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Becker CPA Review + NINJA: 5 Steps to Smash Any CPA Exam

Note: This is for current Becker students only. If you are looking to purchase Becker CPA Review, you'll want our Best CPA Review Course guide.

Becker CPA Review is the most-popular CPA Review Course and has the trust of the Big 4 and many large public accounting firms.

NINJA CPA Review is the most-popular CPA Exam Supplement. The majority of NINJAs are also Becker students.

This is a ninja-quick look at how to add NINJA to Becker CPA and (Finally) Become a CPA.

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Step 1. Nail the Concepts

Fire up your Becker CPA login and Nail the Concepts with your Becker video lectures (or Becker CPA books) & NINJA Audio. Time: 2.5 Weeks

If something is confusing in your Becker CPA materials, look it up in the NINJA Book or NINJA Notes.

Start listening to your NINJA Audio. Never drive to work without it on. You can listen to fun things when you're a CPA. Let that motivate you. 🙂

If your commute is 1 hour round trip, then that's 1 hour of NINJA Audio per day (and that's for the commute alone … if you can work and listen to the NINJA Audio: even better.)

Start reading the NINJA Notes in your downtime, especially at work. It's ok if you haven't studied the section before. It will all start clicking the third time through, regardless of where you are in your prep.

Check out our fully-detailed breakdown of the NINJA Study Framework.

Step 2. Intense Notes

Take Intense Notes over your Becker CPA Review lectures or NINJA Book.

First Time? Retake? 15th Retake? It doesn't matter. Take Intense Notes while watching your Becker CPA lectures.

Step 3. Non-Stop MCQ

Non-Stop MCQ – Becker CPA Test Bank or NINJA MCQ. & Take Notes. Time: 2.5 Weeks

If this is your first time taking this exam, then do Non-Stop MCQ with your Becker CPA Test Bank, and then in the review phase (A – All Comes Together), then you switch to NINJA MCQ and work backward, beginning with your weakest topic.

If this is a retake OR you've found yourself memorizing your Becker questions, then switch 100% over to NINJA MCQ for this phase. When it comes time to do the SIMS, switch back and forth according to which software you like better.

Again … if this is your first time taking this exam, use your Becker CPA questions for N (Non-Stop MCQ) and use NINJA MCQ for A (All Comes Together) as you review.

If this is your first time taking this exam and you're memorizing the test bank questions (which is really bad because it causes false confidence … you're scoring in the 90s, but on exam day, you score a 65 and can't figure out why), then switch over to NINJA MCQ 100% for both (N) and (A).

SIMS – First time or retake alike: switch back and forth between your Becker test bank and NINJA MCQ. Depending on which of the Becker CPA Review courses you have (Pro or Premium), you may have a supplemental Becker CPA test bank as well.

Take NINJA MCQ for a Test Drive. No Login Required.

Step 4. Just Rewrite

Rewrite Your Becker CPA Review notes or NINJA Notes. Time: 1 Week

We know you took killer notes over your Becker lectures … re-write those 😀

If taking notes just wasn't in the cards this time around, and you did the best you could do, then we suggested re-write the NINJA Notes.

Step 5. All Comes Together

All Comes Together in a Final Review. Watch NINJA CRAM and Becker CPA Review Final Review. Time: 1 Week

If you're using your Becker Test Bank in the Non-Stop MCQ phase, this is where you switch over to NINJA MCQ (if you've already switched, then keep using it here as well).

Start with your weakest topics first and work backward. You can let the software feed you questions, but since you're in a final review phase, I recommend doing topic-specific mini-testlets and really drill down.

Do a set of 20 over your weakest area. If you're weak in several areas, then choose the one that keeps you awake at night first.

The one you DREAD seeing on exam day.

If you are hitting in the low-70s (70-75), then move on to your next weakest area.

The reason why you don't go for mastery here is that you have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time for your review. It's better to get all of the topics into the 70s and then come back and hit them again vs. get a few into the 80s/90s and run out of time before you can get to the rest.

For instance, if you're taking Financial Accounting and Reporting and your weak area is Bonds, then do 20-question mini-testlets until you're scoring in the 70s (which may take 3 or 4 sets) and then move onto your next-weakest area, which might be Leases. Repeat this with Leases, and then move on to the next one – which might be Governmental Accounting, etc.

As you head into your exam – hammer MCQ and read the NINJA Notes every spare millisecond you have.

