My Second Job: Studying for the CPA Exam


Hey CPA enthusiasts!

I am still studying like it’s my second job, and I am waaaaaaaay more motivated this week than I was last week.

This week I worked through all 159 MCQ’s in the Wiley test bank for individual tax, specifically, and took notes on questions that I want to review again.

I also read the NINJA Notes and rewrote them. As I was rewriting the Ninja Notes, I tried to absorb the information by concentrating and visualizing what I was writing to better understand this material.

The notes are so awesome! Not only do they provide you with a detailed outline of each topic, but the introduction to the notes tells you that you need to revisit these notes five times before the exam.

In trying to maintain a study schedule, it’s nice to know that the Ninja notes tell you that you need to review the notes five times before the exam. One thing that I have gained from failing two exams is that you really can underestimate the amount of studying that is required for this exam.

I also decided this week that I am not moving forward to another topic until I really feel comfortable and that I will not cut off studying time just because I have studied for two or more hours. I am going to study every free chance that I can get and hopefully not burn out!

I know that if I come home, eat, and go straight to studying that I can get through this material.

In closing, I hope everyone has a great week of studying!!! Keep the tips and words of motivation coming! I need all the help I can get!

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