Updated for the New 2017 CPA Exam

Updated for July 2017 Tax Law

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Link: REG NINJA Audio Demo


“I've already listened to the first chapter on my way to a client. One word for this: AWESOME!!!” – Kricket

“I used Becker and Audio for all the sections I've taken and have felt very prepared for every one. I strongly recommend the ninja audio.”

– Ryan P (FAR 95/REG 87/AUD 94/BEC 85)

“I listen to it on my way to and from work. I think it really helps fortify the regular material. I especially value the little tricks you have to remember certain parts. (20/20 vision / 35% etc.) I still have a lot of material to cover and this will only help.” – Mike B.

I really like it! I listen to it in the car on my commute to work!” – Maureen J.