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cpa study materials

1. Everyone Supplements their CPA Study Materials

Before we get started, we need to acknowledge a universal CPA Review study truth:

Everyone supplements their CPA Review Course to one degree or another.


The degree of supplementing ranges from posting questions to a study group or message board, using free CPA study guides, or investing in supplemental materials like NINJA CPA Review.

Studying with one course is so … 1990s. (The best music [and movies] decade ever btw.)

The most popular types of supplemental CPA Study Materials are:

  • CPA Study Guide
  • CPA Review Audio
  • CPA Test Bank
  • CPA Exam Cram Course
  • CPA Book
  • CPA Tutoring

Let's take a look at how each of these types of cpa study materials can make your life easier while balancing work, family & friends, and the CPA Exam.

“Why We Chose It (Best Price): Ninja CPA Review works nicely as an inexpensive supplement to an online course. This is an efficient studying tool that can be used as your main course but serves best as an auxiliary study aid with an excellent online support community.” Investopedia, 5 Best CPA Prep Courses of 2022

2. A CPA Study Guide Will Save You

A CPA Study Guide will save you on Exam Day. The most popular CPA Exam Study Guide of all time (for the last decade, anyway) are the NINJA Notes.

No other supplemental CPA Study Materials come close.

Sure, you can write your own CPA Exam Notes, and it's actually part of the NINJA Study Framework, so we are big believers in the power of taking your own notes.

We are also big believers in passing, so pairing your own CPA Review notes with the NINJA Notes is a smart move.

The NINJA Notes have been used by 100,000+ CPA candidates to pass their exams since 2011.

What makes the NINJA Notes popular is their straight-to-the-point, all facts/no fluff attitude.

Weighing in at around 100 pages per section, they are short, sweet, and pack a punch.

There have been people who say they have passed using just the NINJA Notes (although I don't recommend this approach).

The action-packed NINJA Notes are included in NINJA Monthly.

Download Them. Study Them. Re-Write Them.

If it's in the NINJA Notes, it's on the CPA Exam.

Free CPA Study Guide – NINJA Notes

FAR – Governmental Accounting

AUD – Audit Sampling

REG – Partnership Taxation


3. CPA Review Audios Are the Ultimate Study Hack

Want to study on the go and turn downtime into Study Time? Smart Move.

A CPA Review Audio allows you to study when you otherwise couldn't.

It's the Ultimate Study Weapon in your CPA Study Materials arsenal.

At the Gym? Study.

Driving? Study.

Doing Laundry? Study.

Watching your Kid's Game? Study.

Staring at a Spreadsheet and pretending to Work? Study.

Like the NINJA Notes, the NINJA Audio is the top CPA Exam Audio in the CPA Study Materials-land.

(and unlike other audios, it's not a stripped-out audio file of a video lecture – we created this and recorded this specifically for auditory learning)

In the decade+ that I've been doing this, I've rarely seen other audio courses mentioned.

You will get annoyed when I repeat things over and over.

And one more time … just so it sinks in.

You will also silently thank me (and possibly later via email, as has happened) as you sit there in Prometric on Exam Day, drawing a blank until my voice popped into your head.

(Sorry about that … my voice goes away … eventually)

I get emails all the time from people thanking me for the NINJA Audio but also rejoicing that they never have to listen to it again. 😀

Turn Drive Time into Study Time.

Free CPA Review Audio – NINJA Audio

FAR – Governmental Accounting

AUD – Audit Sampling

REG – Partnership Taxation


4. A Second CPA Test Bank Is a MUST

A Second CPA Test Bank is a Really (Really) Good Idea MUST.

While all AICPA-Licensed CPA study materials get their questions from the AICPA, the differences among CPA Exam Test Banks are notable.

Adding a second CPA Test Bank is a must. Here are three (quick) reasons why:

  1. You will start memorizing your course questions. A false sense of accomplishment could lead to disaster on Exam Day.
  2. If your Test Bank doesn't have a Trending Score as part of their algorithm, you're missing out on an invaluable study tool that lets you know if you're on track for exam day victory – or if you're walking into an embarrassing ambush.
  3. Using two CPA test banks is an important hedge against missing out on important points or concepts that one course emphasizes while the other course lightly covers (if you've ever had a “WHAT!?!?!” moment on the CPA Exam, you know what I'm talking about).

