NINJA CPA Reviews: 1,000+ Reasons to Become a CPA Exam NINJA (and Get Your LIFE Back)

The following 1,000+ reviews are from a survey of NINJA Monthly members who were asked what they liked about the NINJA CPA Review materials.

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1 – MCQs and SIMs were incredibly useful study tools. I spent 90% of my study time using these materials.

– Michael

2 – I liked that you could choose a time or a number of questions

– Ann

3 – The written notes and the price.

– Olivia

4 – I liked that the material was consolidated

– Sarah

5 – I liked that you received a whole book and the monthly cost was so low!

– Dallas

6 – The MCQs were so helpful! I The sections correlate perfectly with the AICPA Blueprints which is not the case for other study programs I've used. I also really like the Ninja notes, and the flashcards saved me-very convenient to be able to pull up in the app.

– Lana

7 – Loved the structure of mcqs according to aicpa framework

– Alice

8 – The Dojo and progress reports and how it was broken into blueprint areas

– Emma

9 – They are easy to use, and ask difficult questions. Makes you feel prepared.

– Kaitlin

10 – Seemed more precise and to the point than other study programs

– Jesse

11 – Materials are in very easy to read outline format

– Rycel

12 – The books/notes were concise and understandable.

– Michael

13 – It's straight to the point and concise, I used it as a last tool to review before my exam.

– Mostafa

14 – Tons of multiple choice questions and the trending score really helped keep track of progress.

– Morgan

15 – Feedback from others, and access to switch sections, and pay monthly

– Brent

16 – the materials are easier to understand/comprehend than other major brands

– Yung

17 – The Practice problems are very helpful, good notes.

– Catherine

18 – The materials are streamlined – not too much material which can be overwhelming.

– Jeane

19 – The concise notes and the condensed audio (in relation to other review courses)

– Matthew

20 – Ninja notes, audio and the abundance of MCQ. Also, it's a lot easier to keep track of your progress and the material you covered.

– Obadeisha

21 – The materials are direct and to the point. This saves me a lot of time!

– Adrian

22 – Very approachable, and great outlines and review notes

– Peter

23 – Brevity in comparison to the other programs

– Eltina

24 – The ease of use. Great content.

– Siara

25 – Very concise and to the point

– Robert

26 – I liked the extra detail in the book that helped if I needed further explanations that my (expensive course) material didn't provide and the format of the MCQs.

– Alison

27 – Easy, convenient, good overview for people fresh out of school, really love the subscription plan

– Meghan

28 – Audios that I could play in the car and the Ninja notes that were quick to review.

– Mary

29 – The abundance of multiple choice questions and community.

– Jackie

30 – The direct and detailed notes along with the MCQ/ you all the information to needed pass, nothing less and nothing more. The price is very budget friendly also.

– Kenneth

31 – Affordable and also the concepts are explained in a way that is easier to understand esp for MCQs

– Marie Francine

32 – Loved the wealth of information (book, notes, audio, MCQs, etc.) and the ease of usability of the software

– Allen

33 – The reasonable price and getting all the study materials for a section. Also, how easy it is to switch sections and pay same monthly fee.

– Claire

34 – I loved the format and the concise structure

– Kelsie

35 – Easy to understand – questions were similar to actual test questions.

– Tyler

36 – I love how I could breakdown a section & do questions on them based on AICPA's outline

– Pouya

37 – Ninja note. it is very intense and useful.

– Boram

38 – Ninja notes are excellent for a fast and efficient review

– Rachael

39 – So much! loved the lectures and the ninja notes and notecards!

– Ashley

40 – I really like that there aren't a bunch of extra things that I don't need. Simplicity is best for me.

– Benjamin

41 – MCQ, Subscription service, Audio

– James

42 – The MCQ format is superior to other prep providers. I got a lot of value from them and the SIMS.

– Nathan

43 – The subject breakdown, which was specifically helpful when doing practice questions.

– Kevin

44 – The MC was awesome. Loved the format and ease of use.

– Eddie

45 – MCQs – the fact you can select different topics to test your skills and check the answer right away. (expensive course) doesn't allow you to do that in their Practice Tests.

– Ricardo

46 – It was probably the best value of other options.

– Joe

47 – i really like the audio portion.

– Blake

48 – Those questions that have a slight curve to them in MC. (expensive course) lacks that often.

– Matthew

49 – The MCQ tracking and trending, the detailed nature of the notes, the positive encouragement of not killing yourself over studying

– Daryn

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50 – The NINJA notes, audio lectures and the quality of the MCQs

– Jennifer

51 – I liked the explanations for the mcq. Helped me understand my incorrect answers

– Barbara

52 – The simplicity of the interface and the amount of questions available

– ZhuoHua

53 – You could do hundreds of multiple choice questions before the exams. Also liked how you could ask other people questions you had while studying.

– Kara

54 – Great multiple choice questions. Very tough and different from my other program

– Ryan

55 – I enjoyed how each multiple choice had detailed explanations. This was very helpful

– Gerard

56 – Cuts out all the fluff!

– Robert

57 – I got a 76 in reg 76 in far i wouldnt have passed without your stuff

– Bryan

58 – I loved the audio and the trending scores. I also loved Bob's videos for FAR

– Jeannine

59 – The Blitz videos were the best right before exam review. I really liked the flash cards too. The best part is that you could sort MCQ by topics!

– Laura

60 – Concise and straight to the point. I'll be back. Just taking a break.

– Luis

61 – Simple, to the point. What you NEED to know.

– Ande

62 – Jeff, thank you for making materials that got straight to the point. I loved the NINJA notes, and the reminders to keep pounding MCQs helped me focus.

– Daniel

63 – The way your progress is measured in the MCQs was insightful. I also really enjoyed reading the words of encouragement from others.

– Jodi

64 – MCQs in NINJA material are very close to the way they asked in the exam.

– Yongxin

65 – The ninja notes and mcq were my favorite part of NINJA materials

– Jack

66 – Material is designed to pass, and not to cover the entirety of a subject.

– Andrey

67 – Large amount of multiple choice questions and good overviews of each section in PDF form.

– Avery

68 – It was so comprehensive and easy to use. It also really motivated me to take up studying again.

– Alissa

69 – NINJA materials is very organized, they are concise and to the point and don’t tell you a bunch of stuff you don’t need to know.

– Reema

70 – Good material, number of MCQ is great.

– Mohsin

71 – Loved the various study materials (audio, condensed notes, longer detailed notes from book) & of course the price

– Lee

72 – Ninja Notes; accessibility, affordability, mini-lectures that I can listen to on my commute

– Kari

73 – The ninja notes were helpful and I felt the multiple choice questions prepared me for the tests.

– Andrea

74 – I liked how the MCQs were broken up based by the AICPA blueprint. As I went through MCQs, I truly knew what were my weak areas.

– Stephanie

75 – There is a different type of format to study under for every type of learner; i.e. audio, application-taking questions, etc.

– Mandy

76 – The study time framework

– Tesha

77 – On point. Helpful for the exam. Ninja audio.


78 – The Mutliple choices and short questions were amazing

– Pierre Louis

79 – It was great, used it as a supplement to (expensive course) textbooks

– Lauren

80 – MCQs are awesome and the statistics thing is great. I like how it is much faster to load questions than the old format.

– Robert

81 – The way the MCQ's were formatted to adjust to what you were missing most.

– Sean

82 – I loved the audio/notes/book its really helpful to be able to drill down and have global view

– James

83 – I liked how many different questions there were and I liked how the format was different than other course providers.

– Samantha

84 – I liked having SO MANY multiple choice questions to choose from

– Devon

85 – Gave all the tools necessary to learn as well as boost confidence

– Mariam

86 – I like the audio course and the idea to rewrite notes. I've always rewritten notes and I think this is a great thing to have people do.

– Kennedy

87 – I love the audio and how they hit the high points.

– Melanie

88 – The MCQs were a useful review tool to use while I was studying with (expensive course). I found it much more usefule in guaging my understanding of the material as I was working my way through the study guide.

– Ricardo

89 – The metrics on the practice were really nice. Helped me focus on my weaker areas.

– Logan

90 – Different than your typical cpa course. Explanations for MCQ were better with NINJA

– Se Jun

91 – Some of the answers talked like a normal person/easier to read. I liked that there were so many questions and it covered a TON of material.

– Kevin

92 – Questions were great, the software to tell what I struggled with and made that a focus area.

– Nathan

93 – The MCQ's. I don't think I would have passed without them. I loved the algorithm that was used to help me learn the questions.

– Joshua

94 – It was nice and condensed but I have to use it as a high level review after I went through (expensive course) materials. I'm currently working through the (expensive course) materials for FAR and will probably subscribe again after I get through that content and am looking to review.

– Lauren

95 – The Blitz videos were a life saver! Super helpful to help cram the last couple weeks for the exam!

– Jamie

96 – I loved how each section is broken out so that it follows the exam. I've taken the exam and failed, so it helped me study the sections that I was weaker on. Whereas with my original review, I'm wasn't really sure where my weakness were.

– Diana

97 – Very interactive. Material was more difficult than what was on exam, preparing me better for it.

– Alexander

98 – Everything is broken down into simple explanation making it easier to understand.

– Zachery

99 – study group. I was able to cheer myself up by reading other's posts

– Norika

100 – The audio is amazing, and explanations for the questions are so good. I used both you and (expensive course) and these are better than (expensive course). I am going to highly recommend Ninja to everyone I work with.

– Andrew

101 – Tons of great practice material for an affordable price.

– William

102 – Conciseness and straightfoward

– Ayomikun

103 – It was great I loved the structure I will be back

– Riley

104 – The amount of material you get for your money

– Bradley

105 – There was a different type of material for every kind of learner. I appreciated that it was all included in one package, if I found one method wasn't working for me I could easily try another method that might help me better understand. I all liked the fact there was only one fee instead of the other review courses that try to charge you for every little thing (flash cards, audio). I also feel like the mcq selection really helped me prepare for the AUD exam.

– Alesha

106 – The notes, they were so easy to take with me and refresh

– Jenny

107 – They added helpful perspective to the concepts

– Yolanda

108 – Large mcq test bank. Also liked the fact you could do 100 questions at a time and get the answer immediately compared to (expensive course) where if you did a practice session you had to wait till the end to see if you got it right.

– Anish

109 – the variety of questions and TBS, also like that I can drill down into specific chapters and topics

– Sal

110 – Easy to understand, especially audio. It was written in the easier language compared to (expensive course). MCQ feedback feature is great.

– Hanna

111 – The new mcq's was a good change

– Kenny

112 – MC were great addition to (expensive course) study modules

– Ryan

113 – Convenient access to everything as I needed it

– Sara

114 – The MCQs! So many, the explanations were great.

– Gedion

115 – I liked the ability to set up MCQ in small increments and if there was a learning opportunity I was able to take advantage of learning what I was missing at that point in time. Also helped with my confidence-for the goal for me was to improve my overall score-which I saw incrementally improving over time.

