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    I am currently working at a private company in finance dept. I like my job it's 8-5:30 work. I would say it's median salary with pretty good benefits. The job is not too stressful. I have my own office and the people are nice too.

    I have my masters degree in accounting and ever since I graduated I have been working at the current company. With my wedding coming up next month, and you know there will be so many more changes after that. We will be purchasing a house and probably plan for a baby soon after.

    I am seriously considering studying for the CPA after the wedding and before I get pregnant. My concerns are that I don't know that studying for CPA and if I do pass then working as a CPA will be worth it. I like my current job and that it's not stressful. Yes, I do wish I can make more money but Even if my salary goes up by a little bit I am not sure working more hours for it will be worth it. Working at CPA firms sounds pretty stressful, especially during tax seasons. My fiance is 50:50 about it too. Since I won't really have time to be doing things with him for 1-2 years he doesn't know if that will be worth going through everything. And we are thinking what if..I don't pass it..then all the time and efforts spent for it during our newly wed will be sad at the end.

    I would like to hear some opinions..or if anybody went through the same phase.



    @moremia I will probably get a ton of backlash for this…and it could actually be the reason I can't pass my last exam. But I'll say it anyway! I think the commitment and zero life theory is blown out of proportion. Is it going to take a ton of your time? Sure I don't disagree with that one bit–but has it totally stolen from my family time..not at all. I have similar hours as you. I can fit in 20-25 hours a week with little time being taken from my family…here is how. 2-3 hours on the weekdays, I typically do it from 5:30-7:30AM will occasionally put in an hour during lunch, if I don't pull morning duties I will study from 9-11pm. Then I will do 4-6 hours on the weekends–usually from 6-10am or I will split that up where I do half of it early AM then another late night shit…this leaves me basically the entire day with my family on the weekends and all my evenings during the weekdays (from 5pm to 9pm). One thing you will kiss good bye is vacations, you don't have time to run away for an entire weekend and skip 8-12 hours of study time.

    In the time I have studied (this is almost embarrassing to admit) I have had 2 children…they are 3 months and 15 months now. I decided to start studying when my wife was 7 months prego with our first child and was reviewing for FAR when my wife was in labor! lol. If you were to ask my wife if I am missing a lot of time with our kids I don't think she would say it's that bad…like I said the big issue is I can't get away for an entire day I have to be around the computer to get my hours in.

    If you want to get your CPA go for it! I think you can manage your study schedule where you aren't stealing too much time from your personal life…again, I may be the only person that has this opinion so take it for what it's worth!

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    Definitely try. If you can get licensed, it will certainly help your career in the future. Unfortunately it's a big commitment and might strain your marriage short term but it's worth it if you pull through. Luckily my wife patiently supported me for a year and I'm making a lot of money while working the same amount of hours.



    You will have different opinions for your question. CPA exam is draining energy and time consuming. Commitment is very important. If you are getting married next month, I would say enjoy your time with your partner. Give it few months and then start. Everybody is different, if you are fast learner, and had got your degree recently I would say go for it. Best wishes for up coming wedding.

    Hope and determination will lead to success.


    For a very small investment get the Ninja materials and see what you think about the material you'd need to study before you decide.

    All I'll say is this, before you have a house and kids a median salary sounds lovely. HOWEVER when your car insurance doubles because your teen got her license, you realize a prom gown will cost over 600, senior pictures are nearly a thousand dollars, sports competitions for a traveling team with hotels, 20″ of snow that you have to PAY someone to remove from your roof before ice dams start, vet bills because a dog sounds like a good idea then suddenly you're paying for chemo for your four legged best friend, etc. Suddenly ok, isn't ok anymore. I remember being a newlywed thinking we could be in a cardboard box as long as we're together…then the kids came and the house expenses that weren't planned…………

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    A agree with all the above. Go for it. I studied while married and while it was tough, it was so worth it. What worked for my wife and I was for me to take my time with the exam. I studied every other day after work and for a few hours on the weekend. We made it a point to spend my “off” nights taking walks and reconnecting. We would also go out for breakfast every Saturday and do something fun after(believe me when I tell this also helped take my mind off the exam). During study nights, she would let me be. It took me a span of a year and a half from the day I started studying to the day I found out I passed my last one. She was also pregnant during my FAR and Audit period and we were taking care of a newborn while I was studying for BEC.

