NINJA Notes & The CPA Exam

1 When I first started my journey to become a CPA, I thought I could use the same study methods that had worked for me during high school and college to study for the CPA Exam. I bought some textbooks and a spiral notebook and sat down to read and take notes as I went along. I soon realized that my tried and true methods were not going to cut it for the CPA Exam. The sheer volume of information made it impractical to take notes on every item I read that I thought might come up on the test. I realized that by the time I finished taking notes, I would have essentially transcribed the entire textbook! I wouldn’t have the time to “review” my notes any more than I would have the time to re-read the entire textbook. I wish that NINJA Notes had been available when I was studying for the CPA exam. NINJA Notes make studying easier and give your writing hand a break. The bulk of the note-taking is done for you and the information from your study materials is summarized and organized. If you want, you can print out the NINJA Notes and add your own notes as you study. They’ll also make a great guide for a last minute review the night before or the morning of your exam. No matter which CPA Exam study materials you use, NINJA Notes are geared specifically toward what you need to know to pass the exam. While other study materials have tons of information to explain and elaborate on every concept, NINJA Notes concentrates just the essentials while giving you a different perspective on the material. If you’re hung up trying to understand a particular concept, looking over the NINJA Notes on that topic just might give you a different way of thinking about the material that really makes it click. Another plus to using NINJA Notes to study for the CPA Exam is that they’re portable. Since you download them as a PDF, you can take them with you wherever you go, giving yourself a little extra study time while you’re waiting for an appointment, during your commute, or any other time you’d be sitting there surfing your phone or being bored. You can study from your phone, your iPad, your Kindle, or even print them out and carry them with you. You wouldn’t want to do that with one of those three-pound textbooks. Once you’ve gone through your initial study of the material, either reading the textbooks or watching videos while taking notes with the NINJA Notes, it’s recommended that you really drill the information into your memory by rewriting the NINJA Notes. You’ve already learned the information once. Rewriting the notes gives you another chance to process the information, ensuring the knowledge is there for you when you need it in the exam room. Once you’ve purchased the NINJA Notes, updates are provided free of charge until you pass. Hopefully, you won’t need it long, but if it does take you a few tries to pass the exam, you can rest assured that with free updates, you’re studying the most current material and keeping up with exam updates at no additional cost. NINJA Notes work with any CPA Exam review course. Even if you’re using Becker, Wiley, Gleim, or Roger, the NINJA Notes are a great supplement. With a price of just $67 per section and free updates until you pass, you can’t afford NOT to buy them.