An Open Letter to all of my Friends and Family while I take the CPA Exam

Dear Friends and Family, By now, you have probably noticed that there is something different about me. I’m conspicuously absent from family get-togethers, tailgating, happy hour, and sadly enough – even some of my kids’ school or sports events. If I haven’t seen you for awhile and we start talking, my mind probably drifts off into somewhere else, only to zone back in 20 seconds later as I nod and I try to fake like I know what you just said. Forgive me, it’s not intentional – it’s really not. If I had my choice, the two of us could sit down for coffee and chat for hours on end and you would have my complete undivided attention. You see, I am trying to accomplish something for my career and my future that is extremely draining on just about every level – emotionally, financially, physically, and even spiritually at times, […]

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