Another 71 FAR: Haul Out Your Big Gun Against the Hardest CPA Exam Section

Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) is the toughest CPA Exam section for many, and most candidates spend a lot of time and money preparing for it.

Passing rates indicate that CPA candidates spend more study time on FAR than any other section and that study can overcome FAR. This is the section where you want to pull out your biggest gun, and NINJA CPA Review tools from Another71 give you the arsenal you need.

The scope of this long, comprehensive CPA Exam section is daunting. FAR will test you on financial statements, cash flow, balance sheets and profit and loss. Tackling FAR is a lot easier with NINJA on your side. NINJA CPA Review offers a robust suite of supplementals that work with any CPA study course to give you a strong FAR review.

NINJA CPA Review evolved into the ultimate Un-Course from the popular online Another71 forum. You’ve already seen that NINJA works and that we’re dedicated to helping you focus on what matters and save time. Put down the highlighter and pass the CPA Exam once and for all!

Take a look at some of the [A71 product=”all”]NINJA CPA Review tools you can use to pass FAR once and for all.

NINJA Multiple Choice Questions FAR

The most important tool in your CPA Exam preparation is multiple choice questions software. MCQs turn generic accounting concepts into real life CPA Exam application.

NINJA offers you 1,696 FAR multiple choice questions and 74 simulation essays. This amazing range of practice questions far outstrips the number offered by competitors.

To make learning more effective, we give you questions based on what you know and what you don’t know. That’s because NINJA incorporates Adaptive Learning Technology into its MCQ software to figure out what you need to study based on the answers you give. You can learn more here about the customization technology that will unlock the secret to passing your CPA Exam.

This is a sample of the practice you will get on FAR multiple choice questions:

These NINJA MCQs work effectively on iPads and tablets, and you must have Internet to use them. Android tablets must run 4.0+.

CPA Exam candidates trending in the 80 percent range on their NINJA practices and hitting the review phase can expect a pass rate of 85 percent to 90 percent on their CPA Exam MCQs. That prediction is based on 400 responses to a 2014 customer survey with a 22 percent sample size.

Price of the NINJA MCQs FAR is $47 for three months of unlimited access to online practice exams. These MCQs are backed by the most authoritative literature, and they have been fully updated for 2016.

“I used nothing but NINJA MCQ and audio for FAR and passed with an 81. It really works. “– A. Jones


Another71 founder and NINJA master Jeff Elliott guides you through Financial and Accounting topics in a [A71 product=”books”]book he has fully updated for 2016. This authoritative text is complete and comprehensive, yet still easy to read and understand. Whether your preferred method of studying is desktop, iPad or iPhone, you’ll find the book is designed in a layout that is easy on the eye.

A sample of NINJA Book FAR’s Not-For-Profit Accounting chapter is available here at NFP Accounting. You’ll find the full 643-page PDF comes as an instant download.

Each small section of explanation provides useful examples, and each is summed up with an application. Below you’ll see an application for Governmental Not for Profit Accounting. This section explains that hospital accounting has several unique income determination conventions, which must be understood to comprehend operating statements.

NINJA Book FAR does not waste your time with filler. Everything you read is material on which the CPA Exam is going to test you. That’s why you can be confident you’re reviewing valuable AICPA-licensed content. You’ll find this book so thorough and effective as a stand-alone resource that you won’t need an expensive lecture video from a costly review course.

NINJA Book FAR is included in the NINJA 10 Point Combo, and the price for the book is $97. Free updates are included with NINJA Book FAR until you pass the exam.

“Thank you for releasing the book early. It's easier for me to read compared to my [other course] book.” – Whitnie H.

“The [A71 product=”books”]FAR book looks great. I really dig the format with practice questions built right into the info.” – Chad M.


NINJA Audio FAR is an MP3 album designed for repeated listening. If you have a phone and earbuds, you’re in business! It downloads to your mobile device or desktop as well for offline studying on the go. Repetition can go on as long as you need, because you will get free updates until you pass the CPA Exam.

Created especially for auditory learners, this tool covers FAR in three hours. Your use of this audio tool is not limited just to NINJA. It is a valuable addition to any review course.

Listen to a free demo of [A71 product=”audio”]NINJA Audio FAR on Bonds to see just how valuable this MP3 album can be. Studying with NINJA Audio means you can take FAR to the gym or work. Turn your commute into study time with NINJA Audio.

Almost 3,600 candidates have already bought NINJA Audio FAR at a price of is $97. This tool, which comes in the 10 Point Combo, has been fully updated for 2016.

