus notes? Which one is better? Any suggestions please. (I currently use Beckers only-Taking REG in 2 1/2 weeks).


    I have never used Wiley Focus Notes but I am using Ninja MCQ/notes (worth the money). It does not only give you why your answer was correct but also why other 3 answers were incorrect. FAR is going to be my first CPA exam so you might want to have other opinion as well who have used Wiley. I use Wiley MCQ/SIMS for practice.

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    I used Wiley Focus Notes because they came with the CPAexcel package that I bought. While I found them to be good for a quick review, I didn't necessarily find them all that helpful or necessary. I didn't use Ninja Notes, but I would definitely suggest using Ninja MCQs for your final review. I used Ninja MCQs for BEC and FAR (in addition to Wiley MCQs), and I found them to be extremely helpful.



    @ Mroque
    Wiley Focus Notes are available in public library check there first, If you get there then buy Ninja notes .
    you can not compare these two . I have both and both are good I need both of them.



    Thanks so much for replying.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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