CPA Exam Regulation | REG

CPA Exam candidates will find that Regulation (REG) is the most separate and distinct of the four sections. Experts recommend that you take REG at the end of your CPA testing. Tackle the other three sections and save REG for last. However, you can choose to schedule REG at any time during your CPA Exam process. More than 60 percent of the REG exam focuses on Federal Taxation of individuals, entities and property transactions. The Regulation section of the CPA Exam also tests a candidate’s knowledge of business law, business ethics and professional and legal responsibilities. Business Law content covers agency, contracts, business structure, debtor-creditor relationships and government regulation of business. Exam content on Ethics, Professional Responsibilities, and Federal Tax Procedures focuses on ethics and responsibilities in tax practice, licensing and disciplinary systems, federal tax procedures and legal duties and responsibilities. The Regulation Exam is composed of 76 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and eight Task-Based Simulations (TBSs). You’ll see a total of five testlets. The section begins with two 33-question MCQ testlets. Next on the REG Exam comes a 2-question TBS testlet followed by an optional 15-minute break. The break is not included in the allotted 4-hour test time. The section concludes with two additional TBS testlets. Each of the final TBS testlets consists of three questions. CPA candidates will have four hours to complete the REG Exam. There is no requirement to take all the allotted time. You can set your own pace as you work through the Regulation testlets. You cannot go back to revise a testlet once you have submitted it. Candidates must earn an overall scale score of 75 or higher to pass the REG section.

CPA Exam Regulation/REG Notes

Take advantage of your CPA Exam Regulation Notes and consult them often as you study. You’ll need REG notes that cut through the clutter and go straight to the point. Look for highly organized notes that efficiently outline course review study materials. You’ll find concise notes available in the Another71 Scout package. Review the NINJA Notes REG five times during the final two weeks of your exam prep.

CPA Exam Regulation/REG Test Bank

You’ll get the most out of your MCQs test bank when you find one that offers the largest number of practice questions. Another plus is a REG test bank with software that adjusts based on what you know and what you don’t know. Software that uses adaptive learning technology can customize your MCQs test bank. Customization makes all the difference between passing or failing the REG Exam. Find it in NINJA MCQs REG in the Another71 Scout package.

CPA Exam Regulation/REG Study Guides

Organization is the key to effectively reviewing material that’s on the CPA Exam Regulation section. You need tips on making the most out of study time while you juggle study, work and family. Stay on track with the tips you’ll find in the Another71 Scout package study guide. The NINJA study planner is available with the free study weapons from Another71.