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Beginner’s Guide to Taking the CPA Exam at Prometric: Part II


In continuation of last week, here’s Part 2 to my Beginner’s Guide to Testing at Prometric.

Virginia’s Beginner’s Guide to Testing at Prometric, Part II:

    1. The Prometric worker leads you to your computer, where you are prompted to enter that launch code you copied off your NTS onto your scrap paper. Once that launch code is entered you have 10 minutes to start the exam or you are locked out and you can’t begin. You do have some “house-keeping” type questions to answer on the computer during this time as well.


    1. Use this time to quickly jot down anything you want on your scrap paper, adjust your chair, and set up. Don’t let that 10 minutes go by without starting your test, not only will it lock you out you will have to pay again to re-sit and wait until the next testing window to take your exam. There is no countdown clock for these ten minutes.


    1. If you wear layers and you take off one layer during the exam, someone from Prometric will come in and ask you to either put it back on or will take it from you. Having someone interrupt you when you’re deep into the CPA exam is very distracting. Out of the four Prometric sites I’ve tested at, I find that they’re all very cold.


    1. If its winter and you have a running nose, you can’t bring tissues in (not even one). But you can go out and get one from the Prometric staff.


  • Know where the bathroom is before you start your test and if you’ll need a key or not.
    The least amount of time you can waste on breaks the better. It’s probably best to note where the water is too (water fountain, water cooler, etc).




  • If you take a break during the exam, the only thing you take with you from your computer is your ID, everything else can be left at your computer. When you walk out of the secured computer area you must sign out with the Prometric person that signed you in. Then you’re free to head to the bathroom or the water fountain.
    You have to check back in with the same person, sign back in and pull out your pockets again to show there is nothing in them. When you sit back down at your computer you’ll have to re-enter your launch code from your NTS.




  • After your exam is complete, you’ll go through some more “house-keeping” type questions on the computer. When you’re all done with that you walk back out to your Prometric person that’s been checking you in and out. You must sign out one final time, and hand in your scrap paper and pencils. The Prometric worker will give you a stamped authorization indicating you took that exam on that day. After that, you’re free to leave.
    Don’t forget to take a nice deep breath when you get outside… you’re done (for now) with that one! 🙂




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10 comments on “Beginner’s Guide to Taking the CPA Exam at Prometric: Part II”

  • @Barb: It took awhile, but I got up the nerve to check my score..stay tuned for this week’s post!

  • @Dennis: I have asked for extra scrap paper and pencils before entering the exam room and they’ve always obliged. I tend to write big and break pencil points and it wastes a lot of time to keep raising your hand for these things and wait for them to get it to you. All centers might not be so kind but its definitely worth asking 🙂

  • did u get ur Reg Score?Hope u passed the beast:)…I just got my 3 scores Aud72,FAR 73,BEC74 so annoying but have no choice other than keep going to pass!!!

  • What about the part where you throw up in the parking lot and begin to cry in your car while other fellow cpa candidates look at you and wonder, “Wow, I better go home and study for the next part.” lol

  • @Dennis: I’ve actually never run out of scrap paper. It’s like a booklet. Some sections I used more scrap paper than others. I think you’re allowed to get more from them during the exam if you need. Ask before you start.

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