Becker CPA Review Discounts

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We will explore some of the more popular Becker discounts, so you can find the one that is best for you.

Becker CPA Review has a variety of discounts and coupon codes available to Future CPAs.

Becker Returning Student Discount

“If You are a returning Becker student and did not qualify for Becker Promise extension or your license has been expired for more than 90 days you may receive a 50 percent tuition savings on the purchase of a new Becker package or course. 

Single Part course purchases are only eligible for our Returning Student Discount on a Single Part purchase of the same course section. Students who purchased one of our CPA Review packages (Advantage, Premium or Pro) may purchase any one of the course packages or one Single Part using the Returning Student discount.”

– Becker Student Catalog and Pricing

Becker Military Discount

For military personnel, both the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs have programs with Becker CPA Review.

“More than 200 government agencies and entities offer Becker’s CPA Exam Review to their employees at partner reduced rates — giving them the utmost in exam preparation and learning.”


Becker Switcher / Competitor Discount

“If you spent $1000 or more with a Becker competitor, you may switch to Becker and purchase the Premium package for 50% off. A valid receipt is required for proof of purchase and must not be eligible for the competitor’s return policy.” 

– Becker Student Catalog and Pricing

Becker Campus Ambassador Discount

“University students may apply to be a Becker Campus Ambassador. As a Becker Campus Ambassador, students work closely with faculty and peers to spread the word about the CPA Exam Review on their college or university campus. Upon completing their time as an ambassador, they are eligible to take the CPA Exam Review at either no cost, or at a preferred rate.” 

– Becker Student Catalog and Pricing

Independent Third-Party Review

“Historically, Becker (rated “Best Overall”) has been the most popular and trusted CPA exam prep course on the market. Becker provides students with peace of mind knowing that the largest CPA firms in the world trust Becker to prepare their employees for the CPA exam …. Ninja CPA Review (rated “Best Price”) works nicely as an inexpensive supplement to an online course. This is an efficient studying tool that can be used as your main course but serves best as an auxiliary study aid with an excellent online support community.”

– Investopedia, Best CPA Review Courses of 2021

Becker CPA Review + NINJA

Disclosure: NINJA CPA Review has an affiliate/promotional partnership with Becker.

Disclosure: NINJA CPA Review has an affiliate/promotional partnership with Becker.

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🏆 Best Price*
🏆 Best Overall*
➡️ $67/month➡️ See Discount
✅ AICPA Licensed✅ AICPA Licensed
✅ Course Videos✅ Course Videos
✅ Cram Videos✅ Cram Videos
✅ 6,000+ MCQ✅ 6,000+ MCQ
✅ 200+ SIMS✅ 200+ SIMS
✅ Adaptive Testbank✅ Adaptive Testbank
✅ Course Book✅ Course Book
✅ Study Notes✅ Study Notes
✅ Audio Course🚫 Audio Course
➡️ See More➡️ See More

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