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Dear Pre-CPA Exam Me

Written by Another71 Forum Moderator mla1169, who is now a Licensed CPA. July 20, 2010 Dear Pre-CPA Exam Me, So you’re getting ready to go and mail the application to sit for the CPA exam? Good for you, but I think you should know a few things right now: 1. This is going to stress you out. It’s ok, everyone who does this takes on a boatload of stress. It’s not a reflection on your character to get angry, frustrated, cry, yell, (and throw things). 2. This is going to stress your family and friends out. Actually, some people have lost friends and relationships over this. You won’t be one of them, thankfully. If people desert you for studying too much, the relationship was shaky to begin with. That said, make sure to thank those who support you. They deserve it because their support is every bit as important as […]

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Top 10 Things you Hear When Taking the CPA Exam (and What you REALLY Want to Say)

Jennifer was a long-time member of the Another71 Forum and is now a Licensed CPA. Note: the responses are very sarcastic and not meant to offend anyone 1.“Hurry up and pass this so you can do my taxes for free” Yes, I have studied hundreds of hours, spent thousands of $$ on review materials and exam fees so that I can put Box 1 of your W-2 on line 7 of your 1040. I am now qualified to be an H&R block employee-YES!!! You have made my career complete now! 2.“Oh you are smart I’m sure you’ll pass” So you are saying the 50% of people who get failing scores every testing window are dumb? Do you mind calling the AICPA and offer to become a grader for my exam to ensure I’m on the smart list this window? 3.“Why do you have to study so much? I thought you […]

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An Open Letter to all of my Friends and Family while I take the CPA Exam

Dear Friends and Family, By now, you have probably noticed that there is something different about me. I’m conspicuously absent from family get-togethers, tailgating, happy hour, and sadly enough – even some of my kids’ school or sports events. If I haven’t seen you for awhile and we start talking, my mind probably drifts off into somewhere else, only to zone back in 20 seconds later as I nod and I try to fake like I know what you just said. Forgive me, it’s not intentional – it’s really not. If I had my choice, the two of us could sit down for coffee and chat for hours on end and you would have my complete undivided attention. You see, I am trying to accomplish something for my career and my future that is extremely draining on just about every level – emotionally, financially, physically, and even spiritually at times, […]

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