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    I got married last September and started what I thought was studying in November (actually learned how to study in January). My wife and I had discussed this process before our wedding and used the honeymoon not only as a celebration and time of relaxation but also as a last escape until I finished my exam process. I informed her of the lack of time I would have while studying and we discussed how stressful this process would be for not only me but both of us. The duration and requirements of the CPA exam make life hard for everyone, for us; we own a home, are freshly married, both work full-time, I was finishing my Masters while studying, we have 2 dogs (children) and both had very time consuming hobbies going into the process.

    What has helped us – most importantly, a high level of understanding (which developed throughout the process), prioritizing, weekly date nights, random gifts for being supportive, effective time management and setting study milestones while preparing for each exam to take the time and live (i.e. canoeing trips – time with our families – new dishwasher, and laundry room renovation a couple weeks ago). Today I am finishing up my Becker review (milestone) and before indulging in Ninja MCQs we will be painting a guest room this weekend – don't let the exam keep you from experiencing life or no one will want to go through the experience with you.

    My contribution to the relationship talk – that's your business due what you want, but there's no point in wasting each others time in a relationship. You both know what you want from each other, if you don't want long-term commitment with this person end it now and do both of yourselves the favor. Life goes on. If you do want that commitment, make it work.

    Good luck.


    Invite her to come study with you in the library. Let her know that you're almost done. It's true that her not willing to support you is not a good sign though.


    Studying CPA is just a small rough patch in our life compare to other more stressful and time-consuming job/family situations that we are not able to control. Getting a CPA can be a career turning point and lead to future success. If she can't see this and can't stay with you and support you, can you imagine how many times she could leave you in the future? I'd say give her a chance by explaining everything to her. After that, let her be. If a girl is into you, she will make a reason to stay even there is not a one, not mention that you actually have good reasons!


    our resident feminist, caseytx, turns it around and yells at a stranger for reaching out, and that it is all his fault. god bless


    @cprv – I don't think it is fair for you to call out Casey. Obviously you think she is playing devil's advocate, but her perspective is valid.

    When relationships fail usually both parties bear some of the burden of blame. That was Casey's point. Everyone is focused on what she did, but his choices (although good for his career) also had an impact. I strongly agree with mla on this matter, if you cannot keep a relationship going after 14 months with the burden of the CPA then you likely won't be able to meet the demands of a long-term relationship.

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    My girlfriend of FIVE YEARS dumped me right after I took (and passed) FAR, right at the beginning of tax season this year. Absolutely wrecked me. We lived together and had serious plans together. I went through busy season this year with a giant knife in my gut twisting constantly – it was as rough a breakup as it could be. I'm studying my second section now, Reg, and having a beast of a time focusing and concentrating. It still hurts. I don't have anything magic to say that'll make you feel better because it sucks. Just hang in there and get your exam done and you'll feel better in a few years I guess :/


    Lmao @ the resident feminist verbiage. As someone who's on the other side, I sure as hell wouldn't even put myself in the situation of dating ANY girl studying for the CPA exam nor would I put up with it….if a girl chooses her career over you, than that's fine-there are other girls. If I were married then I'd be more tolerant, but not for a short term gf after a year or something-not a chance. With that said, have another discussion with her and stress the importance you're almost done with the exam and school will not be as bad. If she ultimately doesn't accept it then just move on from her. It is possible she met someone who can give her more attention, but EVEN if that were true, the hell with her and you're better off finding out what kind of person she is now rather than later.


    Its the other way around for me, my GF broke up with me so she could focus on her online masters in accounting. I always supported her and helped her with her essays and didn't mind the fact she would study for hours. She was 15 years older then me and I loved her very much. I did not want that much attention but i did want some. I was always understanding and supportive too. She inspired me to do my own masters (MBA)

    It really breaks my heart but I respect her decision.She is going to start studying for her CPA exam soon.
    I want to ask her to marry me once she is done with school and before she starts the CPA exam. I would have preferred to ask her under different circumstances.

    I found the ring she likes and I am going to ask her to marry me even if I ridicule my self. I will wait as long as she needs for her to complete her CPA. She is 47 years old and I am 32. She is very smart and i know she will pass the CPA exam.

    Do you think i should let her be or ask her to marry me?


    You already answered your own question. You love her so go for it! Since she dumped you she might reject your marriage proposal but hey it doesn't hurt to try right? Wishing u luck bro

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    She broke up with you because she needed to focus and she's still focusing(and maybe for other reasons). Putting a ring on it is only going to make her feel more stressed out. When everything is over with studying, then you can see if she'd be interested in starting up again. If she says no, then your proposal wasn't wasted. As a female, I know how females think. If she truly loved you, she wouldn't have broken up with you in the first place. 47 year-olds know what they want. Sorry but that's the truth.

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