How to Pass the CPA Exam (5 Steps)

Future CPA, As you’re reading this today, you likely find yourself in one of two camps: Camp #1: You’re ditching your CPA Review course (maybe it expired, or maybe you’re just simply “over” it) and going #fullNINJA Camp #2: You have a full CPA Review course and want to supplement with NINJA I get these questions all of the time, if not daily, at least several times a week: “I have X CPA Review course. How do I supplement it with NINJA?” or “My X CPA Review Course expired. How do I study with only NINJA?” or “AHHHHH! I literally cannot stand another second of X CPA Review Course. HELP ME!!!!!” If you’re in either camp or find yourself asking a question similar to these, you’ve come to the right place. Tens of thousands of CPA Candidates have successfully followed my advice in this area, and I wish you the […]

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