– Tina Marie

116 – I loved the flashcards, audio files, and that the multiple choice showed your trending score.

– Anna

117 – Great supplement to (expensive course)

– Jacob

118 – they are straight to the point! And really focus on what we need to know for the exam.

– Yasmeen

119 – Book was very concise and less overwhelming than other study programs

– Micaela

120 – I liked the ninja notes and the extra tid pits of info you tried to use to help relate the info to possible situations/test.

– Melissa

121 – I liked the way NINJA simplified super complex topics and made them more understandable.

– Mackenzie

122 – I liked that you have the study group links as part of the program.

– Kelly

123 – They simplified very complex topics.

– Victoria

124 – The MCQs and that they are broken out according to the blueprint.

– Paige

125 – Great job on the audios and MCQs. Thank you for making CPA Review material affordable.

– Comfort

126 – It seemed more intense than (expensive course) and it made me think harder and in a different way which helped me to identify weaknesses I didn't realize before.

– Erika

127 – Easy to access, and understand. Easy UI as well

– Shahdad

128 – More of the stuff you need to know, less of the stuff you don't.

– Jackson

129 – Different multiple choice questions from (expensive course). Plus the audio to listen to while driving

– Crystal

130 – The easy to understand MCQ answer explanations. The ability to choose sections/subsections for

– Lauren

131 – i liked the audio materials because i listened to it while driving

– Ariel Diane

132 – The reading material was easy to understand

– Karen

133 – The ease of using the material, and the study questions.

– Mandy

134 – It told me what I needed to know in a pretty concise way

– Alexis

135 – Yes they were as difficult as the real test

– Jehovana

136 – Condensed, MCQs significantly different than my primary review course

– Leah

137 – Subscription option was fantastic for my final exam!

– Daniel

138 – Excellent book. Excellent notes. overall: excellent

– Cesar

139 – NINJA MCQ (recon feature especially), in-depth notes, blitz videos

– Devin

140 – That the layout matches AICPA blueprint

– Kyla

141 – very professional and similar to real CPA questions

– Yiming

142 – There was so much I enjoyed from the simplicity of the notes, the hard questions to help prepare you and the audio (and that it was not boring)

– Jessica

143 – The Ninja Material is very easy to use and the Test Bank MCQ give you instant feedback.

– Jeffrey

144 – MCQ's with explanations, books were also useful

– John

145 – I loved the PDF and having all the important topics in one place.

– Kayla

146 – I really enjoyed the audio lectures – felt like listening to a podcast rather than a lecture.

– Rachel

147 – Simplicity and easy to follow. Also the audio was very helpful.

– Adam

148 – The Study Material guides were very helpful

– Nicole

149 – I really liked all the practice problems they showed me all the different areas for the auditing section

– Matthew

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150 – I loved everything about it.

– Crisann

151 – The study structure that made it no stress.

– Lester

152 – MCQs (I was able to focus on the topics that I wanted to study)

– Emi

153 – The order and structure of the program. Very good guidance.

– Tiffany

154 – For me personally, immediate feedback for MCQ.

– Alex

155 – I loved the MCQ section. I really enjoyed being able to slam random MCQs for days, that's how I like to study.

– Karsten

156 – The materials provided good overview. The materials were easy to follow and learn from.

– Reagan

157 – I really like the study framework

– Aimee

158 – I liked the notes. I used them for AUD and it was a great study tool towards the end to refresh my memory

– Brittany

159 – They were effective, clear and straight forward. They were easy to study and broke things down to be easier to understand.

– Jean

160 – Diversity – it's very easy to focus on what you individually need. Audio/reading/MCQ.

– Kylie

161 – Listening to the lectures while reading the notes was helpful

– Ariana

162 – Sims were very helpful

– Sydney

163 – Easy to access and I could see what I need to focus on.

– Micah

164 – Easy to pick up and put down – it fit into my “working full-time” schedule better, and was more convenient to study than continuing with (expensive course) after graduating.

– Monica

165 – I love Ninja MCQ. It was great that it provided questions that weren't repeated everytime like (expensive course). I also listened to Ninja Audio for every exam.

– Joshua

166 – Very easy to use and understand. Ninja keeps it simple.

– Kevin

167 – The summary notes/outline is super super helpful. Multiple choice is great, functionality much better after update

– Ethan

168 – I love the audio portion. It is nice to be able to listen to those while on my way to work.

– Alyssa

169 – The questions and overall community

– Eris

170 – Everything was concise and the explanations on the MCQs were very thorough.

– Marissa

171 – The MCQ with immediate feedback is a game changer.

– Luis

172 – Lots of multiple questions, really test you on your weakest areas. Great support group to share experiences.

– Carmen

173 – the MC, the flashcards, and the trending statistics/progress

– Sarah

174 – Ability to easily communicate with other users.

– Steven

175 – Easy to follow and condensed. I liked the weekly motivation emails you would send out

– Franz

176 – Audio lessons made it nice to listen to while commuting

– Kevin

177 – The NINJA Framework, NINJA Notes are key, MCQs, videos, books with less excess, website.

– Carly

178 – MCQ and the detailed responses for why an answer is incorrect

– Chris

179 – NINJA PLUS helped me in comprehension alot more than (expensive course) for some sections.Audio/notes/study plan/format to take MCQ

– Quincy

180 – Very effective and easy to use.

– Priyanka

181 – I like the fact that it gave me access to different questions and detailed explanations for the right vs. wrong answers.

– Ronnie

182 – It's well written and comprehensive – and a fraction of the price


183 – The questions are challenging which is a great way to prepare the students

– Yagoub

184 – Flashcards – straight to the point and very simple


185 – I loved the blitz videos and notes, looks like good material to review right before the exam

– Oveeya

186 – MCQ were very helpful with why the answer was correct or incorrect.

– Amy

187 – What I liked most was the narrowing down to the materials that I needed the most help with understanding.

– Louis

188 – Love the audio and that I could take that with me on the go.

– Frederick

189 – The summarized sections and the way the material is covered. It is just not for me.

– Raisa

190 – I loved the ELL program and finding an alternative way to study.


191 – It was a great alternative/supplement to (expensive course) CPA materials to help ingrain the topics.

– Brian

192 – I most like that the content is sorted the same way the CPA blueprint is. I also like that you instantly see multiple choice answers and can't jump around on questions.

– Megan

193 – I really liked the Ninja notes

– Eben

194 – Easy to review. Great price.

– Jeanette

195 – MCQs, MCQs, MCQs. Also, Ninja books are great for review.

– Natalie

196 – The audio is great! I liked how streamlined it is! I would prefer this course over (expensive course)!

– Luke

197 – The explanations after you get a problem incorrect were very helpful!

– Kelsey

198 – The audio notes were great to listen to and I loved that I could shuffle the MCQs from all the sections and it would tell me immediately after each question whether I was right or wrong. I truly think the way the NINJA MCQs are set up is the reason I finally passed AUD.

– Megan

199 – I loved that the MCs and SIMs tracked my progress and evaluated my knowledge of the material.

– Allen

200 – All of it. I utilized Roger as well while studying, but the NINJA questions, interface, notes, and books were much more understandable and went into great detail of a certain topic. I appreciated the way NINJA would truly focus on things in the test and dove into great detail on the key concepts. The information presented was in such a way that the material was not daunting to look at it, and understandable. I suggest NINJA to anyone taking the exam.

– Greg

201 – Love Jeff and the price!

– Jessica

202 – Simple and condensed Ninja Notes – perfect for the working professional.

– Rosa

203 – Study guide/ audio notes/ blitz videos seemed to get me over the hump.

– Alex

204 – The audio was nice to listen to in the car

– Steve

205 – Very practical. I liked the layout of the mcqs

– Pamela

206 – MCQs were the best I ‘ve seen. I used (expensive course) too through my firm and hated their MCQs

– David

207 – MCQs were insanely helpful for drilling down material, blitz videos were a good last minute refresher and notes were useful for reading more detailed explanations

– Zubin

208 – The MCQ were excellent, even better than (expensive course). The Notes were also concise and very useful for my condensed study schedule (2 weeks for AUD, 3 weeks for BEC).

– Kristen

209 – The notes and multiple choice were key to my passing. The NINJA notes gave a high level view that help me focus on certain areas. Also the audio was perfect for when i didn't feel like reading.

– Andrea

210 – I loved Ninja MCQ and the audio notes. All of the material was clear, concise, and explained everything in a very easy to understand way. Much different that some of the other major review courses. Also, the monthy subcription is very resonable considering all of the materials that are included.

– Anthony

211 – I really like the multiple choice questions with the trending score and actual score. This helped tracked my progress. Also the Bob videos were amazing and really helpful to understand the material.

– Doreen

212 – The notes were pretty straightforward and in basic English for those of us that have English as their second language.

– Vanesa

213 – The notes/books were straight and to the point!

– Gracie

214 – The mcq is difficult and provides thorough explanations. I also like the audio so that I can study while getting on with my life.

– Jennifer

215 – Lots of material that wasn't covered in other study programs. Helped me get a more comprehensive look.

– Christian

216 – Very flexible and manageable

– Talia

217 – Many MCQ's that are different from the ones in my primary study material. The monthly fee/no contract is clutch.

– Richard

218 – Trending Score and how the questions lined up with the blueprint

– Kristin

219 – The vast amount of tools at my disposal. Even though I didn't use all of them, we all study differently, so it's nice to have options. One small thing I really liked was having the released AICPA questions right there for reference.

– David

220 – The audio was definitely my favorite, I wish (expensive course) had audio!

– Sam

221 – They helped me pass my last two parts of the exam

– Christopher

222 – The notes & audio helped keep everything fresh.

– Benjamin

223 – I liked how you wrote out exactly what we need to know. I also liked how it kept track of my % progress per test.

– Nirali

224 – The ninja audio to listen to as I commute to work.

– Austin

225 – Downloadable audio; Able to set MCQs to “new” so that you are not getting the same question over again.

– Rhiana

226 – I love the explanations


227 – I liked the Ninja Notes and the multiple choice questions

– Patrick

228 – The way the MC questions are selected based on subjects you have missed.

– Saralyn

229 – I loved the ninja notes, audit, HUGE test bank and forum

– Chandra

230 – Creates a plan and strategy to study and pass.

– Denny

231 – NINJA materials made the material more understandable and easy to digest.

– Darium

232 – the explanations on the questions were better than other review courses

– Nicholas

233 – Audio because no one else has it, 30 day money back guarantee

– Max

234 – I liked that it was simple and the mqc gave great explinations

– Matthew

235 – The book is easy to download and review. The MCQ data is easy to analyze and use toward improvement.

– Brandon

236 – Tons of MCQ's, additional simulations available. Reasonable price.

– Amanda

237 – I loved the MCQs and the notes.

– Christopher

238 – I liked being able to download it on my ipad and having it on the go

– Kayleen

239 – The multiple choice are very helpful and reflect what you actually see on the exams really well.

– Alyssa

240 – Comprehensive nature, really loved the MCQs and the tracking of results.

