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All 7 Ninja Tactics

$497 Value
Updates With Access
Month To Month Access
$268 Value
Updates With Access
Month To Month Access
$188 Value
iPhone & Android
Updates With Access
Month To Month Access
$388 Value
Updates With Access
Month To Month Access
$388 Value
Updates With Access
Month To Month Access
$388 Value
Updates With Access
Month To Month Access
$188 Value
Updates With Access
Month To Month Access

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NINJA Study Framework
E.L.L Study Planner
Private Study Forums
Private Social Network
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There are 7 NINJA Weapons organized into 1 NINJA Battle Plan designed by CPA Review candidates for CPA Review Candidates.

7 Ninja Study Weapons:

  2. NINJA Notes
  3. NINJA Flashcards
  4. NINJA Audio
  5. NINJA Book
  6. NINJA Blitz
  7. NINJA MCQ Audio

1 NINJA Battle Plan:

NINJA CPA Review – Monthly

NINJA Monthly is the first and only pay-as-you-go subscription CPA Exam Review on the market.

You get all 7 Study Weapons for your chosen section (AUD, BEC, FAR or REG) for one low monthly subscription.

That means:

  • NO High up front cost
  • NO Contract
  • NO Financing
  • NO B.S. (Boring Stuff, what did you think that meant?)

And you can cancel at anytime (for any reason).

Please Note: NINJA Monthly Auto-Renews each month so that your study access won't be interrupted.

If/When you need to move onto another section. You can 'switch'. No need to re-subscribe or re-purchase anything.

Who Is This For?

This is for CPA Exam candidates of all stripes from those just starting out to those going..

"Argh!! My last section exam is in 20 days! I need a little extra edge to help me pass!"

And of course… every CPA Exam Candidate in between.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A: No! That's the beautiful thing about NINJA Monthly - you never have to go shopping for study materials again. Once you subscribe to a section and take that exam - email us and tell us which section you want next and we'll switch you.
A: You may switch once every 30 days, but we're flexible, as each situation is different. Rare is the candidate who studies for 3 exam sections in less than two months. Again - we are flexible, so you may have a situation that warrants more than one switch (NTS issues, etc).
A: No - not at all. This is more like a 'budgeting' plan or a 'so your family doesn't have to skip summer vacation because you bought study materials plan'. With a financing plan - you're paying a large lump sum but it's broken into monthly payments. With NINJA Monthly - there is no "lump sum" ... it's simply a monthly fee that you can cancel at any time for any reason without any further financial impact whatsoever.You can walk away at anytime.
Your $67 subscription will renew automagically each month, but you may cancel it at any time. No commitment beyond the month you’ve paid for.
A: Simply select the section you want to begin with and you should get access immediately. If you're taking FAR in 2 weeks and AUD after that, then select FAR, and after your exam, email us and we'll switch you to AUD.
A: People who have been successful using NINJA as supplement typically cite 3 products: MCQ, Notes & Audio. People who have been successful with NINJA as their primary review typically cite all 7 products. For only $67 all option are on the table. All the study weapons are there for your choosing.
A: The short answer is 'Yes'. However, as you will see in our NINJA Study Framework you want to use things in conjunction with the MCQs.
A: Yes – same download privileges as if you had purchased them standalone.
A:Exactly. It's like Netflix for the CPA Exam - once you're done with one section, you can study for the next - all under the same subscription.
A: Another big perk about the NINJA Monthly plan - you never have to email or wait for updates again ... if you're an active subscriber, just log in and download the most current version of the Notes, Audio, Book, etc.
A: We are going back to our roots: Effective and Affordable supplemental study materials. There wasn't a monthly plan that didn't chain you to thousands of dollars in debt, so we made one. It's our job to earn your business each and every month and to help you pass the CPA Exam.
A: You do not need to sign up for anything else. You'll just contact us inside the Dojo and you'll be switched - as simple as that!
  • AUD: 82
  • BEC: 86
  • FAR: 122
  • REG: 122
  • AUD: 729
  • BEC: 244
  • FAR: 509
  • REG: 311



  1. NINJA Study Framework & Planner
  2. NINJA Notes
  3. NINJA Audio
  4. NINJA MCQ & SIMS (Demo Version!)


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