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Dear NINJAs, We have a new addition to the NINJA Family – and we’re calling it NINJA PLUS (it’s a working title, for now…we’re just rolling with it). A little backstory… Back in the day – when I was studying for the CPA Exam (and we walked up hill both ways in the snow to the prometric testing center…all of that…), the CPA Review landscape looked a lot different than it does now. There were what I would call “The Big 4” of CPA Review courses…and one of those courses was Bisk CPA Review. It had been around forever and had the legendary instructor Bob Monette. I personally used Bob Monette’s AUD Videos to pass Auditing in two weeks…because, as I was prone to do at the time, I waited until the last moment to start studying. I scored a 79…which didn’t quite qualify me for the EWS Award, but

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July, August, September (Q3) 2016 CPA Exam Score Release Dates Get the latest Score Release news in the CPA Exam Forum Boost your CPA Exam Score with these Free CPA Review Materials

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Dear Future CPA, You can spend thousands on CPA Review books, videos, study guides, flashcards, crams, audios, etc. etc… …but if your MCQ Software isn’t preparing you for the fight that awaits, you’re wasting your precious time and money. The single-most important aspect of your CPA Exam preparation are your MCQs. They turn generic accounting concepts into CPA Exam application. Yet, it’s the weakest component of most CPA Review Courses. “But wait!!! That’s not fair!!!” you say… “Their lectures are entertaining and they juggle dry-erase markers on camera!!!” (but what about the software?) “They have a 9,000% advertised Pass Rate!!!” (but what about the software?) “They’ve been teaching CPA Review for 357 years!!!” (but what about the software?) “Well, now that you mention it…I find myself resorting to studying free cpa exam questions instead of the ones I paid thousands for.” Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Here’s the Cold Reality:

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This is from the CPA Exam Survival Guide, which is a free download to all Another71 readers. I know that right now is a miserable time and it is easy to start believing thoughts that simply are not true. Thoughts like you’re not smart enough to pass, accounting isn’t for you, the AICPA hates you and does not want you in the profession, etc. I personally felt all those emotions and had those thoughts going through my head as well. A few years removed from the exam process, I can tell you that being on the other side truly is worth it. My problem was always commitment to the exam. I wanted to be a CPA, but I didn’t really want to be a CPA. (I had better things to do after a long day of public accounting like play Madden.) Picture yourself three years from now. Will this momentarily

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