The Party is Over: Back to FAR Study

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Since taking my FAR exam on August 13th (and not receiving a passing score), I have been on vacation, cleaned my house, truck, worked out, went to the NASCAR race in Atlanta (I had two tailgating parties to go to) and finally finished things off with watching some Clint Eastwood movies on Labor day.

The party has been over for a couple of weeks now and I am into turbo mode for FAR studying. I have my rematch with FAR on November 5th.

In the past when I have had to repeat a part of the exam, I start from scratch. I watch the videos, work all the MCQs and SIMS multiple times, make some brand new notes, and listen to things I have recorded.

I have the NINJA Audio for FAR (that I am listening to as I write this) and the NINJA Notes that I often refer to.

At the pace with which I am proceeding, I should be finished with the lectures, MCQs and SIMS in about two weeks. This should leave me about four complete weeks for a final review.

I have set up a new study location in my house. I am now studying in a room that is in my basement and that has no Internet connection. I bought a small card table and have set up camp there.

I am pretty disciplined when it comes to checking Facebook during my study time but I want to remove the temptation altogether. I plan to study at home during the week and then go to the library on the weekends.

Since my exam date is November 5th, and according to the score release date for the October/November window, I am looking forward to receiving my passing score possibly before Thanksgiving.

My birthday is November 30th. FAR is my last part. Everyone is invited to my birthday party.

Good luck to everyone studying!



P.S. Congratulations to everyone who received passing scores recently! AND Kricket, FAR is going down.

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