CPA Exam Questions Not Covered in CPA Review Lectures

17 Jan 2023

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“I take BEC in three weeks and need help comprehending the application of the CPA Exam concepts. I recently took BEC and scored 62. I did well in the Economics portion but struggled with Internal Control, COSO principles, Financial management, and IT. Is there a way to better comprehend the material? I am going through the notes, and sometimes it makes sense, then sometimes, I have no idea what the question is asking. Currently, I have Roger CPA Review and Ninja. I did all of the modules for Roger CPA. I review my notes for each section, but I am just memorizing information, not comprehending it. I am getting started with NINJA, and I wish the notes and lectures fit better with the MCQs. Some MCQ topics aren't heavily covered in the lectures and are sometimes very lightly touched on in the notes.”

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