NINJA MCQ and its 7,000+ AICPA-licensed questions & simulations are included with NINJA Monthly and work great with a course like Becker CPA Review.

Here's a screenshot of the NINJA MCQ Dashboard. The Sparring & CRAM videos below both have extensive looks at the NINJA MCQ software, as it's integrated into the lectures.

cpa test bank

Free CPA Test Bank & Study Planners

Includes 7 Days of NINJA MCQ Access, Complete CPA Practice Exam, and Study Planners (4 Weeks & 7 Weeks) for each CPA Exam section.

5. Not All CPA Review Books Are Big, Boring, and Bloated

A CPA Book is the perfect self-study option in CPA study materials. Some CPA candidates prefer to ditch videos in the CPA study materials and go the self-study route with a good ol' fashion CPA Exam book.

When we designed the NINJA Book, we sat down and said, “You know what the world really needs? Another big, bloated CPA Exam textbook full of word-for-word FASBs, IRS regs, and auditing standards that no one can stomach reading, so a $2,000 video course is required.”

(My tendency toward sarcastic humor is shining through here. My wife has softened it a lot over the past 20 years, trust me. 😀 )

Our goal with the NINJA Book was simple: Make it not as terribly boring as the other books out there.

Not a high bar, I get it … I mean, it is accounting, so there are only so many ways to spice it up.

Perhaps a Jason Bourne-style thriller involving the protagonist solving a Dollar-Value LIFO problem in order to save the world from impending doom is in our future.

NINJA Book: All Killer, No Filler.

Free CPA Review Book – NINJA Book

FAR – Bonds

AUD – Attestation Engagements

REG – Partnership Taxation

BEC – Economics

6. A CPA Exam Cram Course Is Your Silver Bullet vs. the Procrastination Monster

A CPA Cram course is the perfect final review before your upcoming high-stakes battle with FAR, AUD, REG, or BEC.

Complete your CPA study materials course and need a good last-minute review?

Up against losing an exam credit and/or an expiring NTS?

Completely procrastinate and now looking for a silver bullet to rescue you from certain failure?

A good cram can save the day – and possibly your CPA Exam life.

This is why we designed NINJA CRAM, and included it with the $67 NINJA Monthly subscription.



“I did Ninja Only — as a working mom with a toddler, I squeezed in studying whenever I possibly could. Ninja Audio on repeat for preschool pickup and drop off, non-stop MCQs whenever I had my phone on me. Including some toddler bedtimes sneaking my phone under a blanket 🙂 But the one thing that helped me above everything else is Ninja Mike and his CRAM sessions. I was always weak in tax (audit / accounting work experience), and I literally learned everything I needed to know for all the tough SIMS from his videos. He is an amazingly gifted teacher, and I owe this result to Ninja Mike’s videos.” – Sowmya


Professional Responsibilities, Engagement Acceptance, & Audit Planning

“Passed AUD with 89.  Feels incredible because I walked out of the exam without a clue if I passed or failed and was almost in tears.  That has never happened on my life.  I have been out of school for 10 years and am 50 years old.  This has been hard but very fulfilling…The cram session was super helpful in passing And will for sure be using again.” – Kelli


Individual Taxation

“Ninja as a supplement has a lot of resources, so initially, I was overwhelmed with it all. Not able to decide what to make use of! So I hammered MCQs in the weaker topics, I even covered sparring and cram sessions! I absolutely loved the sparring notes – they provide summarized notes in excel, and it got me through days when I didn’t have it in me to read the book. I understand not everyone likes the pace or whatever it is of the sparring session, but please do get your hands on the notes! I cannot thank Ninja Mike enough for this!” – Background-Baby


Financial Management – Cost of Capital

“I’m convinced Ninja sparring and cram sessions saved my butt as well as copying the notes. Audio notes are still on my phone, waiting for the next section to replace them.” – Trey

7. A CPA Tutor Adds a Friendly Face to an Unfriendly Exam

You have a CPA Review book. You have lecture videos. The problem?

You can certainly talk to them, but it's a one-way conversation.