– Nicholas

241 – The cost. Most reasonable on the market.

– Shirley

242 – The practice multiple choice really zone in on your weaker points to help you effectively study.

– Cory

243 – The Audio was my favorite and I credit it to my passing.

– Samantha

244 – The REG Blitz Videos and the REG Plus Videos were very helpful in driving the points home.

– Henry

245 – Well organized, thoughtful guides. Honest about everything. I didn't to hear from other services that I needed to “make the study material my significant other”

– Chandler

246 – lots of great MCQ and audio

– Kathleen

247 – It was a good supplement to use alongside (expensive course). Really in depth. I like it!

– Alex

248 – There were tons of materials that were easily accessible.

– Carter

249 – It was effective and straight forward. I copied the notes once, then did MCQ's.

– Thomas

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250 – The way that the multiple choice would repeat until you got it right was really nice.

– David

251 – The MCQ were more difficult (and therefore more helpful) than Roger's, and the Ninja notes were awesome.

– Steve

252 – The program was tailored for a realistic study plan for working individuals. It was easy to study in shorter/smaller sections because of the way the material was laid out

– Molly

253 – They were more detailed and had better explanations compared to (expensive course)

– Austin

254 – The MCQs were most helpful and I liked the immediate response of whether or not the answer was correct. Also liked the Recon bars.

– Lauren

255 – The MCQs were great practice for the exam, truly harder and helped me grasp the concepts.


256 – The MCs are set up perfectly where I can go through them quickly

– Ada

257 – Wealth of MCQ and sims, notes are a great last minute review.

– Cameron

258 – PRICE!! It is on par with all other review courses

– Roy

259 – The amount of MCQ available, the way the system learns and bases the questions provided off of my habits, and I found the audio notes to be very helpful.

– Kathryn

260 – Everything. The text is straight to the point, and after comparing the audit blue print from the AICPA, everything that was on the outline was in the material. I understood the material so much better, that I found myself actually moving on from page to page rather than trying to understand one paragraph.

– Somadevi

261 – I liked the audio sections. I can't read while commuting on the train because I get nauseous but having something to listen to helped a lot.

– Erika

262 – Liked that there was an initial plan to follow helped me focus

– Gabrielle

263 – you only get the information you need

– Javier

264 – Everything!!! Love the affordability and everything you offer for $67!

– Allen

265 – the software is very easy to use

– Erdal

266 – I liked the audio a lot (Ninja audio only) and I also liked the notes

– Jonathan

267 – outside the box MCQs overly prepared me for weird variables

– Sevyn

268 – It was so direct I saw actual questions on game day, (expensive course) was not my style at all.

– Jennifer

269 – the explanations for questions and how it measures my progress

– Nikki

270 – All the sample questions. Downloading the lessons helps to listen on the go

– Sean

271 – The notes, Blitz videos, audio, and test bank were all super helpful! I found using a variety of study formats really helped me stay attentive to the material. Also LOVED the price and pay-as-you-go monthly system, that made subscribing a no-brainer to me!

– Phil

272 – NINJA notes and audio lectures were compact and all content was very precise

– John

273 – SO easy to read and not overwhelming

– Megan

274 – The preparation instructions were great, the notes were fantastic, the book was great, but the MCQ and the adaptive learning that the MCQ offered were the best of all.

– Kevin

275 – Audio recordings, listened to them all the time!

– Theresa

276 – Straightforward!

– Mariel

277 – It was not insanely expensive like some of the other software I spent thousands on.

– Jake

278 – I like the way the MCQ are set up & the audio was helpful.

– Michelle

279 – I love that it focuses on the major points and does not have information overload. The repetitiveness of the study framework is great and effective. The audios were not a complete nightmare listening to because they are much shorter in comparison to other study courses.

– Mariana

280 – For what I did get into, the materials were really easy to follow and using the site was a breeze.

– Ronald

281 – Easier to digest than other providers. The MCQ and SIMS are the most realistic.

– Brittany

282 – I loved that in the MCQ material you could see the trending score by area as well as what part of the blue print was associated with the scores.

– Mayra

283 – Multiple choice questions have immediate answers. You don’t have to answer 30 questions before you see if you got them right or wrong

– Arzetta

284 – There are so many ways to cram the material in – audio, notes, MCQs

– Kelly

285 – The materials were very helpful and thorough. I liked the update to the MCQ and SIMS dashboard.

– Drew

286 – I love how there are soo many MCQ to practice from.

– Parin

287 – I liked the MCQ and variety of different questions

– Aaron

288 – I liked how quick you could get through the material and actually know it.

– Tessa

289 – They were the only thing that helped me pass! I think the MC questions were easy to understand and helpful.

– Karen

290 – It was easy to use and enforced the concepts. Updated with the new tax laws as well.

– Tara

291 – A decent amount of the mcqs appeared on the actual exam

– Curyn

292 – I loved the notes. They were a short version of what you needed to know without leaving anything out.

– Angela

293 – MCQ is the way to pass. Guaranteed.

– Luke

294 – Videos were excellent

– Janae

295 – Being able to see the progress on the MC by topic just like the AICPA has it.

– Rebecca

296 – I like the material which was very comprehensive and also the mcqs were quiet challenging.

– Nirja

297 – Audio, notes, MCQ's – once I nailed the detailed concepts these were amazing, constant refreshers

– Amy

298 – MCQ was great. I also used the Audio a lot and a few of the videos with Bob.

– Anna

299 – Easy to read and understand. Also, the multiple questions and explanations were great.

– Raquel

300 – Audio, video, and MCQ. Along with the score tracking and algorithm.

– David

301 – Audio is my favorite for sure. Love to listen in the car, at work, etc

– Lacey

302 – I liked the book the most – it went into just enough detail without being extremely overwhelming.

– Micaela

303 – The multiple choice was pretty spot on to the exam

– John

304 – Loves all the mcq questions and even liked the mvq audio. I could listen to it on my way to work.

– Tracy

305 – The ease of use. The brief information with lots of practice

– Michael

306 – I liked that you could answer multiple choice questions on all topics blended together every time. felt more similar to a testing situation.

– Megan

307 – Audio notes. Used as a compliment to (expensive course)


308 – Straight forward and simplified. Great explanations to answers. Price!

– Van

309 – The book was broken into manageable sizes and the audio was great for on-the-go (also the notes for a quick review)

– Lynette

310 – The value was amazing and it was easier to study than using (expensive course).

– Brian

311 – It felt less formal than other prep materials, so studying didn't feel quite as scary.

– Kellen

312 – I loved the notes and audio. I also found the MCQ to be much more like exam day.

– Robert

313 – The MCQ's were very helpful, despite the December FAR data migration issues. The notes were also very helpful.

– Steven

314 – I liked the ELL plan.

– Julie

315 – The explanations of MCQ and why certain answers were right or wrong

– Jonathan

316 – Many many MCQ's and being able to choose specific sections of material

– Ethan

317 – I loved the materials

– Alicia

318 – Easy to study and well laid out and organized

– Misty

319 – They were easy to understand and access. I used (expensive course) too but they force you to stay on their “schedule” and I didn't find that helpful.

– Robin

320 – Loved the convenience of everything. The materials were catered to the busy and full-time working person. You had ample methods to get study hours in which was critical for a busy schedule.

– Erin

321 – The variety of study materials (i.e. audio, video, book), very reasonably priced

– Chase

322 – Ease of use. Metrics to see how you were doing. Blueprint breakdown.

– Nicholas

323 – accessibility. lots of MCQ and SIMS. like the audio as well for listening while driving

– Alayna

324 – It was concise and clear and provided all the information I needed and great tips and advice.

– Erica

325 – Quick and to the point, help like i was getting notes of someone in cpa class

– Joseph

326 – the cost of it and its weekly motivation and how it's like a forum makes it less boring

– Chenjia

327 – I love everything! Don't change a thing! I send my entire firm here instead of other study materials.

– Caitlin

328 – The volume of multiple choice questions and the practice exam.

– Ellen

329 – I loved the audibles, it was perfect for when I was on long drives or while I was cooking. I also liked the explanations of why I got each question wrong at the end.

– Breanna

330 – The MCQ and Simulation Section is interactive and helpful. The audio was woefully short, but fun and interesting to listen to, especially with the notes section covering it all.

– Wesley

331 – Loved the ease of access and the summarized NINJA notes and the audio.

– Samantha

332 – I like the thorough explanations given for correct answers for practice questions.

– Rebecca

333 – I mainly used NINJA for the multiple choice questions. I paired NINJA with other study material. There multiple choice answers/explanations were great and I gained so much knowledge even when I missed a question.

– Jerry

334 – Great practice questions and sims. Also the notes are great

– Drew

335 – I liked the study plan that was laid out and the accessibility of all the materials. Everything was updated timely and worked great.

– Matt

336 – Being able to choose sections and subsections to study MCQ. The explanations for each MCQ were super helpful too.

– Lauren

337 – Downloadable PDF book and notes, easy to read the material, you could track and see all of the MCQ’s available and the progress for all of the sections

– Leonie

338 – Jeff's involvement in forums, emails (to keep me encouraged with Motivational Monday quotes!), give-aways (no matter the size, it made me engage more), and the ease of use of the software.

– Sara

339 – The Plus videos and NINJA Books

– Peggy

340 – I liked that it was easy to download and access the materials.

– Hayoung

341 – Audio especially – it made my long commute very productive.

– Frederick

342 – Harder questions than (expensive course)

– Stephanie

343 – Very easy to understand.

– Jacob

344 – The MCQ and TBS questions. It is nice to get a larger number of questions.

– Steven

345 – Extra questions and study materials for a different look from primary study material

– Eric

346 – Ninja lectures were great. easy to listen too

– Louis

347 – The enthusiasm and motivating language

– Emirah

348 – Ninja Notes. It's very handy and helpful to summarize!

– Boram

349 – The wealth of options at one's finger tip – audios, videos, notes, flashcards etc.

– Seka

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350 – i liked the multiple choice questions that were being used for study as well as the simulations

– Christopher

351 – The way the study plan was laid out, and I found the Textbook very well put together. It was all the information that was needed and it was straight to the point

– Somadevi

352 – Loved how you can grind through so many questions to practice, learn what you are doing wrong and why, and get a lot of exposure to things you wouldn't see otherwise. Grinding multiple choice and simulations are really where the knowledge sinks in, IMO. I also LOVED the Blitz videos. They were perfect to review and refresh myself on things I had studied earlier but may have forgotten.

– Justin

353 – Great methodology. Great questions. Felt much more prepared for my retake.

– Garrett

354 – I really liked Jeff's approach to teaching. It was so nice to have someone down-to-Earth talk about dreadful topics rather than a monotone old guy with fancy credentials

– Kassandra

355 – The materials are to the point, no fluff, and they provide a well thoughtout road map to passing the test.

– Jill

356 – I loved the notes and questions were more challenging than other programs I've used.

– Jay

357 – Every test i took there were easy points from the notes, those were very relevant topics without overload.

– Ryan

358 – The summary notes hit the highlights well as well as the short videos.

