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roger cpa review coupon Roger CPA Review is a CPA Review Course based in San Francisco, California.

Their CPA Exam study materials are licensed by the AICPA.

Roger CPA Review has three main study courses: Select Course, Premier Course, and Elite Course

Roger CPA Review vs NINJA CPA Review

ninja-cpa-reviewroger cpa review coupon
NINJA MonthlyElite Course
✅ Video Course✅ Video Course
✅ Course Textbooks✅ Course Textbooks
✅ 6,000+ MCQ/SIMS✅ 6,000+ MCQ/SIMS
✅ AICPA-Licensed✅ AICPA-Licensed
✅ Audio Course✅ Audio Course
✅ Adaptive Software✅ Adaptive Software
✅ Study Notes🚫 Study Notes
✅ Flashcard App🚫 Flashcard App
✅ CRAM Course✅ CRAM Course
✅ Audio Practice Exam🚫 Audio Practice Exam
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