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    I am currently preparing to retake FAR exam my previous attempt was 73 and i was using Becker for my studies and practice. I am thinking of getting a test bank but i am confused between Wiley and Gleim. So can anybody advice me about that decision especially that my exam is scheduled on 11 February.

    Also will it be helpful if i start answering questions from new software in the remaining month rather than re answering the same questions of Becker ?



    I actually have both Gleim and Wiley. Personally I think Wiley is a better representation of the actual exam. I find that Gleims adapted questions are actually way more difficult than any other practice questions I've seen. Hope this helps.



    Thanks for the advice but what do u think will i be able to answer all wiley's questions in one month.



    You don't need to answer ALL of Wiley's questions… just keep doing them, and make sure you select the “have not seen yet” filter.

    And I agree with LSYNC, I have both wiley and gleim too and prefer wiley. Gleim has a better UI but the questions are too complex compared to the real test.



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