– Jacob

359 – The focus on the Blueprints and concepts rather than trying to teach too much of everything.

– Michael

360 – Price, straight to the point. And the community is fantastic.

– Eris

361 – The way MCQs are presented (the percentages)

– Watson

362 – I really enjoyed having audio to listen to in the car and at home.

– Kaja

363 – Refreshing supplement to (expensive course) CPA Review

– Sean

364 – The audio and having an additional bank of questions for review

– Christine

365 – The Ninja Notes were very helpful.

– John

366 – The monthly fee worked well with my situation at the time.

– Duncan

367 – The book, It asked questions throughout and kept key points fresh in my head

– Melissa

368 – Much better than (expensive course)s, I will continue using this for BEC once I get my result for AUD.

– Driss

369 – You get instant feedback on the MCQ review (unlike (expensive course))

– Caitlyn

370 – Variety of study materials

– Lauren

371 – I gained a better understanding of governmental accounting/reporting through Ninja than from any other program

– Jason

372 – Easy to follow, and loved having group support

– Mackenzie

373 – I love the MCQ and the Notes


374 – Right to the point

– Jake

375 – Ninja materials are great

– Anastasia

376 – I really liked the Notes, the Ninja Audio, and the Multiple Choice questions, I felt they did a great job helping me with my studying

– Michael

377 – Great MCQs and a great variety of materials for all study habits

– Dominic

378 – Clear cut study plan, simple and easy to read notes, empaphis on MCQ


379 – everything (especially Notes) are direct, to the point, and extremely easy to understand; I like the support groups and newsfeed built into the site

– Emily

380 – Liked the format. Loved the videos. Easily accessible

– Jeff

381 – I love the short audios. The notes are also great but overall, the audios for the win.

– Zainab

382 – I think the audio portion is important. This is something not offered with other courses and it is very helpful for people that have a commute.

– Carolus

383 – loved the layout and all of the different tools

– Tyler

384 – I like how Ninja provides so much material. Content seems easy to understand.

– Abdulla

385 – Audio. More concise book and notes than (expensive course)

– Mithun

386 – The notes helped me immensely. I attribute my passing score on FAR to the Ninja notes (I failed twice before passing the third time)

– Courtney

387 – Concepts are explained in a way easier to understand esp the MCQs

– Marie Francine

388 – The notes and audio were really helpful.

– Carolina

389 – Very straightforward.

– Elizabeth

390 – The Ninja Notes and Audio were really helpful. I think all the resources were well done.

– David

391 – It was easy to access and use, enabled me to learn a lot of material efficiently, and on par with other review programs I've tried for a much more reasonable price.

– Danielle

392 – Quick and to the point reading. MCQ's prepared me greatly for exam too.

– David

393 – They were concise, and didn't have a lot of fluff like (expensive course) and some of the other ones I tested out.

– Coreen

394 – Ninja Audio. Played this stuff until I was dreaming in Jeff's voice.

– Ryan

395 – MCQs and the videos saved my life

– Shalini

396 – I loved the blitz videos and all the practice problems. CPA Ninja was great!!

– Nichole

397 – The MC and how you the blue print format is followed

– Saraiyah

398 – They make the information easy to remember. It sticks with you instead of memorizing temporarily.

– Martha

399 – The audio since I listen to it when I drive.

– Amy

400 – The study notes are great.

– Sofonyas

401 – MCQ's were a game changer – got me through all 4 on first try

– Drew

402 – MCQ's were different from (expensive course). Makes you do each question before proceeding, thorough explanations

– Salman

403 – Studying new set of questions than what I kept repeatedly studying for (expensive course) really helped!

– Danielle

404 – The challenging MCQ. They are much harder than (expensive course) and I believe that is what gave me that extra edge/confidence on exam day!

– Megan

405 – I liked the audio alot. I could listen to it on my phone, out walking, at work, out driving.

– Rebekah

406 – The multiple choice questions being different from (expensive course)'s

– Joseph

407 – I am glad I had Ninja program because I think it really helped me to drill into the concepts and eliminate some gray areas in my understanding of concepts. Overall, the questions and explanations are very well compiled and laid out.

– Marina

408 – Everything included worked really well together

– Christopher

409 – Everything – four successive passing scores.

– Christopher

410 – The speed at which you can learn the information

– Alesia

411 – Everything. I think it really helped me get through. 4/4 on the exam.

– Daniel

412 – Loved the adaptive learning on multiple choice and being able to choose which topics more specifically to review.

– Lauren

413 – The notes and lectures are short and to the point

– Jared

414 – The quantity of materials and different formats to learn and adapt to your personal style

– Sarah

415 – Price and flexibility

– Benjamin


– Syed

417 – the option to do a high level or detailed review of material

– Morgan

418 – The variety of ways to tackle the material.

– Stuart

419 – The MCQs seemed to be in very similar style to the exam.

– Ian

420 – The MCQs were great. Also, being able to drill down on questions you missed or new questions was an excellent added feature.

– Derek

421 – Ninja McQ ,notes and audio are excellent. Jeff is great


422 – I liked that there were so many questions for each topic and the software told me exactly my weak areas.

– Alyssa

423 – I liked the MCQ platform and how you were able to judge your trending score.

– Courtney

424 – The platform was so much simpler than (expensive course) or (expensive course).

– Jamie

425 – MCQ are much less tricky and more helpful than (expensive course) questions

– Carter

426 – Loved how the explanations were so simple

– Katherine

427 – The layout and options are amazing. Both combined make it easy to use.

– Yuriy

428 – great notes- great community- jeff seems cool!

– Rachel

429 – I loved the notes!

– Sarah

430 – the massive test bank and thorough answers to MCQ questions. I also like the audio

– Jennifer

431 – Questions were more similar to the exam compared to (expensive course)

– Kyle

432 – Data regarding MCQ performance. Also, the NINJA BLITZ videos were SO helpful!

– Hunter

433 – Very well organized!

– Fermin

434 – Ability to download the PDFs so I could annotate them on my iPad

– Jamie

435 – Love how consise and not overwhelming, also how realistic it is about peoples time and lives outside of studying. AICPA doesnt get it, NINJA does.

– Anna

436 – Quite extensive resources for studying the CPA as well as different types of media to study from.

– Spencer

437 – The audio helped reinforce the topics in each section. There was a huge amount of MCQs.

– Janssen

438 – Audio and multiple choice questions (the improved layout for MCQs is much better and now user friendly on mobile devices)

– Tyler

439 – Ninja is a very good supplement. I was able to pass the remaining three parts by using Ninja and (expensive course), as I kept failing when I was only using (expensive course). I love Ninja overall. Thank you for helping me throughout this CPA journey. It feels great to be a CPA!!!

– Chacha

440 – Easy to learn. Not an overwhelming amount of info.


441 – The MCQs and simulations are more similar to actual exam.

– Connie

442 – The audio was a game changer. Really made tricky topics simple.

– Ben

443 – I really enjoyed listening to the audio on the treadmill after work. I think Jeff hits on the main topics and some of the little Ninja nuggets were on my exam too. The jokes he throws in keep you interested (like the example of the shack by the river for involuntary conversion – that the new one is $1000 more because it has double pane windows haha!!!).

– Sarah

444 – lots of MCQ and review notes were good at breaking down tough concepts into easy to understand chunks.

– Colleen

445 – I like the MCQs and the Ninja Notes. It helped me a lot specially in REG.

– Philip

446 – The Price was amazing!!! Also you get so many different things to study.

– Sophia

447 – they were different and gave me the answer immediaitely

– Marissa

448 – I liked the MCQ's and I like the audio.

– Nicole

449 – There was a lot of different ways to study. You could do book, you could do notes, audio, just MCQ's, etc. You could adapt the system to the way you learned.

– Paul

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450 – I liked that there was tons of multiple choice questions to practice from. That helped boost my confidence while preparing for the tests. Also, the study groups were a nice touch too!

– Connor

451 – The notes, video lectures and the MP3 lectures

– Thomas

452 – The audio book is great as well as the MCQs

– Maria Cristina

453 – Affordable, I felt it provided everything necessary to pass, MCQs felt harder than the actual exams. Ninja quicknotes.

– Austin

454 – MCQ were hands down the best!!!!

– Tiffany

455 – The book only talked about things that were going to be on the exam

– Alonzo

456 – e-book enable me to download onto my computer so that i can go through anywhere without wifi

– Sim

457 – Variety of study options

– Molly

458 – Ninja Notes and Blitz videos helped greatly with the review process.

– Kevin

459 – there was more material that other review courses didnt cover

– Samantha

460 – The high level overview of the materials. Also, a more pleasant experience than (expensive course) for some sections.

– David

461 – the questions are similar to the ones on the actual exam

– Kimberly

462 – Taught us the direct points of what needed to be known

– Lauren

463 – I loved them. The blitz audio notes and the ninja book is what truly helped me pass!

– Colin

464 – The Ninja process made it easier to study

– Diana

465 – The material is straight to the point, maximizing your points.

– Christopher

466 – Concise and relevant lectures. Great for a quick refresher in the final days before exam day.

– Lucas

467 – I loved the ninja book and the MCQ

– Alexis

468 – I liked how the MCQ prepared me for the actual exam.

– Steven

469 – The MCQ's were a great help. I used this to supplement my other testing material.

– Erin

470 – The interface was incredibly user friendly and material was clear and concise.

– Lea

471 – I loved the support study groups and the detailed MCQ to identify your weak points.

– Blake

472 – Easy to use and straight to the point.

– Ching-Ching

473 – the videos you aquired from BISK!

– Joyce

474 – I liked that there were a lot of MC questions that were not included in my other review course.

– Krzysztof

475 – i liked that it was condensed it was great!

– Angela

476 – A lot of information, very helpful, would definitely recommend.

– Nicholas

477 – The evaluation and the recon module for MCQs

– Cynthia

478 – The explanation were very humanized. I loved them

– Joseph

479 – loved loved loved the audio!

– Leigh

480 – I love the notes and the audio.

– Benjamin

481 – The flash cards, the audio and the book oh and the price

– Christine

482 – The fact it matches the AICPA blueprint at a granular level so i can really pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses

– Joseph

483 – It was easy to follow, actually had instructions

– Jacob

484 – Concise material that gets to the point so you’re not wasting your time

– Sydney

485 – The audio was very helpful, especially on car rides

– Christopher

486 – They have helped me pass with 100% passing rate

– Craig

487 – Ninja notes and books were very helpful. I liked how straight to the point they were.

– David

488 – The notes/books are very condensed and straight to the point. The audio was also very helpful.

– David

489 – I loved the simple design and access to multiple choice questions

– Adam

490 – You are able to save and print the materials

– Rachel

491 – The ninja audio. It was cool to study while driving

– Erica

492 – Pass my CPA !!!!!!!

– Alex

493 – My favorite was probably the ninja audio! If I was driving or something, that was an easy way to study at those idle times!

– Brittany

494 – What I like about Ninja is that the material is straight to the point and make seance especially for me as international candidate.

