Accounting Study Guides: How Does Yours Stack Up?

An accounting study guide can make or break your overall educational success. Save yourself some time and confusion by following the advice below when deciding whether you are using the best accounting study guide possible.

Contains Regular Updates

How many times have you picked up an accounting study guide only to find the information discusses rules and regulations from 10-15 years ago? As any good accounting student knows, laws change. Professionals, including CPA candidates, are expected to stay current with changes. Only purchase a study guide that is regularly updated. Be sure the updates are offered at no additional cost.

Fits Your Educational and Personal Needs

You can have the highest quality guide available, but if it does not satisfy your educational or personal needs, it is useless. If you find yourself heavily involved with the mobile world, for instance, choose a guide that is mobile-friendly. If you work and study mainly on your desktop, find a guide that satisfies that mode.

Contains Relevant, Testable Data

It is easy to become frustrated, overwhelmed, or bored with all the useless accounting information found nowadays. Avoid all of this by using a guide manufactured by a company or individual that stays current with industry trends, tax laws, examination topics, plus other key industry and economic factors. Your time is valuable, so start efficiently utilizing it by studying relevant data.

Is Recently Published or Reprinted

Look at the publication or reprint date. If it appears outdated, start searching elsewhere for a reputable source. The foundations of accounting found in textbooks may appear timeless, but study guides need to be current. Study guides take the accounting basics and turn them into useful applications.

Uses Understandable Language

It takes a special gift to translate technical accounting-related information into easy-to-understand language. You have probably noticed this when exploring the plethora of educational accounting data available on the marketplace. You turn to a topic only to find the information overwhelming and leaving more questions in your mind. Avoid this by choosing a guide that is easy-to-follow. Find one that leaves you satisfied, not confused.

Can Enhance Your Knowledge Base

A powerful study guide uses unique technology that focuses on improving your accounting topic weaknesses. It is known as an interactive teaching device. Some students claim the software is picking on them, but that is only because the software is focused on improving the student's comprehension level and passing rate. Known as adaptive learning technology, only NINJA CPA Review uses this essential software.

Using this technology will save you money, time, and numerous hassles from beginning to end.

Offers Reputable Footnotes and Cross References

Accounting is a technical field full of legislations, regulations, and rulings. Reliable information found in study guides must provide information about the source documents, so you can gain further insight, if needed.

Cross references may be in the form of in-text citations. Being able to link on one that takes you to the original source document is sure to enhance your studying experience.

Learning can be difficult enough. Take the mysteries out of it by enhancing it with a powerful accounting study guide that is perfect for you and your individual situation.