What if you actually want to speak to a live human and get a CPA Exam question answered?

A CPA Tutor adds a friendly face to a very unfriendly Uniform CPA Examination.

The problem? CPA tutoring services that charge hourly rates that would make a big city attorney blush.

Our solution? NINJA Sparring: Live CPA Exam tutoring 4 nights a week.

We've included NINJA Sparring with NINJA Monthly, so you don't have to worry about crazy hourly rates.

Do the other CPA tutoring companies hate us? Yes. 🙂

Check out these free CPA Tutor / Sparring videos.

Yes, Mike has a thick accent (he's from India), but most people can get past that and love his teaching, based on the emails I get.

NINJA Mike is one of the best instructors in CPA Review.

(Not his real name – it's a pseudonym to keep a much larger competitor from stealing him 😀 )

Coincidentally, he also scored top-5 in the world on the CMA Exam.

Check out 6 hours of FREE CPA Exam tutoring.

(And yes, NINJA Monthly members get all Excel files shown in the videos.)

FAR CPA Tutoring (Sparring) Demo

Permanent and Temporary Differences, Deferred Tax Assets, and Deferred Tax Liabilities

“Big thanks to you and Ninja Mike for the fantastic service and resources.” – Tasnia

“I want to say thank you. I may have been able to pass with a different review course, or with just the Ninja materials alone, but Ninja Mike helped me understand the concepts and answered so many questions I feel like I had a much better understanding of the material. I almost exclusively used the excel notes and lectures for REG, and passed with an 81. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Angela FAR: 87, AUD: 84; BEC: 80; REG: 81

“Recently passed REG with a 92! My highest score so far. Got only BEC to finish now. Thanks a lot to Ninja and Ninja Mike!” – Yogasai

“I just wanted to give a shout-out to the Sparrings / Ninja-Mike. They are the reason I understand difficult concepts like Pensions, Leases, and Statement of Cash Flows. Seriously, this is probably one of the more worthwhile parts of any preparation I do. I have Becker, and I find the way he explains tough concepts to be much better than Becker.” – Ryan

“I would like to thank you and NINJA Mike for the sparring sessions. I just passed FAR and am done with all four parts of the CPA exam. The sparring sessions are an awesome resource for students like me. Keep up the good work.” – Rupa

“I passed FAR with 81, I used Ninja as a supplement to Wiley. My favorite features from Ninja are your audio recordings and Ninja Mike's sparring classes. I watched a few of the sparring classes on those topics I needed more explanation. I read your Ninja notes at least once. I listened to your recordings every day around the house. My family knows your voice very well. I actually heard your voice when I was doing MCQ during the actual test. Wiley test bank is a great resource for MCQ/SIMS but additional MCQ/SIMS from Ninja was very helpful for me. I've recommended Ninja as a supplement to a few of my CPA candidate friends as a pay it forward. Thank you for putting together a review program for someone like me who has been out of school for almost 20 years…By the way, Mike is very good at teaching. Many CPAs know the technical concepts but not every CPA can explain and teach. He is awesome!” – Khin 

“Sparring videos with Ninja Mike gave me the bump I needed for REG and FAR. I'm still using it as a supplement for Roger. Roger material is great and has everything needed to pass but supplementing with Ninja was a great decision for me. I need both to feel comfortable with the material.” – MBA2CPA

AUD CPA Tutoring (Sparring) Demo

Qualified Opinion (GAAP Issue), Adverse Opinion, Qualified Opinion (GAAS Issue), & Disclaimer of Opinion

“Want to just send you a thank you for Ninja Mike! His sparring lectures in Audit have cracked the code for me on some concepts I was having a challenging time grasping. Most recently, Management Assertions. Thank you, Jeff for giving Mike the platform!” – Sam

“I wanted to bring something to your attention. I believe without a doubt that NINJA Mike and his sparring replays put over the top with AUD. I watched every single one, took notes, and reviewed the excel files numerous times. I know I have two of the rougher sections ahead of me (FAR & REG). However, I am about to study my tail off and get them done. I appreciate the great content you have provided for all of us trying to achieve this big goal. It is greatly appreciated.” – Ben