– Mazin

495 – Concise, hits the major concepts, and useful for busy individuals.

– Elyse

496 – Overall, the Ninja materials are informative, not boring and affordable.

– Josiele

497 – I liked the diagnostics on the questions.

– Peter

498 – I liked that I could study the material thoroughly (using your notes and books) and then practice MCQ and SIM with just $67 a month.

– Hyun Ji

499 – I liked the variety of mediums in which one could study the material. Each medium had unique information, which encouraged the student to take the time to go through each one.

– Scott

500 – The ease of access and ability to study anytime, anywhere.

– Stephen

501 – Loved the Audio! Definitely what I needed to pass.

– Amanda

502 – There were a lot of multiple choice questions

– Kameshia

503 – Great Supplementary questions

– Steve

504 – The simulations were extremely helpful.

– Timmy

505 – The MCQs address topics that other reviews did not and the Ninja Notes made the information really easy to digest.

– Matthew

506 – The ease and flexibility of the material. Very concise and easier to understand!

– Ali

507 – The price and the amount of material given. NINJA seemed to be up to date with everything as well. Well done

– Robert

508 – The study tips and notes

– Spencer

509 – They gave me the tools I needed to be my own boss.

– Andrew

510 – I got it for the audio notes. They were pretty good

– Matt

511 – The Study Groups. The shortness and to the point about what you need to know.

– Brianna

512 – The notes are an incredible tool for someone who has a hard time finding time to get through a full text book

– Zachary

513 – Everything. The customer service, the multiple choice and sims, and especially the Flashcards. The new update was rocky as first which is expected but it was worth it and much needed. Great job on everything.

– Erin

514 – The organization of the questions to the blueprints of the CPA exam.It presented in a way that was not so overwhelming.

– Tim

515 – I loved the audio lectures that I could listen to eveywhere

– Emily

516 – That they focused on the material on the exam, unlike (expensive course) which presents alot of extra “stuff.” Also being able to download the audio and import into iTunes was great.

– Damien

517 – I liked how there were notes that covered all the key points. I also liked the audio lectures.

– Bret

518 – The plus video were the biggest help to myself completely stopped using the other stuff besides the MCQ.

– Shirwan

519 – I liked the amount of practice MCQ/SIMs available to me.

– David

520 – I liked the amount of practice MCQ/SIMs available to me.

– David

521 – I think it has a very high volume of simulations and MCQ available for the price

– Conrad

522 – Review notes are awesome. I used them to review in conjunction with my other course.

– James

523 – Wide variety of mcqs. loved it

– Akbar

524 – Study Groups. It's great to talk to other CPA candidates for advice.

– Jonathan

525 – Multiple choice questions were very similar to exam

– Morgan

526 – I like that they are very easy to use and books/notes are easy to read. Ninja has been a large part of my passing.

– Lisa Marie

527 – Multiple choice questions show the answers right away

– John

528 – I love the way the NINJA notes help me digest the materials.

– Christopher

529 – MCQs are more comparable to actual exam questions relative to other study materials

– Hannah

530 – i liked the emphasis on taking notes. I also appreciated a cheaper alternative to more expensive options.

– Clay

531 – I love the accessability!

– Mary

532 – Everything. Straight and to the point. Here is what you need to know.

– Ardist

533 – The study plan. Cut the ‘fat' from studying.

– Kendra

534 – I like the content, I feel like it gives you everything needed to pass. The notes were helpful.

– Mogin

535 – Very good summary.

– Kellie

536 – The questions were difficult and I like the gauge that determines your weak areas, although it would be nice if one did not have to answer hundreds and hundreds of questions to get the same information.

– Hiram

537 – audio meant specifically for listening in car/at work

– Brenda

538 – Its a great product. The review questions are setup according to the cpa exam outline.

– Lissa

539 – The simplicity of use & how it made the material understandable.

– Andrea

540 – I like the fact that Jeff tells you to read the book for only two weeks and then dive straight into the questions.

– Amir

541 – I like the fact that Jeff tells you to read the book for only two weeks and then dive straight into the questions.

– Amir

542 – It is a lot of material that (expensive course) does not cover

– Greg

543 – I loved the audio and blitz videos!

– Alyssa

544 – LOTS of questions.

– Arshak

545 – I loved how the MCQ's would give you material to look up an answer if you wanted to after you already answered a question. I also liked how the book is formatted and as you're reading the material a MCQ will pop up and it may not even cover what you just read. It might cover something a few pages before.

– Ryan

546 – I like the test bank most. LOTS of questions.

– Karolina

547 – Great review if you are familiar with topics

– Christian

548 – The dicussions among the members and the MCQS provided for an afforable price.

– Ha

549 – The different questions, the breakdown of weak areas and LOVED the audio.

– Stephannie

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550 – Breadth and depth. An extraordinary site!

– Dana

551 – T-I-M-A-A mnemonic really helped. Really.

– Steve

552 – Study materials that are in plain English and easy to understand.

– Evelyn

553 – all i know is i didnt pass with just (expensive course) but i passed with (them) and ninja

– Bryan

554 – They are great for reviewing before the test. The MCQs really help and the BLITZ Videos really got the concepts drilled into my brain.

– Zoe

555 – The amount of MCQ and SIMS


556 – Everything is included for one price, I love the exam cram

– Kaven

557 – I love the MCQs, I find them challenging

– Nate

558 – Well structured and very helpful to see your weak areas by taking the MCQs

– Andrew

559 – Notes/Books are great.

– Cayla

560 – Enjoyed it as a supplement with different questions.

– Lisa

561 – The notes and MCQs were an extremely useful supplemental set of tools

– Brock

562 – I mostly appreciate the support offered via the forum and group chats


563 – The MCQs are questions that are extremely similar to what is tested. I feel very prepared.

– Codi

564 – The ease of choosing which type of studying I wanted to do instead of having to go through sections (i.e. multiple choice, sims, etc)

– Emily

565 – Everything. I love that there is a chat option to keep you motivated.

– Rebecca

566 – Loved being able to take the products with me anywhere. I was able to listen to the audio lectures while driving, working, or even when I wanted to relax but knew I needed to study.

– Christine

567 – The MCQs and SIMs seemed harder than the real exam, which was good for studying.

– Christopher

568 – The MCQs and SIMs. They seemed harder than the real exam in my opinion, which helped.

– Christopher

569 – The MCQS were great, explantions were quick and to the point

– Brian

570 – MC easy to drill down and analytics, audio files very helpful with tips

– James

571 – Easy to use, clean dashboard, explanations seemed well done

– Bob

572 – The summary notes were a great way to review and I like how you could choose down to a very specific topic for MCQs.

– Sarah

573 – Its fairly priced and the content is straight to the point

– Charles

574 – Straightforward! Easy to understand! Many different resources, including videos, audio, textbooks, multiple choice, task based simulations, practice exams, forums, etc. Love the monthly subscription! Very affordable and convenient!

– Justin

575 – I loved that the videos were helpful and the notes and audio made it easier to remember the material. I loved that the multiple choice timed you, but didn't show you the time as you were answering the question.

– Kristie

576 – The flash cards, notes, audio, supportive community

– Christa

577 – Offered something different than (expensive course) and not made and marketed by a large corporation.

– Spencer

578 – Loved the notes, audio and that everything was included for the section

– Rick

579 – The multiple choice was definitely the best part of the course, I learned the most from doing mcq over and over.

– Anthony

580 – Easy to carry with me wherever I went. Not bulky at all.

– Craig

581 – I like the monthly payments than one lump sum.

– Matthew

582 – The Group Forum and MCQ Database

– Kendra

583 – The sims were much more aligned with the sims on the actual exam, as opposed to other review programs I used. It took me 4 years to pass, I used (expensive course) most of that time. Once I started using Ninja, I passed every section I took. Wish I wouldn't have waited so long to try you out!

– Laurie

584 – Everything. Excellent product.

– Zachary

585 – It properly prepared me for the CPA exam. The notes + MCQ + sims + flashcards daily + audio while traveling allows you to learn the material in different ways which I think is very important

– Andre

586 – Answer explanations were better compared to (expensive course).

– Curtis

587 – The price, the quality of support, and the NINJA framework

– Alexandra

588 – Jeff and the ninja philosophy

– Roxanne

589 – The layout of the book for each section was easy to look at not huge blocks of text that make it overwhelming like other CPA books.

– Heather

590 – I liked how the mcqs were set up! Shorter, got to the concept, tells you if you’re right or wrong immediately.

– Jesslyn

591 – Flashcards! Also, I really like that you get the exact same information presented in multiple formats. It really helps solidify the information.

– Molly

592 – This is probably the most affordable way to pass the exam.

– Nicholas

593 – The ability to log in and pick up on something where I left off.

– Nicholas

594 – It was different from the other study materials I used and different questions

– Katrina

595 – I like the efficiency of the material. I feel like I get through all of the material a lot quicker (and also better) with NINJA than I have with other review courses.

– Ed

596 – Consolidated and narrowed down the material. Made studying more manageable

– Kimberly

597 – Convenience and conciseness. No Fluff… Just questions and elbow grease baby.


598 – I loved how the multiple choice explained each answer and there also seemed to be bottomless pit of questions so it was rare that I would see the same question twice. The adaptive learning was also unique and very helpful.

– Andre

599 – Wide range of questions to test

– Kyle

600 – They got right to the point. Perfect for last minute review.

– Caleb

601 – The Ninja Notes truly work and helps cut out any unnecessary fluff that isn't absolutely necessary for the CPA.

– Anthony

602 – Without them as a supplement I don't think I would have passed

– Michael

603 – Audio lectures, I basically paid $70 just for the audio lectures 1 week before my test. They did not disappoint!

– Sean

604 – I like that the sims were 1 at a time. It didn't seem as overwhelming as having mulitple to get thru and feeling like you are not getting anywhere.

– Samantha

605 – Audiobook like lessons I could listen to in the car.

– Jessica

606 – Short and to the point notes, audio was basically a commute’s worth of info.

– Mike

607 – the MPQ software is miles and miles and MILES better than the other course i was using (Roger) the notes are also amazing. Oh, and the audio.

– Christopher

608 – The MCQ gave me the questions that I needed help on more often!

– Chancellor

609 – MCQs were more similar to exam than (expensive course).

– Patrick

610 – Thorough yet simple. Covered everything you need to know in the audio lectures and notes

– Blake

611 – It's concise and a helpful supplement to aid my studying. I also like the statistics provided.

– Nicole

612 – More detailed and to the point than (expensive course) and more material for a great price.

– Anthony

613 – Ease of understanding material – the notes supplemented with the books were very helpful

– Chessie

614 – A lot of questions and the way they forced you to learn the material you were bad at.

– Felicia

615 – Summaries and overviews. It's nice to have a quick document to read that summarizes and has everything in one place

– Erin

616 – I love the ninja notes. They're amazing

– Lauren

617 – The Ninja Notes were the best part

– Theresa

618 – Best last second cram materials in the business, ninja notes & audio rock

– Steven

619 – I listened to the audio during my ride to take the exam and then literally had questions on topics that I had just listened to.

