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Olga Timirgalieva, Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

NINJA MCQ – A must! Solving through all of the MCQ, understanding solutions, and adding new information nuggets to your notes — absolutely critical.

With the NINJA Notes, I printed out the notes and used as a knowledge check closer to the exam. Information is high-level, so you can quickly run through it and get a comfort level on what you should go back to review in detail.

NINJA Audio is nice to use during the commute or if you are an auditory learner. The Audio MCQ are nice to keep you engaged.”
– Olga Timirgalieva, Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner
(Passed the CPA Exam on the first try with an average score of 95.5*)

* Disclaimer – Not a typical result … Only 1 out of every 1,000 CPA Candidates win the EWS Award each year.