“I am excited to say that I have passed all four sections and completed the necessary steps to officially be a licensed CPA.  I would like to send a huge thank you to you and Ninja Mike.  I actually started my journey with (Expensive Course) and failed FAR twice.  I began using Ninja near the beginning of 2021 and was able to pass all four sections in a row.  I never failed a test after utilizing Ninja.  I know the Sparring videos were critical in my success.  I was able to grasp numerous concepts that I was not picking up on just hammering the MCQs.” – Jared 

“Thank you so much for having Ninja Mike with us. I could not have done CPA without him. The way he thought the Audit and Tax is amazing. I wanted to thank him personally but couldn’t do it. I am referring everyone to take that sparring session. Thank you so much. I am so grateful to all of you. Wish you all the success, and thank you for making me successful.” – Ruby

“Thanks a lot for the Ninja CPA review. I have passed FAR, I did 60% MCQs, and listened to audio to cram the concepts. It was really helpful for revision. For AUD, I used sparring sessions, and I loved how Mike explained everything in detail, and his notes are very systematic too.” – Nidhi

“I watched the sparring videos every week, NINJA Mike is amazing!” – Jennifer

“I studied with Ninja only– took FAR in October 2020, AUD in November 2020, REG in December 2020, and BEC in January 2021. Successfully passed them all on the first try. Ninja is amazing. I studied a little differently for each- some sections I needed a lot of Ninja Mike, some a lot of the Audio, all a lot of Multiple choice. But the best part was when I could tell my mind was drifting, or things weren’t clicking, there were so many options on how to learn that I could shift and find a way to go through the material that would work. So happy to have found Ninja! Thank you! thank you! thank you!!!!!”

“Just want to say thank you and the team (especially Mike) for building Ninja. This is the only source I use, and I just passed my REG.” – Anh

“I have used them for AUD and FAR a week out and have passed both. Mike is awesome. Well worth the 67 per month.” – horseandbulls

REG CPA Tutoring (Sparring) Demo

Formation of a C-Corporation

“Hi Jeff! Passed FAR with an 83! Will definitely re-open my subscription once I’m ready to start studying audit. FYI: I LOVED ninja Mike’s sparring lectures.  He’s amazing!” – Nicole 

“The sparring replays are very helpful (Mike is so knowledgeable), along with the live session to help keep me focused.” – Sarah

Ninja Mike's way of explanation led me to embrace the subject so much that I applied to the audit and assurance practice and have joined Deloitte this week!” – Rishabh

“Thank you; couldn’t have done it without listening to the audio chapters and watching Ninja Mike over hours in some late-night sessions.” – Mario

“Your material was extremely useful and helped me to pass BEC.  I then moved on to Audit and used (Expensive Course) lectures and some of Ninja's materials.  I scored a 71.  I went back through the concepts and reviewed the sparring videos with NINJA Mike.  Mike's material and videos are awesome.  Took the test two weeks ago and passed with an 80.” – Shane

“Thank you for your program. I have passed all 4 parts. Your program was a lot of help in focusing me. I have told others who are studying to try your program. I hate to leave, but I must move on to the Ethics test. Once again, thank you and NINJA Mike. The sparring zoom classes were great.” – Amy

“I just canceled my membership because I passed! NINJA Mike was so important for me to pass BEC and Reg. The sparring and 2-day review sessions are so important for studying and overall review.” – Lauren

“I cannot stress this enough, NINJA Mike saved my life in REG. I wish I had found this sooner because I really struggled in AUD and FAR, but these sparring videos gave me an 84 in REG after failing with a 58. I hope to get the same results with BEC and be done with this almost 2 year journey.” – rollingbeatle555

“My name is Naiya, and I was one of the Ninja users for all 4 subjects. I would like to say that finally, I completed all 4 papers. Writing this email just to say big big thank you to you and NINJA Mike too. Without you two, my success couldn't have been possible. Thanks for creating Ninja.  p.s. I will miss Mike's sessions!” – Naiya

BEC CPA Tutoring (Sparring) Demo

Financing Decisions, Leverage, & Business Mergers

“I just started listening to the Sparring replays and attended a session last night, and Ninja Mike is incredible! The way I am learning now is completely different than how I originally was learning. I was trying to teach myself, and that is the worst thing to do! Thank you so much for this course! I have a Becker membership through work, and have been studying with Becker for 2 years. The teaching method is just not for me. Mike explains something in an hour that typically would have taken me months to understand.” – Christine

