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FAR Beyond Driven

I took the weekend off from studying after taking REG last week and have since been tinkering with the idea of studying for Financial Accounting and Reporting, but have so far found limited success in this endeavor. I’ve been pondering what exactly could motivate one to start studying for a section of the CPA Exam […]

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REG: Not So Bad (if you study)

Today’s testing experience was a great success, I think. I was better prepared than I’ve been for any section I’ve taken (and passed) and I felt like I knew most of the answers – even the exception to the exception questions where the obvious answer was wrong. There were a couple of multiple choice that […]

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Ready for REG?

I have put in about 30 hours of studying since Sunday night. I had the good fortune of work being extremely “slow” this week for me, so guess who sat at his desk and studied all day Mon-Wed? While going through Yaeger‘s DVD course, I filled a legal pad with notes. Starting Monday, I re-wrote […]

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REG Update

Although I’ve scored two consecutive 74s on Regulation and own Yaeger‘s cram DVD (I didn’t use it on my last attempt aside from Corps because I was swamped with BEC and up against the deadline or I lost FAR), I made a deal with myself that I would slow down and go back through REG […]

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I’m 18 days out from my exam and I intend on being completely through my REG lecture DVDs in a week. Yaeger‘s REG program has 9 DVDs and I’m on Disc 2. Hmmmm. I’m a prodigious procrastinator and when you couple this with the fact that I’m a news/sports junkie, I tend to goof off […]

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Save The Date

I scheduled my Quarterly 74 on Regulation for… Thursday August Twenty-Eight, Two Thousand and Eight You are cordially invited to attend. Hors d’oeuvres and cash bar to follow.

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Conspiracy of Fools

This is off-topic somewhat, but still highly relevant to the CPA exam. I have been reading (actually an audio book) “Conspiracy of Fools” by Kurt Eichenwald, which gives readers an inside view of what exactly happened at Enron. I’m halfway through the book (I listen to it at work when I have some spreadsheet maintenance […]

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