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Link: FAR NINJA Notes Demo

“I used the Ninja notes as a review near the end of my study period. It definitely helped keep the information fresh, especially for IFRS.” – Brett

“I took FAR twice with a 68 the first time and 73 the second time. I purchased your NINJA notes, and took it a third time. I got my score today; 77!! I really think the notes gave me the extra bit of information I needed to pass.” – Virginia

When I had a problem understanding something in Becker, I would reference the Ninja notes. I only used them for FAR the second time I took it and my only regret is that I did not purchase them for the other sections when I started my CPA journey!” – Mrs. 300

“On a whim, I bought the Ninja Notes for FAR. I was super relieved to learn that Jeff suggests a different approach to studying for the exams….. All I can say is thank you Jeff, and thank God I decided to buy the Ninja Notes in the BEGINNING of my studying, rather than near the end.” – DeepBreath