The MCQ for the AUD portion of the CPA Exam is designed to not only help you to retain what you've learned, but it's also designed to increase your overall score and passing rate. Some students who have previously purchased this product experienced an increase from, a score of around 80, to a score of an 85 to 90% pass rate. Some have even boost their scores by 12 points, from 73 to 85%, which is a great accomplishment.

The NINJA MCQ for AUD offers benefits that are most suitable for each of our student's comprehension and studying needs. Some of the benefits of this product include:

  • AICPA-Licensed Content and study material, which is used to ensure students that we will only provide them with content that will actually appear on the AUD portion of the CPA exam.
  • 1,596 AUD MCQ will be provided so students can have access to as much AUD related information as possible. The goal is to provide students with everything they need to have access to real life AUD Exam questions.
  • 83 Simulations have been provided so students can have a real exam like experience prior to actually taking the AUD exam.
  • Unlimited Practice Exams are provided with this product, which allows students to practice taking the exam as often as they need to -until they are 100% confident and comfortable with the material prior to taking the exam.
  • Authoritative Literature has been provided to offer students content based on the most up-to-date material from reputable CPA and Accounting based organizations and associations.
  • Adaptive Learning Technology has been put into the development of the NINJA MCQ for AUD to help students have a more productive and easier learning experience.
  • An 85-90% Pass Rate has been experienced by many of the students who have completed our NINJA MCQ study course for AUD.
  • Online access has been made available to students so they can gain access to the learning material and study at their own pace.
  • This product works great with iPad and Tablets. What that means for you is that you can use your favorite mobile device to access the practice study material from where ever you are.
  • Students can access the NINJA MCQ for AUD for up to three months, which will allow them to have ample time to gain access to the study material.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our students receive quality, updated, reliable products to ensure that students become fully engaged in the learning process through MCQ. Please note that an Internet connection is required to participate in this study program. Also, students with android tablets must be running 4.0+ to gain access.

2. The NINJA MCQ Audio: AUD

The NINJA MCQ Audio series for AUD is great for CPA Exam candidates who prefer to study whenever they can and take advantage of preparing for the AUD Exam during their commute. Most students get stuck in traffic for at least a half an hour to an hour during their drive to and from work. The NINJA MCQ Audio series for AUD can provide one to two hours of additional study time each work day. That's between five to ten extra hours of studying each week thanks to our crowded highways.

The NINJA MCQ Audio for AUD offers a lot of great benefits too, it

  • Provides a full AUD Practice Exam that allows you to have access to during your commute. You can basically practice taking the exam while you drive!
  • Provides AICPA-Licensed Exam Questions, so that you can rest assured that you are only practicing from AICPA approved questions during your study.
  • Provides 90 questions that comes complete with explanations, which is great when you get confused or are unsure about a specific topic.
  • Uses the AICPA Content Weight, which allows candidates to be aware of the percentage that each test question is represented on the AUD exam.
  • Allows candidates to practice MCQ during their commute. This works best for candidates who drive alone and is most beneficial to those who travel long distances to get to work (or often get stuck in traffic.)
  • Is exclusive to NINJA and our members, based on the way our candidates study, practice and prepare for the exam.

Candidates who purchased this product as noticed an increase in their retention abilities and found it to be very convenient – just the thing they needed to study during their commute.

This product also works great for those like to listen while they're cleaning the house or doing other household chores.

The NINJA MCQ Audio for AUD is designed for those who need to prepare for the AUD exam whenever they can and take full advantage of every possible opportunity to study and prepare for the exam.

3. The NINJA Book: AUD

The NINJA Book for AUD allows students who like to study in a variety of different places – or at a moment's notice in some cases, to take their NINJA Book with them. The NINJA Book for AUD makes it convenient for students to study at home or while on the go. They can continue to study during their commute while riding on the bus, train or metro link. Or those who travel a lot can study on the plane or while waiting in the airport.

NINJA Book also allows students to conveniently study during their lunch breaks, before or after work or during other times when they can carve out some extra time to get some extra studying in.

