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FAR CPA Exam Frustrations | Another71 Podcast 107

CPA Exam Podcast 107 covers FAR CPA Exam Frustrations, passing with Only NINJA CPA Review, getting College Credit for CPA Review Classes, Rewriting CPA Exam Notes, getting a 2024 CPA Exam Credit Extension, and using the Excel file in NINJA CPA Sparring classes. Includes: 1. Frustrated After Failing FAR 3 Times 2. Roger + NINJA […]

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States with 2024 CPA Exam Credit Extensions

“Life got in the way and now I am determined to acquire my CPA. 1. When does the new CPA Exam format come in? 2. What order would you recommend sitting the courses – is it FAR – AUD – REG – BEC? 3. Will there be any changes with the time and when you […]

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CPA Exam Questions Not Covered in CPA Review Lectures

“I take BEC in three weeks and need help comprehending the application of the CPA Exam concepts. I recently took BEC and scored 62. I did well in the Economics portion but struggled with Internal Control, COSO principles, Financial management, and IT. Is there a way to better comprehend the material? I am going through […]

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NINJA Taylor | Passing the CPA Exam by the End of 2023

Taylor is a NINJA CPA Blogger using NINJA Only My name is Taylor, and I have a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Accounting from the Florida Institute of Technology, and I have a Master’s in Forensic Accounting from Liberty University. I was born and raised in Florida, and my husband and I currently live in Melbourne, […]

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NINJA Only Path: NINJA Book vs Sparring Lectures

“I have been studying for a few weeks and struggling to figure out the best study method to pass the CPA Exam with NINJA Only. Should I read the NINJA book first, watching a NINJA Sparring session? Could you recommend a study plan for me so that I can take my FAR exam in 4 […]

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Passing FAR CPA Exam in 2 Weeks with Expiring Credit

“I’ve passed Auditing and Regulation and take my FAR CPA Exam in two weeks, and I am still figuring out where to focus. I’m two weeks from my exam, and I’ve not made any monumental progress since my last sitting for FAR. The issue is my reg exam expires on the 12th. The current methodology […]

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