(Note – if you have 5 minutes to spare – DON'T spend it on Facebook…knock out two pages of NINJA Notes instead).

Everywhere you go – car, gym, sitting at your desk at work, it's NINJA Audio, NINJA Audio, and … you guessed it NINJA Audio.

(I get it – the content is boring, and my voice won't be confused with Morgan Freeman anytime soon but hit Play anyway. You can listen to your Spotify Playlist of 90s Pop Hits AFTER your exam).

NINJA MCQNINJA NotesNINJA Audio on repeat…even up to the minute you leave your vehicle and head into Prometric (what if the extra 3 minutes of some nuance of Corporate Taxation was the difference between a 74 and a 75 on exam day?).

THEN … walk through those Prometric doors with confidence, barf out all of that knowledge in your head, and go sleep for 3 days.

You've earned it.

Total Study Time: 4 or 7 weeks. We have NINJA Study Planners for both timelines. Enter your email below (scroll down to bottom) to get them.

Exam Day is Finally Here

Take your exam with confidence and PASS.

Sleep. Celebrate. Repeat (the studying, not the celebrating).

Becker CPA Review + NINJA Reviews

Matt Durette (Becker CPA Review + NINJA)

Matt Durette (Becker CPA Review + NINJA)

Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

“I used NINJA MCQ for each of the exams as a supplement to Becker, which was provided by my work. I asked advice from my brother, who had passed the exams a few years prior, and he suggested to work through as many MCQs as I could, so I did just that. I worked through all the Becker MCQs, then did about 50-60% of the NINJA MCQs. I thought the NINJA ones were more difficult than the Becker questions, which was a good thing. I was trending about 7-10 points below my actual exam scores for each of the sections. The NINJA product was great because it showed me where I was weakest, and I was able to focus on that section until I felt really comfortable with it. I would say the NINJA MCQ were essential to my success.”

“Why We Chose It (Best Overall Course): Historically, Becker has been the most popular and trusted CPA exam prep course on the market. Becker provides students with peace of mind knowing that the largest CPA firms in the world trust Becker to prepare their employees for the CPA Exam. Why We Chose It (Best Price): Ninja CPA Review works nicely as an inexpensive supplement to an online course. This is an efficient studying tool that can be used as your main course but serves best as an auxiliary study aid with an excellent online support community.” Investopedia, 5 Best CPA Prep Courses of 2022

“Appreciate it, Jeff! I used the Ninja MCQ for AUD and BEC to supplement Becker CPA Review, and they were extremely helpful, so appreciate it!” – Dan Bierley, Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

“I personally used NINJA when I studied for the CPA Exam (in addition to Becker CPA Review). Back then, NINJA was only a supplement, whereas now, it’s a full course. However, the NINJA Notes are still as concise and helpful now as they were when I sat for the CPA Exam. In my opinion, there’s no better way to quickly solidly all the topics covered in the AICPA’s CSOs than NINJA notes. And if you’re unhappy with your NINJA products, you’ll receive a no-questions-asked refund.” – Stephanie Ng, CPA – iPass The CPA Exam

“Thank you so much for the NINJA notes, audio, and mcq. I used them as a supplement to Becker and I’m convinced that’s why I passed. I’ve listened to your audios more than you can imagine. I’ve read the notes until my eyes hurt (sorry I’m still a fan of my own notes) and did so many mcq that I’m an expert at exams.” Sukpreet K.

“I first wanted to say THANK YOU to yourself and the entire ninja team for the awesome content and support group. I have passed audit and all 4 exams now. I originally passed FAR and REG before my subscription with Becker (got it for free through an accounting firm) expired and then I stumbled upon NINJA.  I can't say that I followed every protocol or answered every question. I am not a great studier. But I can say I wouldn't have done it without NINJA. Balancing the CPA with a job, CFA studies, LIFE, etc… This was a game-changer.  I only wish I had found it earlier, but I am relieved nonetheless.” – Martin S.

“I recently took FAR. One of the biggest takeaways for me was my struggle with the simulations. I started using the Ninja materials to supplement my Becker package as a final review and I really do believe Ninja helped me review all the material well and I also feel pretty confident by my performance on the mcq on the exam, though only the results coming out later this month will tell.” – Monika K.

