Wiley Test Bank And NINJA CPA MCQ Review Comparison

Two of the most popular CPA review programs available in today's marketplace are Wiley Test Bank and NINJA MCQ. When it is time to start preparing for your upcoming examination, which program best suits your needs?

It is important to understand that the perfect course for you depends on a number of factors. This includes your background, learning style, and available budget. Let's compare the two review programs to help you decide which is for you.

Company Background

If a company's history and background is important to you, take note. The Wiley Publishing Company has been around since 1870. It has been helping CPA candidates prepare for examinations for over 40 years. Throughout this time period, it has become a trusted and reputable source for quality publications and educational materials. Note that Wiley Test Bank is another term for Wiley CPA Review.

NINJA MCQ has been around since early 2014. It was developed by a CPA with extensive experience in the industry, both online and offline. He is the author of a popular publication titled CPA Exam Survival Guide. Even though the Review is rather new to the industry, it is very popular with CPA candidates.

Adaptive Learning Technology

This technology is unique to the educational software field. It learns about the user's strengths and weaknesses. After gathering this insight, the software then starts feeding you questions that focus on improving your weak areas. This increases learning efficiency, while decreasing study time. Learning is quicker and more enjoyable. NINJA CPA MCQ Review utilizes this technology.

In comparison, Wiley Test Bank uses a standardized track performance technology that tags and identifies your strengths and weaknesses. It is up to you to find appropriate questions to test yourself on.

Price Concerns

CPA review materials can quickly add up. Choosing one that suits your budget is crucial. Wiley Test Bank charges $105 for each of the examination topics. Bite-sized lessons are available. You can purchase the online course for $575, which includes all four parts, over 12,000 questions, and 600+ task simulations.

NINJA MCQ can also be purchased at a very economical price.


Wiley Test Bank offers a 24-hour response turnaround on emails, forum comments, and other methods of contact. There can be a sense of impersonalization involved.

In contrast, the developer of NINJA CPA Review is available for questions and other concerns regarding the program. This is highly personal and quite welcomed by many users.

Pass Rate

Both programs claim to have an average 90% published pass rate. Of course, this depends on your due diligence, effort and determination.

Last Minute Cramming

Sometimes it is important to have valuable information available for those time-sensitive periods when extended study hours are simply not available. Both programs come to the rescue in a thorough, precise, and legitimate manner.

Wiley Test Bank has a crash course available in bite-sized lessons.

NINJA CPA Review has what is termed “Blitz.” Each unit is available separately.

Passing the CPA examination involves many facets. It is important not to overlook any. Having a personalized and customized library of study materials plus assistance available can make the difference between success and failure. Students wanting to thoroughly and efficiently prepare for this most complex of professional examinations end up choosing the popular NINJA CPA MCQ Review. It will save time, money, and frustration in the long run.

Take advantage of the above-mentioned information to improve your chances of CPA Exam success. Good luck!





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