Another71 Grew Out of Rethinking a Failed Study Plan

Jeff Elliott began working toward his CPA in 2005 when he was a 27-year-old, married father of three children and juggling the demands of a full time job, family, a mortgage and church commitments. He had earned an undergraduate degree in accounting and completed additional graduate classes toward the 150 coursework hours required to apply for the Uniform CPA Examination. He had started in accounting in 2001 and worked in industry, public and private accounting. And yet, he passed the CPA Exam three long years later only after multiple failures and desperation pushed him to the brink of quitting. Desperation, instead, drove Jeff in 2007 to start blogging about his exam experiences. Almost immediately like-minded CPA Exam candidates began to flock to the blog sharing their experiences while rooting Jeff along on his path to passing. Jeff continued blogging even after he passed the last exam in an effort to give back. Eventually, candidates started asking for help, asking the same questions over and over again. This led to Jeff write the free ebooks “50 Things You Should Know About The CPA Exam” and “The CPA Survival Guide.” The most popular question was “Jeff, how did you pass the exam?” which resulted in the ELL (Early, Late, Lunch) Study Plan and CPA Review Notes (now NINJA Notes). Overtime, as the blog grew, so did calls for “How to pass” and the tools to help pass increased… NINJA CPA Review was born. Fast forward to 2015, NINJA CPA Review is the ultimate “Un-Course,” a robust suite of supplementals that is a great addition to any primary CPA Review Course. All NINJA products are built on the principles pillars of: saving time, focusing on what matter and passing the CPA Exam once and for all.

What Is This NINJA Stuff All About Anyway?

First off N.I.N.J.A. stand for;
  • Nail the accounting concepts
  • Intensive note taking
  • Nonstop multiple choice question practice
  • Just re-write the notes
  • All comes together in the week before the test
NINJA CPA Review is comprised of the various supplements one can use to implement this study strategy which includes: books, multiple choice question software, audio, notes, audio, flashcards and a overall study planner


When originally conceived Jeff recommended the first step as “Nailing the Video.” He now tells Exam candidates he no longer believes they need the videos offered by expensive review courses to pass the CPA Exam and so he suggests they “Nail the Concepts.”


Review materials; [A71 product=”audio”]audio[/A71], [A71 product=”books”]books[/A71], [A71 product=”flashcards”]flashcards[/A71], short [A71 product=”video”]videos[/A71] that explain the accounting fundamentals and take intensive had written notes on concepts forgotten or misunderstood,.


Only then should a CPA Exam candidate move on to non-stop [A71 product=”mcqs”]multiple choice question[/A71] practice, he suggests.


While taking MCQs offered at the end of each book chapter may be effective, it’s not efficient. Re-writing those extensive notes into fact nuggets boils them down into a form the candidate will remember. At the same time, re-writing is an effective learning tool that boosts retention.


Finally, Elliott suggests a plan to make all the effort come together in the last two weeks before the exam. This part of the strategy takes the candidate all the way up to 15 minutes before the test starts. Cram for two weeks before the exam failed to work for Elliott. NINJA succeeded instead, and Another71 is working for thousands. If you want your own copy of this proven study plan go here. If you'd like to watch a short video that explains how to use NINJA go here.

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Today, Another71 is the Internet’s most frequently visited CPA Exam site with more than 1 million page views each month. Another71 has helped tens of thousands of candidates pass the CPA Exam. Thanks for visiting if you have any questions feel free to Ask Jeff.