– Jeremy

620 – Loved the MCQ. I think that and SIMS helped put me over the top on the exam

– Kristen

621 – It was straight forward. Really taught me the test and the questions on the test.

– Haley

622 – Although I was unable to fully utilize it for REG because of personal matters that came up, I really enjoyed it and will be using it for every exam going forward.

– Kimberly

623 – Everything is precise and to the point. Material is presented in an easy-to-understand way without added complexity.

– Dinara

624 – Challenging multiple choice questions that forced me to really be sure of my answer before submitting since the choice got graded right away. If I was scoring highly on NINJA questions I knew that I was in very good shape.

– Mitchell

625 – It felt more manageable than the other program I was using ((expensive course)) and the MCQs were harder, thus I felt more prepared.

– Abby

626 – The questions were super useful and I only did mcps and passed all sections!

– Samuel

627 – I really enjoy studying with NINJA.

– Maryam

628 – I used NINJA to supplement (expensive course). I enjoyed the variety of study materials offered, particularly the Blitzes.

– Nicole

629 – LOVE the audio!!! Also really liked the study group & support it provided

– Stephanie

630 – ease of accessibility, the textbook is made available by PDF, and the multiple choice questions are customizable.

– Angelie

631 – Easy to access, great price, MCQs are the best.

– Peter

632 – Ability to work MC questions by topic was helpful in tracking progress and identifying weaknesses

– Kevin

633 – they were not expensive and a lot more helpful than other resources

– Anna

634 – I liked that the multiple choice seemed harder than what was on the exam.

– Michelle

635 – The listening sections and that they didn't require much interface. Choice of questions or time periods for multiple choice.

– Emante

636 – I like the MCQ the best. That is what I use to supplement my study materials.

– Jessica

637 – Ninja Notes and Jeff's Process to successfully passing the exam and not getting to far in the weeds.

– Tommy

638 – The MCQs. I thought they were tougher to some degree than that of (expensive course)


639 – The MCQ's and how you could get the explanation immediately

– Brett

640 – The format of the book was great. MCQ and sims were great. Way better than (expensive course).

– Andrew

641 – It’s one of the only materials with audio lectures.

– Brie

642 – I honestly liked everything, and the pay-per-month plan worked the best for my budget.

– Cole

643 – Loved the notes and how everything was broken down in digestible sections

– Cheyenne

644 – Multiple Choice questions were very helpful

– Tristin

645 – The adaptiveness of the MCQ

– John

646 – Loved the MCQ!

– Timothy

647 – Everything, love Ninja!

– Yana

648 – Variety in questions that were not new from other cpa review materials

– Adam

649 – I liked that you found out immediately if you were right or wrong on MCs. Also liked the notes

– Emily

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650 – MCQ and SIMS are incredibly similar to the exam. Just studying those constituted the majority of my studying.

– Chetan

651 – It was easy to concentrate on studying the materials than other CPA softwares.

– Yili

652 – It gave me access to a larger question bank.

– Jordan

653 – The MCQ's and adaptive software were amazing!!!!


654 – The MCQ's and adaptive software were amazing!!!!


655 – Deeper question bank, NINJA audio, different approach to material. Great supplemental tool.

– Derek

656 – the different MC Q available and the options available when doing MCQ

– Karina

657 – it gave me another source besides (expensive course)

– Laura

658 – Their simplicity and ease of use. Also, the price.

– Kevin

659 – It is necessary to use ninja to slay the MCQs

– Cheuk Nang

660 – Thorough questions, lots of MCQ, audio was easy to access.

– Cameron

661 – The dashboard and progress reports. I liked the audio a lot too.

– Jenifer

662 – Loved the short videos and the short audio that I could use to quickly remind myself of concepts and information

– Mallory

663 – loved the MCQ

– Emma

664 – The notes were fantastic, the mcp was very helpful. It helped give me a goal to reach everyday.

– Patrick

665 – I liked that everything was included for a monthly subscription.

– Tim

666 – I liked the NINJA Notes and that part of the recommended process was recopying notes, it helped me immensely.

– Charlotte

667 – lots of MCQ at lower price than competitors

– Jack

668 – Materials are closer to the exam than (expensive course).

– Cody

669 – It’s definitely closer to the actual exam than (expensive course). I passed reg easily on my first try with Ninja, but had already taken it 3 times with (expensive course) and failed.

– Cody

670 – Concise and to the point material with emphasis on important topics without giving too many details.

– Andrea

671 – The notes were helpful as a supplementary source

– Ting

672 – I loved the ability to select what areas to work on and see the trending score.

– Laura

673 – I really enjoyed BEC materials & you helped me pass!


674 – Great supplement to (expensive course)

– Sean

675 – I liked that they had plenty of multiple choice and TBS questions and plenty of auxiliary resources as well.

– Thomas

676 – very convenient. No big uprfont fee.

– Nia

677 – Love the NINJA notes

– Jarett

678 – I liked how to everything was accessible and easy to follow.

– Markindey

679 – I loved the audio that I could listen to in the car or on a run

– Alexandra

680 – I thought the questions were very representative of the exam- super helpful!

– Amber

681 – It provided a different set of MCQ as opposed to the (expensive course) test bank

– Andrew

682 – NINJA appraoch is great

– Elizabeth

683 – I liked that the notes were comprehensive

– Derek

684 – The setup of the study plan, and all the questions available for the students.

– Daphnee

685 – MCQs prepare you very well for the actual exam.

– Maria

686 – That it had different questions than the (expensive course) CPA Review.

– Shannele

687 – I can list 3 main points: i) The “light” and disruptive way to transmit knowledge; ii) The objectivity of the material; and iii) The cost-benefit is fair

– Daniel

688 – The presentation, and there were a number of ways to get to study using the vast amount of study materials

– Jacob

689 – Very thorough, site was easy to navigate, & content was completely manageable. The books very perfect!

– Olivia

690 – The Progress tracker

– Alina

691 – I loved how simplistic the material was. It was easy to understand and tailored towards someone who is working and trying to studying.

– Victoria

692 – I liked the way concepts were explained – easier to understand than other study programs I have used in the past.

– Amanda

693 – The audio was the sole reason why I purchased it

– Jason

694 – Ease of use – convenience of switching – flexibility – variety of tools

– Nicholas

695 – Very organized and easy to follow.

– Thomas

696 – Loved having example questions throughout the text/book.

– Molly

697 – multiple choice with real explanations was biggest win for me. I loved seeing why I got problems wrong in detail right away on the screen. (expensive course) is shady.

– Andrew

698 – That there were a lot of different types of materials. Everyone learns differently so having audio/problems/books is a great variety

– Karyn

699 – multiple choice similar to materials tested

– Shelby

700 – I really like the lectures and how certain concepts are reiterated.

– Crystal

701 – The concise notes! Super helpful and easy to rewrite. Multiple choice program was very helpful and easy to use.

– Brittany

702 – The notes! It’s hard to take your own and also hard to go back and review through a book. I liked the multiple choice program too.

– Brittany

703 – Everything else – well worth the money

– Amanda

704 – I liked how the language used in the MCQ's is similiar to the actual CPA exam.

– Timothy

705 – They really target what is tested and cut out filler

– Devin

706 – Lots or resources- loved audio to listen to for traveling, and the notes summary for quick review.

– Anna

707 – Monthly fee is affordable. Material feels manageable and not as overwhelming as other courses.


708 – The blitz videos are good for a refresher and it was helpful before my exam

– Gabriel

709 – I really like the notes

– Amber

710 – I loved the vast amount of practice MCQ and SIMS. the audio lectures were also helpful to listen to on the go

– Danielle

711 – Large question banks with good variety of material covered

– Ty

712 – A lot of MCQs which is exactly what I needed

– Naitik

713 – Access to all of the materials for a reasonable price. Ninja notes really helped.

– Kyle

714 – Short, sweet, to the point of what you need to know for the exam.

– Jason

715 – The structure and understandability was fantastic.

– Alexander

716 – The way topics were broken down. I was able to pull information I was struggling with out and understand it. The way to study was very helpful, I hadn’t thought about writing everything down.

– Amanda

717 – I liked how the notes were organized and that they were concise and easy to understand.

– Snigdha

718 – I like Jeff. I like the podcast. Easy site to navigate.

– Inyam

719 – It supplements (expensive course) well.

– Andrew

720 – Helps supplement (expensive course).

– Andrew

721 – SIMPLE! Understandable, helpful!

– Rachel

722 – Definitely the Multiple Choice. I loved Bob's lectures and I also really really love how interactive Jeff is with his Ninjas! This website actually made studying fun! (believe it or not!) Feel free to reach out if you want me to elaborate any more on how much I love NINJA!

– Caitlin

723 – I like the vast array of notes, videos, and test bank. There's a study method for everyone.

– Will

724 – Easy to use, nice change of pace

– Patrick

725 – I really like the MCQs and SIMS. Helped me a lot

– William

726 – I loved listening to the audio while I cleaned or drove.

– Emily

727 – The ability to pay monthly rather than a large flat fee.

– Danielle

728 – love all the extra MCQ as a supplement to (expensive course)

– Gabrielle

729 – The NINJA notes and being able to choose individual simulations by topic.

– Rusty

730 – Easy to understand and didn't waste time with videos.

– Alana

731 – The ability to listen to the audio book. Reading while listening in seems to keep me focused.

– Paul

732 – I loved the audio and the questions

– Kayleen

733 – I liked the amount of variety and the amount of the materials. I liked that there is a community and lots of guides. It makes it possible to use the materials efficiently. I did not have this same experience with Roger.

– Theodorus

734 – Straight, to the point, LOVED the audio!!

– Matthew

735 – Conciseness. I loved the ninja notes and blitz videos. I also liked the big test bank.

– Cody

736 – You can study for min. Instead of the amount of questions

– La Tasha

737 – I especially liked the NINJA notes and audio.

– LaShanna

738 – Variety of study materials

– Brianna

739 – It was different than (expensive course), it definitely complimented it

– Scott

740 – The ease of use and the amount of material. MCQ's made 30 questions not seem that bad. (time wise)

– James

741 – Was a good supplementary guide

– Nathan

742 – The clarity of the Ninja Book (Not in accounting terms)

– John

743 – The videos were extremely helpful and I loved that there were audio lectures so that I could listen to it on my way to work.

– Anna

744 – the listening to the notes nobody else does that and that is a way I learn

– Austin

745 – The audio was helpful and the MCQs were an incredible tool

– Charles

746 – I loved the MCQ and the book

– Darrion

747 – Its exam focused and the material are broken down into smaller parts

– Pankajkumar

748 – I loved how many different avenues there are available to study. Audio, mcqs, video, flash cards, sims, etc

– Travis

749 – Organization. I liked the statistical data regarding MCQs

– Jeffrey

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750 – The multiple choice questions were tremendous and definitely a primary reason i was able to pass FAR.