The NINJA Book for AUD makes it easy and convenient for students to learn and adapt to the AUD material. It includes:

  • Updated content to accommodate SSARS 21 related issues.
  • A comprehensive and complete guide for preparing candidates for the AUD portion of the CPA exam.
  • It's very easy to read and understand
  • It does not require any lecture videos
  • The NINJA Book is filled with AICPA-Licensed based content. That way, students can be assured that they are only receiving the relevant exam based content they need. The book is also integrated with MCQs and a variety of examples. It is designed in a brain-friendly layout, yet does not contain fillers – just exam-relevant content.
  • Students can study on their desktop computers or on their mobile devices at their convenience as a result of our 447 page PDF format that is made available through instant download.

The NINJA Book for AUD includes a Sample Chapter Link for easy access and convenience. It is also included with the Ten Pt Combo.

As an added bonus, we also offer free updates until you pass the exam. For more information about this book, please see below for a sneak peak at the Table of Contents..

4. The Ten Point Combo: AUD

The Ten Point Combo for AUD is the perfect addition to existing study material that you may already have. It also works great as standalone material as well. The Ten Point Combo for AUD has been known to significantly increase passing scores and candidate's overall exam performance by nearly 45%.

The Ten Point Combo, combined with the NINJA Method has resulted in outstanding performances by candidates who previously struggled with their exam results in the past. It is the Perfect overall study system, as it comes bundled and includes all of the AUD Material. The Ten Point Combo

  • works with any study course that you may currently be using
  • is both a comprehensive and complete standalone course, yet also serves as a study supplement course.
  • includes Free Updates until you Pass the exam!

Not only is this course reasonably priced, but it can also make all the difference between struggling to pass the exam and passing all sections of the exam.

The Ten Point Combo includes the following items:

NINJA Book ($97)
NINJA Audio ($97)
NINJA MCQ Audio ($97)
NINJA Notes ($67)
NINJA MCQ (3 Mo – $47)
NINJA Flashcards ($47)
Total Price: $579

However after your NINJA discount, you'll only pay the Combo Price of only $397.

5. The NINJA Notes: AUD

The NINJA Notes for AUD is a great complement to any existing AUD course.

The NINJA Notes for AUD has currently been purchased by over 5,000 CPA Exam candidates – many of whom have experienced a tremendous improvement in their overall passing scores.

The NINJA Notes for AUD are not only concise and to the point, but they will be made available to all exam candidates who will receive free exam updates until they pass the exam.

The NINJA Notes for AUD comes complete with in an 89 page action-packed PDF format.

To see the 2015 Demo, visit: Engagement Planning and the CPA Review.

This product has been a great help to many exam candidates and continues to help them raise their exam scores.

6. The NINJA Audio: AUD

The great thing about the NINJA Audio, is that it covers the AUD section in roughly 2.5 hours. It also
Works well with any AUD Course that you may be currently using.

Is designed for on-going repeat listening that can take place at your convenience.

Comes with free updates that are available until you pass the exam!

And… One of the best parts about the NINJA Audio for AUD is that it's mobile-ready.

The full version comes complete as a MP3 album that's downloadable to your mobile device or your desk top computer.

This product is a part of the Ten Point Combo. It works well when used during your commute to work, while traveling, while working out at the gym or even while you're cleaning the house..

To see a Demo, follow the link to the Audit Reports.

7. The NINJA Flashcards: AUD

The NINJA Flashcards for AUD has taken the CPA Exam community by storm. We sold nearly 10,000 copies of these flashcards and received nothing but rave reviews about how it has improved test scores. It even helped candidates pass the AUD Exam during their first try.

The NINJA Flashcards offers

  • Fully-Updated Content so candidates can study content that is current with relevant material
  • An one of kind CPA Exam flashcard app
  • Has the compatibility to work with any other AUD Course
  • Is able to be downloaded instantly.

These Flashcards are also mobile-friendly and are designed for either desktop, iOS or android. Candidates will also receive free updates until the exam is passed.

Please Note:

Those who are using iOS must first download the material to their desktop of choice and then upload the program to your mobile device.


The NINJA BLITZ for AUD is a Cram-Style Video that is designed to work with any AUD Course that you may be using.

We also provide unlimited video access (and have made a Demo available) as well as on going free updates until you pass the exam.

This product is also included with the Ten Point Combo and is known for assisting students get organized, summarize their study material and retain all of the necessary information.