The CPA Exam Survival Guide

The CPA Exam is a monster. Breaking News, right? Hi, I’m Jeff Elliott and I’ve been running Another71 since 2008. In that time, hundreds of thousands of CPA Review candidates have visited this site. I have literally helped tens of thousands of people pass – or survive the CPA Exam via email, phone, chat, text, and the CPA Exam Forum. Testing window after testing window. Year after year. The people change, but the questions remain the same and still largely go unanswered. Until now. From start to finish, this is a comprehensive guide on… How to Survive the CPA Exam. It’s a boots-on-the-ground, from-the-trenches handbook for making it out alive before your 18 Month clock expires (it happens to people a lot, trust me). As one of the few in the CPA Review “industry” that has actually taken the computerized CPA Exam – I have a unique and transparent (I believe) […]

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