– Michael

751 – I really like the MCQ test bank. It presents the questions and explanation for all answers clearly

– Truc

752 – straight forward. seemed like the test banks showed up on the exams


753 – I liked how it is condensed and there is no “fluff”.

– Ethan

754 – It was easily accessible and monitor progress and I loved the e-flashcards!

– Desiree

755 – I love the study plan and techniques provided

– Aiko Christine

756 – I loved the audio info

– Ron

757 – The materials narrow the information and get to the point. I found them very specific and I did not felt overwhelmed by a huge amount of information

– Aïda

758 – the Ninja MCQs are formatted just like the actual exam questions and they are, and I can't emphasize this enough, extremely helpful in helping you pass!

– Marcelo

759 – No fluff, instructions on how to use everything, everything being included

– Amanda

760 – Blitz (powerpoint presentations) and Flashcards are wonderful. Also, MCQ and Audio

– Anna

761 – By far my favorite aspect of Ninja was the notes. It allowed me to understand the topics at a high level and then make my own notes with more detail in between the lines. I failed my first FAR section last September because I felt lost in the material. The notes allowed me to understand what each section was really trying to tell me. Very valuable tool.

– Jonathan

762 – The MCQ Resources and Reasoning for why each answer was correct/incorrect and the definitions.

– Amir

763 – I liked the extra MCQs and Sims I got access to to supplement my (expensive course) review.

– Joseph

764 – I lOVED the ninja books!

– Alicia

765 – The multiple choice questions really prepared me to pass my last 2 exams (only discovered NINJA at that point).

– Crista

766 – I liked the multiple choice and the Ninja notes. I felt the Notes really gave me proper edge I needed come exam day.

– Derek

767 – The MCQ and the Audio! MCQ was a great supplement, and the Audio was awesome for travel!

– Anna

768 – That it had a different selection of questions then other review courses which help me know the material better.

– Katee



770 – The AUD text book is really good. Study materiel is clear and concise.

– Nadia

771 – The specific study method used by NINJA is extremely helpful.

– B Jones

772 – I loved the audio review

– Emily

773 – A lot MCQ. Bob is a great instructor, he helped me with the far exam. Notes are very helpful when you have couple minutes to review. Thank you, Ninjas

– Borislav

774 – I loved the huge menu of MCQs. The notes were very good, and the audio really helped me remember the concepts. Also, the score reporting/adaptive learning information helped pinpoint weak areas.

– Cynthia

775 – Very good amount of content for the price

– Will

776 – Cost effective and breaks down hard topics to make easy to understand

– Jennifer

777 – Easy to work with. Lots of questions. Great notes after answers.

– Nathan

778 – Ease in which you could set up MCQ's and knock them out. Quick & easy.

– Brian

779 – The practice question software, the NINJA notes were clear and concise.

– Tiffany

780 – I liked the MCQs. Answering questions is how I learn. I also appreciated the FAR videos.

– Reinafe

781 – The plan was clear, concise, and concrete

– Elizabeth

782 – The mc questions and being able to tell where I needed to study more.

– Kenneth

783 – I liked the variety of materials available (video, audio, text, MCQ's) and not having to use all together. All materials can be used in combination or individually to support other review courses.

– Gerardo

784 – Ton of questions, MCQ software is awesome. Ninja notes too!

– Paul

785 – The content was WAY more in line with what I actually saw on the exam. You taught to the test which is what I needed. Don't waste my time reteaching theory like some other review courses. Also really liked the PLUS lectures. They were a HUGE help.

– Erika

786 – Everything. There was so much to choose from. You could hit several different resources if you were struggling for a concept.

– Jessica

787 – The notes are amazing. MCQs are good but the notes are perfect.

– Daniel

788 – 1) Audio lessons 2) Audio Lessons … 99) Audio Lessons. That was the difference for me.

– Michael

789 – I loved the MCQs and the Ninja Notes

– Kenneth

790 – All of it, but my favoirtes were the audio and notes. Those two items were very helpful!

– Ashley

791 – its so broken down into simple English and easy to understand

– Nour

792 – Everything except the above, I passed AUD after sitting 5 times and BEC after 3 times!! This program saved my life

– Margaret

793 – Audio audio and more audio. I basically used the audio in addition to (expensive course)

– Kayla

794 – Condensed material for general overview of information important for the exam

– Nick

795 – I liked how it changed to the monthly subscription with ALL the materials available and the easiness of being able to switch tests based on our personal circumstances

– Lori

796 – I love how the book is straight to the point and doesn't have too much fluff.

– Jaime

797 – The ease in resetting progress compared to other CPA courses

– Rebecca

798 – I liked that the questions were a little more difficult than other review courses I’ve used and I like the explanations for each answers as soon as you answer a question.

– Sheldon

799 – Loved the MCQ/Sim platform, that's mostly all I used (and some audio)

– Quin

800 – LOVE the audio and the MCQ bank.

– Kate

801 – NINJA Audio is amazing.

– Joey

802 – MCQs were great. I think they did a great job of preparing me for actual exam MCQs.

– Cheyenne

803 – topics were covered that (expensive course) didn't talk about

– Barbara

804 – That it provided me with a larger breath of content and in shorter form. I wouldn't have completed it without Ninja.

– Chris

805 – I liked that there wasn't too much information. The material gives you what you actually need to pass the exam without an overload of info.

– Erica

806 – Simplicity of use. Amount of resources available at a great price.

– Kevin

807 – Definitely the MCQs, (expensive course) didn't do a good job of explaining why you missed a certain question. Ninja did.

– Adam

808 – The video are really cool and the Notes

– Joshua

809 – Coverage of newest material by Jeff audio

– Marina

810 – Study group, and sources of study material.

– Sarah

811 – The test bank and the audio notes were the best parts.

– William

812 – Simply the best material. Easy to understand. Difficult concepts were made very easy.

– Priya

813 – loved the MCQ

– Jeana

814 – Convenience of audio, great selection of MCQ's.

– Stephen

815 – The volume of the MCQ. That was the difference maker in me passing.

– Ivan

816 – The quantity of MC questions and being able to listen to the lectures anywhere.

– Imoyik18

817 – I liked that I got feedback after each multiple choice question. Also, I really liked the BLITZ videos to refresh before exam day.

– John

818 – I love the easy to understand Ninja Book, and the notes for last minute review.

– Ricardo

819 – Provided great resources and great range of questions

– Logan

820 – motivated me to study. A LOT!

– Matthew

821 – Thorough nature of the questions. There was more material than other study platforms I used.

– Kyle

822 – The MC Questions were very useful and I like how the results show you your progress in each section

– Alexandrea

823 – I love how it really leaves it up to the user to choose what’s best. There isn’t a certain program to follow. Just do what it takes.

– Molly

824 – Flexiblity and COST

– Jennifer

825 – The value – it's not flashy or fancy but has great content and a wealth of information. Jeff also based the study plans on real working people – the comment in the intructions about stumbling to the coffee pot in the morning, which you set the night before. Helped me realize I'm not the only one stumbling through this process one cup of coffee at a time.

– Erin

826 – MCQ software – the adaptive learning feature and the way your progress is tracked

– Kristi

827 – The material is consolidated and really hones in on what you need to pass exams. Before I used Ninja I took numerous parts and couldn't pass. With the help of Ninja I should be a CPA by the end of the month!

– Briana

828 – the simple set up is great. Definitely makes the studying more accessible.

– Stephanie

829 – Loved how MCQ showed cumulative progress/weak areas

– Elizabeth

830 – Condensed, easy to “chunk”, not trying to get through 90 hours of lecture (expensive course), loved the MCQs.

– Aubrey

831 – Practice questions with great explanations and easy-to-use interface.

– Laura

832 – Helped me understand concepts much better than (expensive course)!

– Steven

833 – The multiple choice give great explanations for the answer choices.

– Emily

834 – like the notes… informative and the audio which (expensive course) does not have

– Obadeisha

835 – The audio notes were exactly what I was looking for – just needed a supplement to (expensive course) that I could listen to in the car.

– Karina

836 – It was summarized in a concise format that made it very easy to study from.

– Jonathan

837 – The claim that one could pass a CPA section in 3 weeks, however, with the short ambiguous explanations, it's hard to know why one answer is right and the other not quite there. There's always two close options which is understandable, but, a slightly longer, non-condensed explanation would help.

– Dan

838 – NINJA audio and notes were awesomeand heled a lot.

– Kristina

839 – I started reading the books and I enjoyed them.

– Daria

840 – I loved the notes and the blitz videos

– Megan

841 – The group chat/forum is comforting that there are people out there struggling just like myself with studying. Also blitz video and notes are clutch last minute materials.

– Brendan

842 – So much was included for the price

– Maria

843 – I liked that I can focus on my weaker questions.

– Alexandra

844 – Its easy to use and worked well for the other three sections. I passed the first time.

– Jennifer

845 – The multiple choice questions helped me get a feel for what the actual exam questions would be like and gave me a chance to learn the best way to solve each problem.

– Charles

846 – I liked the content of the multiple choice questions and sims. There was a lot of valuable information to learn.

– Daniel

847 – The randomness of questions and adaptive learning

– Joshua

848 – Audio materials I could listen to while walking and driving.

– Kelli

849 – The MCQ were very good at explaining the reasons why the answer was correct and also why the otheres were not correct

– Matthew

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850 – The notes and Audio was very convenient

– Kelvin

851 – Loved the study material and access to flash cards.

– Reid

852 – Concise, easy to understand.

– Laura

853 – it is much simpler to use then others

– Jaroslava

854 – I loved the multiple choice and audio

– Lindsay

855 – I find multiple-choice format to be the most mentally engaging for learning abstract subjects, helping me to remember the material more than simply reading it.

– Joseph

856 – I liked the type of multiple choice questions that I saw, I've taken REG 6 times and this was the best comparatively speaking in that arena for preparing me.

– Austin

857 – Really liked having the audio component. It really allowed me to add hours to my review.

– Christopher

858 – The plus videos helped me so much on topics I was lost with in (expensive course).

– Brian

859 – I liked the Ninja Plus section and watched those videos constantly. I also liked the MCQ progress section where you had the six sections of BEC and MCQs for each section and the weakest section was always put to the top so you could work on it until you got stronger. No doubt that helped me pass BEC.

– Jeffrey

860 – the price/quality ratio 🙂

– Agnieszka

861 – I liked that I was able to customize my studying and the MCQs to what I needed

– Hannah

862 – I really liked the notes and the audio. It provided a different way to retain the info.

– Paul

863 – More broaden understanding in areas not in the (expensive course) materials

– Jordan

864 – I liked the explanation for the questions and how they were separated by topic.

– Brooke

865 – Everything. I'll absolutely 100% be back.

– Zachary

866 – Concise, clear, not alot of verbiage, massive MCQ library, several forms of study material

– Sean

867 – Lots of MCQs without repeating questions and they were easily accessible.

– Linda

868 – The multiple choice questions are very helpful.

– Pheakdey

869 – Everything I was missing in (expensive course) for BEC.

