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“The NINJA MCQs were essential to my success.” – Matt Durette

Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

[AUD-99 FAR-96 REG-95 BEC-95]


Used NINJA only! Purchased the 10 Pt Combo.” – BoutTimeforCPA (AUD 98, REG 93, FAR 86, BEC 84)


Updated for the 2017 CPA Exam

Includes all (4-Part) NINJA Materials in one discounted NINJA bundle

Comprehensive and Complete

Straight to the Point – without the Boring Filler

Works with any CPA Review Course

Used by Thousands to Pass REG

The Perfect CPA Exam Study System

Standalone Course or Study Supplement

PASS the CPA Exam (and get your LIFE back.)

Free Updates until you Pass

Link: FAR Combo Demo

Link: AUD Combo Demo

Link: REG Combo Demo

Link: BEC Combo Demo


“I just did a set of REG NINJA MCQ and a sim on my iPad mini and it worked great!!!! Love the links in the answers to terms/AL within the explanation! The dashboard displaying the study history is like an instant accountability check; love it!!! – Kara P

“I added the Ten Point Combo and NINJA Method to Becker and increased my AUD score from a 58 to an 87 in one testing window!! I will certainly be buying the REG & FAR Ten Point Combos to finish my CPA journey.” – GriffinCPA

“Audit was my last section and I had failed twice with a 69 and a 71. I use Becker. So, I ordered the “Ten Point Combo”…and got a 22 point INCREASE.” – Legit44


Complete Combo Includes:

NINJA BLITZ x 4 (1 Year Access)

NINJA PLUS x 4 (1 Year Access)

NINJA MCQ & SIMS x 4 (6,695 MCQ & 275 SIMS – 1 Yr. Access)

NINJA Book x 4 (1,980 pages)

NINJA Audio x 4 (12.5 Hours)

NINJA Notes x 4 (433 pages)

NINJA MCQ Audio x 4 (90 MCQ Audio Exams)

Total Price: $4,066

Discount: <$2,769>

Combo Price: $1,297


Your Products are saving my life.” – Rebecca L.

“For my 3rd attempt at the AUD section, I used the NINJA Notes and flashcards to supplement the Becker MCQ… and BAM! My score jumped 14 points to a passing score of 79 with just 1 month of studying. Jeff, these notes and flashcards are fantastic…” -SJ

“Well first time taking Audit and I got an 89! Yahoooooo! I first thank God for strength and discipline. I would also like to say thanks to Jeff. I really believe NINJA Flash Cards and Audio made a difference.” -Fred