Prometric Using Metal Detectors Effective July 1, 2011


Effective July 1, 2011 – Prometric will begin using hand-held metal detectors on candidates.

From their Executive Director:

“I am pleased to announce our most recent security enhancement in the Prometric Test Centers. Starting July 1, 2011, we will be using hand-held metal detector wands in the Test Centers in the United States and Territories. All candidates will be scanned prior to each entry into the test room, including returns from breaks. Candidates will still be required to turn their pockets out, and the scan will be done immediately afterward.”






10 comments on “Prometric Using Metal Detectors Effective July 1, 2011”

  • i heard of people using pinhole camera’s and wireless transmitters to cheat so the board probably caught on people will do anything to cheat so who knows.

  • I’ve never been wanded in Texas. I just wonder why they decided it was necessary now!

  • Texas Prometric location already do this too. This is not new news to me. Just make sure you don’t try to sneak in your metal plate with FAR notes etched in. Or, don’t bring your two-way walkie talkie to asked your assistant every question. The metal detectors will catch you!

  • I mean, it’s not a horrible inconvenience, but what purpose could this possibly have? You only need metal detectors in areas of possible mass destruction (airports, nuclear reactors, crowded ballparks), or where you’re protecting people of national importance (presidents, senators, foreign consulates). I mean, I would feel horribly if somebody got shot at a testing center, but the likelihood is so low that it’s not worth taking away people’s privacy and inconveniencing them.

    I’m not sure if you’ve taken the tests yet, but I’ve passed four parts, and I’ll tell you, at least with my experience that you don’t need to worry about not getting breaks. You’ll be so focused on the exam that you won’t even think twice about having to go to the bathroom or eating. In fact, the concentration and adrenaline that you get would probably be thrown off a bit if you walked away and came back.

  • This is getting completely ridiculous. This means even more time of out of our test getting wasted on breaks. Why aren’t the security cameras enough? And Ccn the AICPA please just give everyone a 10 minute break after the second testlet that doesn’t count towards our test time? I’m going to take FAR soon and I know I’ll be pushed for time, but I’m also human and I know I’ll need to use the restroom and get a drink of water after 2 or 3 hours!

  • The next thing will be to hire TSA agents and bring a whole new level of harassment to Prometric. This is only going to prolong the processes to get checked in. Honestly, is this really necessary? I guess I will just have to leave my gun in my Prometric provided locker.

  • @sydney after weeks of studying and sleep deprivation maybe they realized they have pushed us over the edge. LOL

  • I’m a candidate for a professional certification, not an inmate….what am I going to do? storm prometric and hold hostages until I get all the right answers?

  • I don’t see how this is news. The St. Louis testing center has been doing it for over a year.

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