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    I started studying for FAR about 3 weeks ago using Gleim. I'm having a very difficult time grasping each study unit. I thought Gleim was good for Auditing, but I'm really not learning anything with FAR. My test is on July 28th. I'm thinking about pushing the test back and ordering Wiley. Gleim has terrible lectures, online MC quizzes, and 20 simulations. Could anybody compare the Wiley Homestudy to Gleim. I watched the free demo on the website and it was helpful. How much time would I need to prepare if I started fresh with Wiley. How is there program set up? Do they have online mc problems or is it just a book? Thanks in advance and good luck to everybody in wave 2 this month. I'm having a hard time thinking about anything until I receive my Audit score



    I can't help much but I am studying for BEC using Gleim and so far so good. However, I feel that I need to supplement it with Wiley. It seems that Wiley has MC software or a CD (a test bank) that I am might be interested in. I heard a lot of good and bad things about Wiley. Maybe you should look into getting Wiley's book and their test bank for FAR instead of spending almost $500 for the full HomeStudy system. If you already have Gleim's MC software and the book, then all you need is a different textbook to get a better understanding and a MCQ software (I think Wiley has a CD).



    I have never used Gleim, but I used the Yaeger (Wiley) Homestudy for FAR. I just took it in May so I won't know if I passed for probably another week or so… but I felt that it prepared me pretty well. FAR has a TON of material whichever course you use, but the Yaeger instructors are awesome and make it pretty easy to follow. The actual Wiley textbook is really boring and hard to read, so I would not recommend getting just the book. I spent about 5 weeks on the Homestudy while working full time, but could have definitely used another week of review. If you bought it now, you would definitely have time to go through the whole program as long as you keep with a good study schedule. Hope that helps!



    So how does Wiley Homestudy work? Is it just videos and they go over the MC with you. How do you practice Sims?


    It's actually the “Yaeger” HomeStudy – they have videos and do tons of MCQs with you on the lectures and then assign you homework. If you have a question, you can call your instructor on their hotline.

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