“Jeff– This isn't a question, just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the NINJA material you work so hard to put together. I passed all my exams on my first attempt and I can honestly say I would not have been possible if it had not been for NINJA. I used Becker as my primary study material and supplemented with NINJA multiple choice. Once I began my review process with NINJA it brought everything together. If I had it to do over again, I would recommend NINJA as the primary study material. It was an absolute game-changer for me. All the hours, tears, and frustration have paid off. Thank you again!” – Erin A.

“My Becker subscription expired just before I began studying for FAR, and I came across NINJA while exploring other, more affordable alternatives to renewing Becker. Having used Becker exclusively for the first three sections, I managed 84 in REG, 85 in AUD, and 89 in BEC. Using NINJA exclusively for FAR, I achieved my highest score of the four – a 91. The service you provide through NINJA is a tremendous value – perhaps the best on the market.” – Ethan G.

“NINJA was an awesome supplement to Becker for me and I believe NINJA is what truly helped me pass!” – Karissa R.

“Just got my score back yesterday and got a 91 after using Becker and NINJA…Thank you! The quick notes and audio tools were very helpful as well as the NINJA MCQ which is a great supplement to Becker.” – Joseph S.

I used Becker and Ninja. Your MCQ is really helpful, and I passed the previous two exams in the same way, and I passed in my first try.” – Sameh H.

“I passed BEC first try (92) and AUD retake (1st: 73, 2nd: 84) using NINJA to supplement Becker! Thanks so much for this great resource. Wishing you all the best!” – Madeline C.

“I failed Aud in October with a 74 using Becker. I subscribed to ninja and passed 3 weeks later with a 77!” – Sidney Z.

Just want to give a major thanks to you. I started out in 2017 with Becker, and I didn't take the exam seriously. Beginning of this year I got Ninja and it has been a wild ride. I've now passed all four parts using Ninja. I'll definitely be spreading the CPA word to get more people to the dojo. Take it easy, my great sir. Thank you again!” – TJ R.

“Thank you to you and your NINJA team. With your help and Becker CPA Review, I am officially done with the CPA. Couldn’t have done it without your help. I can’t express how thankful I am.” – Jacob M.

“I supplemented your NINJA course with Becker CPA Review, and it helped me out a ton by being able to pass my last exam at the end of October. I truly appreciate your dedication to the field and excellent course you have created — I will be sure to recommend this to any other CPA candidates down the road.” – Krishna P.

Ninja was a great help! I used it as an extra tool to supplement Becker's materials. I especially thought the notes helped after doing the long Becker CPA Review lectures. They were great to simplify what I was learning and in combination with doing as many multiple choice as possible, was a huge help. I also enjoyed reading other people’s experiences since I did fail FAR a few times. Seeing that other people had some failures but made it through was encouraging.” – Michelle D.

“My employer actually gave me Becker CPA review but I used NINJA in my last month as my review. From the notes to the sparring, to the MCQs, NINJA is superb!” – Lauren S.

“I passed my REG retake with a 78!  I got a 71 the first time around using just Becker CPA Review, your NINJA MCQs helped me get over that hump! Thanks!” Shannon S.

Becker CPA Review FAQs

Is Becker CPA review worth it?

Becker CPA Review is the most expensive CPA Review course by far, but it's also the most popular course. With any CPA Review course, if you use it, study with it, and pass, it will be well worth it.

Is Becker CPA the best?

There is no best CPA review course. It's a myth that's pushed by rankings websites trying to get you to click on a link so they can make a commission. There is only the Best CPA Review course for you. Is Becker CPA the best for you? Maybe. Do the Becker free trial and find out.

Is Becker CPA good?

Yes. Becker is a very good CPA Review course. Becker has invested a lot of capital to make its course among the best. If I were studying today, it would be among the top three I'd consider.

(The other two are Roger CPA Review and my own company, NINJA. Knowing everything that I do, candidly, I'd go NINJA Only first and see how I did).

How much does the Becker CPA Review Cost?

The Becker CPA Review courses range from $3,799 (Pro Course) to $2,499 (Advantage Course)

️How long does the Becker CPA Review access last?

Becker Courses come with Unlimited Access, with the exception of the Advantage Course, which is 24 months.

Brian Wright (Becker + NINJA)

Brian Wright (Becker + NINJA)

Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

“The questions and practice tests were extremely useful, they helped me find some weak spots I didn’t even know I had and gave me the extra practice I needed to get my best score of any of the exams.”

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