Career change out of Accounting?

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    Hi everyone,

    They are probably many people on here that made a career switch to becoming a CPA, but has anyone done the opposite? Switch from being a CPA to something completely different? My 26 year old self is at a crossroad right now and I do not think I want to do this anymore. The more I think about it, the more I come to the realization that I might be better suited for the medical field. Please let me know if you or anyone you know has done the switch from accounting to something completely different.


    I might recommend you look for a job doing accounting related work in the medical field before making a giant leap.
    See how the industry works and figure out whether it will provide what you are looking for or not.
    It would be terrible to pay all that money for medical school just to figure out that's not what you really want either.
    Best of luck.
    I actually have a client that worked for Deloitte in NYC, ended up leaving to start his own business in real estate.
    He realized the accounting life was not for him and choose to be an entrepreneur. He said he hated going to work everyday.
    Everyone needs to find their own path.

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    Medical field isn't any different trust me…I've done my research…Seriously, you'd be making a mistake…Not to tell you what you want to do…but…you DON't want to do that…
    It is nothing but politics…nothing but paperwork, nothing but trying to keep insurance companies off your back…the medical industry is all about money and making people sick with prescribing more and more drugs drugs drugs that just make people sicker…Trust me, most nurses I know are miserable, and doctors are prone to suicide…pharma is king…It isn't about the patient…my mother in law says she hates taking care of sick people and wishes she chose a finance field…I probably would have loved to be a nurse, but I wouldn't be able to do anything from my heart to help and heal sick people because my hands would be tied…anything you say can make you liable so its just following the rules and keeping your mouth shut without asking any reasonable questions, and medical school would numb you out and turn you into a big pharma zombie.

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    In my nonhumble opinion, it is same crap but different pile…There is so much paperwork that patients barely get any quality time and care…A very high stress job…Medical school turns people into Big Pharma zombies…

    “The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.” ― Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace)


    I was actually going for nursing before I chose Accounting. It is a tremendously rewarding position but also takes a major toll both physically and mentally. I just can't see myself doing that well into my 40s and 50s so in the end I stuck with Accounting.

    What I'm trying to say is don't go all out until you try it first. Do your research, take some classes, ask some people and volunteer or work part time first.

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    One question I ask myself before I go for anything is “what am I ultimately getting and is that what I want for next 20 years?” I wanted to do business in the future and I felt knowing how number works gives me the advantage in the business world down the road. I don't like accounting deep inside, but I know its going to help me tremendously in the future. So I'm taking the exam while working as a data analyst but will soon switching to internal audit.

    As the wise men and woman above mentioned, maybe try it out first. Is that your goal to help and care for people? Or are you looking to make dough in the medical field?

    Another story I want to share might also give you some ideas. My best friend's mom's law school prof, maybe 30 years ago, started his career as a doctor. After years and years of school and work he realized he didn't like so he went to law school and then years and years of school and work he then realized he didn't like law neither! So he ended up becoming a teacher. Imagine the money and work he invested and life quality he had to sacrifice just to realize he didn't like neither…

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    CPA is a WIP

    Cpafour, what field in healthcare were you considering? I.e., PT, physician assistant, nursing, MD/DO?

    Why the medical field? Is it because of job security or being an accountant not fulfilling?

    I am considering a switch too. However, those graduate degrees are not cheap. For example, PT school can cost up to 100k for that doctorate in PT, but one does not make MD money out of school. Starting salary is 60 to 65k depending on setting.

    Look forward to your response.



    @CPA Is A WIP
    I was thinking more along the lines of a Physician Assistant. It is a 2 year program, but in order to apply, various schools require a minimum of 2,000 – 2,500 patient hours (equivalent of about a year of full-time healthcare work). I actually have all the classwork prerequisites completed, since I battled with this dilemma back in college, and I figured I should take the science courses, just in case.
    I just do not find accounting fulfilling at all. It is quite boring and to be honest, it is tedious and not satisfying at all. I want to come into work feeling like I am impacting someone's life in a positive manner and this career path is not offering me that.
    I know it will cost about $100K, but perhaps there are scholarships available and that expense might be worth it, considering I would actually be doing meaningful work.


    Yeah, you sound like me…I actually did a shadow CNA day at a senior's home because I wanted to start doing my direct patient care experience. I could barely stand the smell though, and I can't believe their stupid policies of not having windows open…It is absolutely toxic…

    I looked into getting a Master of Healthcare Admin, and that is apparently an amazing thing for ex-accountants…very huge income potential, and getting a PA would definitely be a huge plus towards getting a position in hospital management or something…

    I agree that accounting can be very dull, but yet somehow, after being away for so long, it feels like home.

    “The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.” ― Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace)
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