Ask the NINJAs: SIM Software Troubles

Dear NINJAs, I am running into a difficulty with the sims with my review course. It’s not that I am confused or don’t know the answers. It’s that I finish the sim and find out I got 40% of it wrong for not putting a negative sign or not putting something in brackets despite the content of my answers being right. The problem is that often there’s nothing in the directions telling to do otherwise. This is really frustrating and worrisome that the exam might be the same way. I’m wondering though if this is a software thing or if another company’s sims, like yours might be different. I’m not seeing anything about this problem when I research online, so I’m starting to think it’s just me. Help! -Amie     Dear Amie, The good news is that all CPA Review software programs have their quirks. Only the AICPA has […]

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