“I don't know if Ninja Mike has a specific email address but please pass on my message to him…I latched on to Mike's videos with BEC and never looked back.  His videos are the #1 reason I just passed my 4th and final part…But the truth is I basically passed 3 of the 4 parts almost exclusively using his videos.  He really teaches the topic to a point where you truly understand it (and he talks about that).  I didn't use one acronym for memorization purposes. I would just watch his entire video and do everything along with him, then just go to surgent and answer MCQs and just learn the different ways and angles of how questions are actually asked. His videos can be long, but it's worth the time because when it's over, you definitely understand everything.  You don't have to go over a topic 10 times before you understand it.
I'm not telling you anything you don't know, but just want to give a huge THANK YOU AND A BIG HUG TO NINJA MIKE!!” – Mike

“Thank you so much for what you and Ninja Mike and the rest of your team do.” – Elizabeth

“I would like personally to thank you, NINJA Mike, and all your team for your help in my CPA journey. I finally passed all 4 exams. I can definitely admit that it is because of Ninja! The sparring videos and your tips were so helpful. I heard your voice during the exam, haha.” – Roza 

“Your sparring session videos are SUPER helpful, and I am starting to gain confidence with the NINJA strategy. I am going through the replays now, and they make the m/c questions very easy to understand. I have been using other CPA study materials, and I just wanted to let you know that the work you are doing is extremely helpful! I am sure I am not the only one enjoying your help. Thank you for all that you have done and are doing.” – Zack

“The Ninja sparring replays clicked for me. I’d like to thank Ninja Mike for all his time and efforts doing those sparring sessions for us week after week.” – Amanda 

“I’ve read your story, love it! Very motivating.  Sparring is fantastic (love Ninja Mike), I credit both of you for me passing the first three “easily” (not easy but you get my point). Not sure why audit is such a struggle for me. But this test won’t beat me :)” – Janine

“Just to let you know that I passed BEC on my first attempt using Ninja only. Honestly, my experience with the exam was terrible and i didn't think I made it, but I got my results two days ago, and I had a 75! Thank you for all you do and please thank Ninja Mike on my behalf.” – Liz

8. CPA Exam Flashcards Are the Key to Microstudying

CPA Flashcards allow you to microstudy. What is microstudy (verb)? I don't know, I just made it up – I think. If I'm stealing it, someone is welcome to let me know.

Microstudying (as I am presently defining it) is when you have 3 minutes or less to study. No need to scroll mindlessly on Facebook or IG.

Bursts of microstudy add up in big ways. 3 minutes here … 3 minutes there … do that 10x a day, and that's 30 minutes of “found” study time.

cpa exam flashcards

NINJA Flashcards are available to all NINJA Monthly members.

9. Three Study Supplements Are the Sweet Spot

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with too many study options when it comes to CPA Review materials. In this post alone, I threw seven different types at you:

Study Guides, Audios, Test Banks, Crams, Tutoring, Book, Flashcards …. AHHHHH!!!!

Too many CPA study materials can cause a CPA Candidate to fall into a pit of analysis-paralysis never come out.

If you dismiss supplements altogether, you're missing out on a potentially game-changing study boost.

The sweet spot: Pick 3.

Most people who join NINJA CPA Review (and are on the Supplement Path) primarily use 3 Study Weapons:

  1. NINJA Notes
  2. NINJA Audio

Check out these 3 CPA Study Materials, as well as the others on this page.

If you're considering “NINJA Only”, then you'll definitely want to check out the NINJA Book (above) and NINJA Sparring.

If you're wanting to use NINJA as a supplement, then decide which you like better: NINJA CRAM vs. NINJA Sparring.

Or – you can use both 🙂

If things start to click better, or you find yourself finally remembering key concepts, become a NINJA.

Have a Question about CPA Study Materials?

Want to know if NINJA CPA is right for your unique study situation? Message me.

“Few people are more familiar with the stresses of exam prep than Jeff Elliott, licensed CPA and the face behind” – Wiley CPA


To Your Success,

Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)

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