“The audio tips and examples he gives to focus on are direct and easy to understand. It makes me think ok I know this, I can pass this thing!” – Mom2two

“I have the FAR NINJA audio and by listening to the audio over and over I was able to answer five MCQs on my FAR exam last Monday.” – candothis

“The Ninja Audio for Far easily helped me score 10 extra points. It’s cheap, effective and worth every penny if used correctly. Every minute in car I used it.” – Givemesleep

“Money well spent…I burned the MP3 to a CD disc and listen to it in my car. I can finish Jeff’s sentences for the first four chapters. I mouth the sentences as he reads them. My commute is about 20 minutes each way. – zieba


Check out this free sample of NINJA Notes FAR 2016 for a demonstration of how this action-packed, 113-page tool works. NINJA Notes FAR gives you organized notes that concisely outline study materials offered by much pricier review courses.

Free updates until you pass and an update for 2016 make the NINJA Notes FAR price of $67 a valuable offering.

“I used the [A71 product=”notes”]NINJA notes as a review near the end of my study period. It definitely helped keep the information fresh, especially for IFRS.” – Brett

“On a whim, I bought the Ninja Notes for FAR. I was super relieved to learn that Jeff suggests a different approach to studying for the exams….. All I can say is thank you Jeff, and thank God I decided to buy the Ninja Notes in the BEGINNING of my studying, rather than near the end.” – DeepBreath


Cramming for FAR just got a whole lot easier. Do you need fast clarification on some of those murky points when time to study is growing short? [A71 product=”video”]NINJA Blitz videos clear up misunderstandings that are blocking your path to passing the CPA Exam.

Our videos deliver the straight talk you need with a light hearted approach that entertains as it informs. That makes viewing more palatable and studying more effective. Our videos are easier to understand and more interesting than those offered by other blitz courses.

A free viewing of four NINJA Blitz FAR videos on Governmental Accounting demonstrates the effectiveness of this study tool.

These informative videos reinforce your understanding of concepts you will find on the FAR section. Teaming the Blitz videos with our NINJA Notes FAR doubles your retention.

These cram-style videos work not only with NINJA but with any CPA review course. Whenever you have only a few minutes to study, the blitz videos let you take full advantage of your limited time.

Many CPA candidates find the Blitz video particularly helpful because the format includes slides with written explanations. Here’s a slide that illustrates the primary objectives of governmental accounting for you as Jeff explores the topic.

The $127 cost of NINJA Blitz FAR includes free updates until you pass.

“Man, I got to admit your take on the review for the exam is great. Really helps on digging in material that we miss on the other reviews.” – Jose D.

“I (re)take FAR on Wednesday, and the videos are fantastic for review of the major topics.” – Cassandra

“I reviewed the FAR videos and really liked the GSP-CD way of remembering the funds (even though I’ve never heard of GSP, the fighter … Lol).” – Carla on Facebook

10 Point Combo FAR

This perfect study system bundles all the FAR tools in a 10 Point Combo that works as either a supplement or standalone course. The complete and comprehensive course is fully updated for 2016.

You can use the 10 Point Combo FAR with any review course. Free updates are available until you pass the CPA Exam.

10 Point Combo FAR gives you all this for $397 or a savings of $182 from the $579 you would pay if you bought each component separately.

  • NINJA Book
  • NINJA Audio
  • NINJA MCQ Audio
  • NINJA Notes
  • NINJA Flashcards

“I increased my FAR score from 68 to 90 by adding NINJA notes…Now onto the Ethics exam :)” – Onmyway82

“A 15-point increase in FAR and my highest score for any exam in AUD was all thanks to a lot of hard work and the 10-point combo. I listened to the audio every second I got – in the car, in line to pick up lunch, everywhere. Save the audio tracks to your phone so you have it with you at all times.” – Mickey G

Join NINJA and Pass Once and For All

We invite you to start your CPA review by connecting with the Another71 FAR community. Jeff Elliott launched the Another71 forum to give back to supporters who helped him along the way to earning his CPA. He continues serving that community through Another71 and its FAR study group.

Visit Another 71 for information on how to become a NINJA and obtain the free CPA Exam Survival Guide. View the videos How to Study for the CPA Exam and Want to Pass the CPA Exam using only NINJA? Take advantage of the Another 71 Free CPA Review Materials – Notes, Flashcards & More.

Then attack FAR with your biggest gun. Use [A71 product=”all”]NINJA CPA Review from the folks who bring you the Another71 FAR community and pass the CPA Exam once and for all!