Taking AUD with a mask and glasses was torture!

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    My glasses kept fogging up. My mask broke on break. Testing center lent me a mask to continue but fog was worse. Had to hold mask to face entire time. I know I bombed because I guessed 75% of the questions on the 1st testlet and the 2nd testlet seemed easier. The simulations were not what I expected and was unclear on what they were really asking on 25% of them. I work in related field so I have a feeling passing the entire exam is going to be a long journey if I cannot even pass AUD. I now have to begin studying FAR as I have a 7/2 test date with a NTS that expires 7/6. Not enough time to study for FAR, but that was because they kept rescheduling my AUD due to the virus and I didn't want to switch study gears until AUD was taken. Oh boy! I think my life after work is going to be tied up and taking exams over for a long time!

    This is going to be a long journey!
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    Sorry to hear that. I am taking Audit next week (hopefully). I have the disposable masks but I also asked my mother to make me one that was as breathable as possible (I don't care if it works, I'm not worried at all).

    I luckily don't wear glasses but I have heard that the fogging up is a real problem. I took one of my practice exams with the mask and my nose was totally chapped by the end of it. Such a stupid requirement.

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    You have enough time to study for FAR. Many people have studied for and passed FAR in 6 weeks while working, which is how much time you have. The conditions right now are obviously not ideal, but it's definitely doable with discipline. Don't let AUD discourage you from FAR, as they are completely different animals.

    Perhaps spend a bit of time trying different glasses/mask combinations to see what works for you before the next exam, too.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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