CPA Reviewed – Podcast #3

CPA Reviewed Podcast #3 topics: Is the exam easier in one state vs. another?… What is the difference between being licensed and having a certificate?… Where should you go to go your ethics course materials?… What is the best CPA Review course?… Getting to 150 hours: MBA vs. MAcc?… How do you stay motivated while studying?…

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CPA Reviewed – Podcast #2

CPA Reviewed – Podcast #2 topics: “N” in NINJA further explained… After the CPA Exam…CMA? MBA?… What states should international candidates register with?… Hurricane Irene affecting score release?… When can scores be expected?…

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Video: CPA Exam Study Motivation


Let’s talk about CPA Exam study motivation for a minute. I asked people on Facebook what do they want to talk about today, and there was a common theme among several suggestions, and it involved recovering after failure on the CPA exam and possibly some CPA Exam motivational quotes. That’s kind of a timely topic because some of the recent guest bloggers that I have, they’ve been talking about failure and inevitably there’s the anonymous troll who comes along and hides behind their IP address and mocks everyone because they passed the first time and even had time to work out and all that stuff, but what they didn’t mention was that I didn’t see anywhere where they had a family or kids or little league, so well done on passing the CPA exam with nothing else going on in your life, but anyway … Prianca asks “how do you […]

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