– Sefefyelesh (Mimi)

870 – Ninja has a lot of MCQs which are well organized

– Derek

871 – It was an extra supplemental to my (expensive course) Course giving me more questions and practice.

– Michael

872 – I liked the additional test questions.

– Perry

873 – Loved the notes. Allowed me to see big picture and was straightforward

– Christopher

874 – The audit and the way it tracked the multiple choice questions

– Brandon

875 – i liked the amount of ninja questions that were given, its a great supplement.

– Richard

876 – Easy to understand, to the point, no random babble during the audio (unlike (expensive course)), price, the fact it is a subscription, the list goes on!

– Kathryn

877 – They are simple and easy to understand and didn't overwhelm me with content

– Kayleen

878 – A lot of MCQs and Sims

– Michael

879 – content is excellent

– Alan

880 – the audio– main reason I subscribed.

– Hannah

881 – I LOVED the monthly option, such a great affordable option.

– Madeline

882 – Combination of materials allowed me to pick and choose based on my learning style.

– Thomas

883 – Everything was great, definitely helped me pass all exams!

– Raphael

884 – The different view I got on the information I was studying

– Nicholas

885 – Explanations were easy to understand

– LeAnn

886 – Good audio notes and questions worded a little different than my other material.

– Matthew

887 – materials are well summarized and the videos are easy to understand

– Zhichao

888 – I really enjoyed the audio and MCQ questions (especially how I was able to customize the types of questions I was being asked).

– Soraya

889 – It was a great supplement to (expensive course) getting the additional MCQ and Simulations.

– John

890 – I enjoyed NINJA and used it as a great addition and supplemental material to (expensive course)

– Antonina

891 – audio lectures were very concise yet very helpful.

– Jonna

892 – You choose how you want to study

– Michele

893 – Reasonable price, condensed but sufficient info

– Monika

894 – I liked listening to the audio recordings in my car.

– Michelle

895 – The MCQs were a great test of the concepts and many were a great twist to see where I needed to improve. I also really liked the analysis for which sections I was weak in.

– Jacob

896 – The mcq and plus videos prepared me well for at least 2 exams.

– Ryon

897 – that its concise. No bulk crap

– Samantha

898 – MCQ's have a great variety of difficulty that help for studying.

– Conor

899 – The audio. Jeff's voice is way more enjoyable than (expensive course).

– David

900 – Really loved the audio!

– Laura

901 – They are different than my other study materials, provided me with exactly what i needed to pass.

– Jenna

902 – The variations of questions from other review materials, and the audiobooks.

– Michael

903 – I loved the audio – didn’t even get a chance to dive into the MCQ yet

– Oakley

904 – Very much enjoyed the audio.

– Leah

905 – I really liked the AUD Ninja notes

– Jumy

906 – practice problems, notes, blitz videos, Jeff's overall guidance in the community

– John

907 – Very straightforward, easy to access and navigate, straight to the point by cutting a lot of the unnecessary topics.

– Thomas

908 – Everything. Primarily that they are concise and there is no information overload.

– Matthew

909 – I loved the multiple choice questions.

– Eliza

910 – I liked the vast collection of questions which covered every topic that was needed.

– Patrick

911 – Book was less of a “book” and more of study materials with practice problems

– Ben

912 – I loved the videos and the notes

– Karin

913 – I love everything (Notes, Flashcards, Support group)

– Terrie

914 – I like the concise manner of the materials compared to other study programs

– Tori

915 – The books are everything you need to know but in a short to the point version

– Jessica

916 – I liked the notes that are provided by Ninja, as well as the study plan that is also included in the course.

– Ashley

917 – Ease of use and relevance of material. MCQs were extremely helpful as well as the blitz and plus videos.

– Shuxin

918 – I liked how the multiple choice questions were similar to the actual questions on the exam

– Janine

919 – I liked the alternative study methods that I felt enabled me to pass the CPA exam

– Matthew

920 – The quick videos and straight forward informations

– Amanda

921 – Everything. I liked that the book is giving you the theory and right away explains it in a test

– Sira

922 – Very effective learning modules and tools, especially Multiple Choice questions are very productive.

– Avo

923 – Price and quality of materials

– Barry

924 – Worked great – easy to use!

– Tina

925 – Very clear and similar to the actual exams.

– Laurie

926 – Provided a different perspective and phrasing with the materials.

– Jenae

927 – Loved the notes, text, MCQs, audio, plus videos of Audit saved my life.

– Saeeda

928 – Audio was convenient and materials were straight forward

– Kraig

929 – I loved the MCQs and the adapative learning

– Tracy

930 – Number of questions, variety of questions, and the in-depth explanations provided with each answer.

– Brett

931 – Very convenient, nicely written, and truly prepares you for the exam

– Clarissa

932 – Was summarized and not overwhelming. Covered the main topics of the test.

– Olatunji

933 – I liked this program very much. I thought extremely helpful to have resources available when providing answers.

– Maria

934 – Information is concise packed with the necessary information. The number of MCQ

– Tommy

935 – Easy access to a wide variety of materials.

– Jessica

936 – Community of people sharing experiences. Immediate feedback from MCQs. Easily digestable notes. Great audios for reinforcing concepts.

– Edward

937 – The explanations with the MCQ are hands down infinitely better than (expensive course)

– Robert

938 – Ninja notes are the best. I also liked the flash cards. Great products!! Thank you!

– Brian

939 – The simulations were useful, they were different from other simulation questions I've seen.

– Brandon

940 – The NINJA Notes, the short and sweet audio, pretty much everything

– Summer

941 – Wonderful idea on the subscription package

– Daren

942 – The whole program was very helpful and easy to use and understand.

– Bessy

943 – I love Ninja. The materials were thorough and great and concise!

– Soyoung

944 – The plethora of different study materials available.

– Morgan

945 – I love your materials.

– Andrea

946 – loved the system, the materials – all of it. nicely done!!

– Karen

947 – It was good, easy to track scores and prepare for the exam. thanks

– Mercy

948 – a good supplemental resource

– Bing

949 – they asked relevant and similar questions to the exams and gave good explanations most of the time.

– Philip

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950 – The material is very clear and easy to understand. It was very helpful preparing for my exam.

– Jess

951 – They were easy to read and had very concise options that were super helpful for review.

– Mobola

952 – helped my score 30 points higher on FAR

– Rob

953 – It is a good well-rounded program

– Justin

954 – Everything, I prefer NINJA to (expensive course)

– Patrick

955 – MCQs are easier to use than (expensive course). Audio.

– Arturo

956 – It's simple and easy to navigate. Also the community helps alot makes you feel you are not alone.

– Oluwabukola

957 – I really liked how many MCQ there were and the options to customize which questions to get

– Cara

958 – I really like the notes and audio

– Amber

959 – The audio is sooo valuable since I have a long commute. Also the notes and just the way you go about teaching the specifics. I feel like (expensive course) overwhelms you with every little detail. NINJA gets down to the important concepts. I felt so confident during the exam.

– Carly

960 – Monthly access price. Blitz videos were a good review.

– Tom

961 – Jeff Elliott's goodwill = priceless

– Cole

962 – I liked squeezing study time in when I thought I would not be able to i.e., I mainly used the NINJA Audio above all else.

– Colin

963 – Price, Ease of Use, Range of Materials

– Haley

964 – The MCQ & SIM module was great. Made me get competitive with myself in order to get a higher trending grade.

– Gregory

965 – MCQs are amazing. Love the software.

– Kirby

966 – I used Ninja for all 4 parts of the exam, and it was excellent.

– Colin

967 – I think it’s a great set of tools. The MCQ are the best, and I enjoy the audio/notes.

– Nathaniel

968 – Good supplement. Similar questions to actual exam

– Shane

969 – MCQs, videos, audio is great while driving to work

– Mark

970 – i loved it. especially the MCQs

– Gabrielle

971 – Price/monthly subscription option & Ninja notes

– Thomas

972 – Love them, user friendly, MCQ are the best in the industry, the forum, Jeff and his ninja audio and excellent tips, and amazing customer service. Not to mention the monthly subscription which is affordable for all CPA candidates that can't afford spending 1000's on review materials

– Chelsea

973 – My favorite thing about NINJA is the notes and the multiple choice questions.

– Kaitlin

974 – I love the condensed notes and easy to read materials. I also loved the forum and support.

– Millie

975 – The NINJA materials for the BEC section had more practice questions compared to other materials.

– Kevin

976 – How the textbook implemented questions throughout the chapter.

– Kevin

977 – The clear and concise manner in which the material was presented for review.

– Neil

978 – mcq, hard but amazing

– YunTing

979 – The monthly subscription was perfect as I had an abbreviated timetable, I was able to get access to all materials for the month I needed them without the larger price tag.

– Kaitlin

980 – The monthly subscription option lots of study options

– Megan

981 – Helpful. Concise. Good complement.

– Christian

982 – I like how effective it is for the price.

– Tori

983 – Liked the ninja notes for quick reference, liked ninja audio to listen to a work eaisly

– Tyler

984 – Simple and too the point, easy to listen to audio, short and sweat notes

– Aaron

985 – MCQ's were very similar to actual exam. Notes were concise.

– Nj

986 – It was very flexible – you could go at your own pace.

– Megan

987 – Sims were great! Great variations in MC questions. Lots of little new fact nuggets I learned.

– Jodie

988 – very efficient!

– Dana

989 – There are better explanations for wrong answers and a wide variety study materials.

– Chyla

990 – I really like the format of the NINJA materials

– Connie

991 – I really liked the MCQs and simulations. It was very similar to the real exam.

– Phyllis

992 – Unlimited access and cancel at any time. Also price was really fair.

– Mary

993 – The notes were my favorite part!

– Erin

994 – MCQ. Immediate feedback is so superior to the progress tests on (expensive course) for my learning needs

– Joshua

995 – I liked the MCQ since it gave the results per question instantly. And it was affordable.


996 – Really good MCQs

– Mikhaela

997 – Videos are short, notes are nice, book is good

– Casey

998 – I thought it was a great review material! Especially for the price!

– Noah

999 – Loved the formatting and easy learning style!

– Joscelyn

1000 – The questions were different from my other study materials

– Ben

1001 – Powerful enough to help me pass 3 of the 4!!

– Adrian

1002 – Enjoyed the audio. Listened to those on a long road trip.

– Mayra

1003 – MCQ bank and interface are great.

– Beau

1004 – It was very user friendly and I liked the explanations of missed questions.

– Jasmine

1005 – I liked everything about ninja

– Maura

1006 – Easy to use and very reflective of actual test questions

– Eami

1007 – Multiple choice questions were just as good as (expensive course).

– Tara

1008 – Using this software as supplemental made me more confident, particularly in MC

– Owen

1009 – Ninja audio material is awsome and very informative for self studies candidates

– Hamza

1010 – The audit was great and easy to listen to. Multiple SIMs and MCQs to utilize.

– Christine

1011 – I like the month-to-month pricing, having access to everything and being able to switch as needed.

– Joseph


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