The Life of a Frequent Prometric Patron

Virginia is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since December 2010.

I have been to Prometric sites way more than the four-time minimum most CPA Exam candidates hope for. I have tested in Virginia, New York and Connecticut and there is one thing I wish all of these testing locations had: a line for people who know what’s up.

For me, I know the drill. I actually test at the same Prometric site now for quite some time. While this isn’t the closest Prometric site to me, I know it very well, which means no test day surprises. Anything to minimize test day craziness I’m game for. I know where it is, the parking situation, the personalities of the staff, where the bathroom is, etc. I know which one of the staff at this site will get mad if I tell her I don’t need to read the rules because I’ve been there too many times.

However, every time I go to a Prometric site I get stuck in line to check in behind more than one person that either has the most ridiculous questions, or is fighting with the Prometric staff. One time there was a woman yelling at the Prometric worker regarding the policy of her not being able to bring food with her to the testing computer. I mean come on people, it is right there in the rules.

It is so frustrating and distracting to get stuck behind these people on test day. By the time I am waiting to check in at the Prometric site I just want to get in and start my exam, not listen to some uber-stressed out person complain to the staff at the testing site.

I suppose what would be better than having the line for people who come frequently would be not having to go back again. Oh to be done with the exam.


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Ashley 10 years ago

i know EXACTLY how you feel, i've been to the same testing site 7 times and know the whole drill and have read the rules way to many times. i definitly think an express check-in would help for veterans lol there is ALWAYS someone with a problem there...last time i took an exam the guy in the cubicle next to me was having some sort of problem and so he was talking with the proctor for like 25 minutes and i couldn't focus one bit. maybe i've had my last trip to the prometric though *fingers crossed waiting for last exam results*

Allyson 10 years ago

Maybe we could get "Frequent Tester" points. I'd be up to Platinum status by now: express check-ins, private testing rooms, and free drinks.

Name (required) 10 years ago

True story... the promtric staff check in person was stoned...very stoned and smelled like pot..It was wild..

Laura (keeptrying) 10 years ago

OMG--I should totally have a Prometric Gold Card.... It should entitle me to coffee, private testing rooms, where fire alarms, proctors, and loud A/C units are not allowed. Luckily I haven't had any staff be a stickler about reading the rules...they usually just say "pull out your pockets, fingerprint here, sign here and make sure its exactly like your drivers license and write your launch code here".

Abe Froman 10 years ago

On my last visit to the lovely Prometric Testing Facility in Clark, NJ; I told the woman checking me in, in a light-hearted tone, "No offense, but I never want to see you or this office ever again." She smiled and knew exactly what I meant. Another candidate waiting to be checked-in thought it was hilarious and started to laugh as well. Another funny side note, to get to the testing center there is a circle (or roundabout as my GPS with a British accent likes to call it) that you need to go around when you get off the Parkway. No matter how many times I went to that testing center I never took the right exit off the circle and would wind up taking the long way to get there. Good Luck with your next exam!

Angie 10 years ago

I needed a laugh, they actually know me at the freaking testing site. I should definitely have VIP access by now. =)

Chris 10 years ago

I was at the same testing site 13 times. The one lady knew me pretty well after all those visits. The last time I was there after she told me she would see me again, I said under my breath (because I didn't want to jinx myself) no offense but I hope to never see you again. Luckily 13 was lucky for me and I never had to take another one. You can definitely tell the people that were there for their first time. Us veterans know all the rules inside and out.

Susan 9 years ago

Are there lockers at the Clark testing center for cell phones, etc???