    Ultimately, this is going to be a discussion with your significant other. However, the best advice I can give is to spend at least 15 min a day, 1 night(or morning) a week, 1 weekend per month and 1 week per year to spend with your future spouse. You spouse comes before your exam, but the exam is much more managable if you keep this regime in mind. I hope that helps.


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    It sounds like you first need to determine if the CPA license is something that you want. I do not need the CPA for my job either, but I know it will open doors, so I want it. I told myself I was going to get it, so I am going to keep going. Im about $4,200 into this thing at this point (CPAExcel, Ninja materials, and past exam attempts [~$250 per attempt]), so I'm not stopping now. However, you must decide if you really want it.

    Assuming you decide that you want the license, then please by all means try to do it before you have kids. I have two little ones and my wife runs her own law practice. I struggle to find time to study, but again, my wife runs her own business so many times she is returning client calls and emails after normal business hours. I still squeeze study time in, its just more limited given our situation. I wish I would have taken it as seriously as I am taking it now about 4 years ago.

    I honestly think that it is a fantastic investment in yourself and your future to have doors opened for you in the event you need or want to move on from your current job, but that can only be answered by you.

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    I feel like this is my former self writing this post. I took the exams in 2011 and failed terribly. I wasn't really in it. Got married end of 2014 and was encouraged by my office to attempt the exams beginning of 2015. My husband and I were dating back in 2011 so he knew how crappy studying was. But this time I really wanted it and this was my reasoning for why I jumped back on the train – besides the fact I wanted to do it for me. When we start to have kids, I may stay home, I may not, I have no idea, but the point being, having my license and keeping it active, even if I take leave from work for a while, will do me wonders when I do try to either 1) start my own services from home or 2) want to get back into the work force after extended stay at home or 3) negotiate for better salary in the future. My husband is literally forcing me to study and hurry up with my tests because I've been at this for a while and a majority of our marriage has been the study life, but it's worth it.

    MAJOR BOTTOM LINE: Don't do it if you're not into it. Make sure your hubs is on board, you need the support. Then buckle up and do it.

    Also like noted above, it doesn't have to own your life. It sorta owns mine but it's not like that for everyone. Congrats on getting married! 🙂 ♥

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    Personally, unless I know someone knows they want it without a doubt, I usually don't encourage them to do so. I believe if you're half hearted, you'll just end up wasting a lot of time and money. Sounds like you're 50:50 which means to me you're half in and half out. It takes a lot of dedication. Sure you'll still have time for entertainment but it'll be limited if you want to wrap this up within 18 months.

    I was only a year into my marriage and just had my baby when I started this journey. I gave up a job that pays well and I like to pursue this. I wouldn't have given up my job if I had any doubts or reservation. The answer is within you. Only you know how much you want it or how much effort you're willing to put in.

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    Before I jump into my life story I just want to say that this exam is a test of discipline as much as it is of knowledge. And while I don't know you or your relationship, I would recommend attempting the exam and aiming for your CPA before your life gets busier. I have found that life doesn't slow down. Studying is more manageable while it's two of you. When you start a growing family, it's a bit more challenging (still do able, but more prioritizing and scheduling involved).

    I've been out of school for a while. Had a crappy acct undergrad degree. And don't have work much experience with acct. I know I want a CPA license ever since a tax internship I had but I was late to start on the exam bandwagon. A lot of it was cause we (husband and I, married 7yrs) were moving around and I didn't have the requirements to sit in the various states we lived. Finally we got settled and I took whatever classes I needed for my state… And then had a baby. She's 18mo old now. I took BEC when she was 8mo after only getting thru the first two chapters(and realizing that pro metric charges me like $75 to cancel a month before the exam… So I just thought WTH, I'll just go for it. I've already paid for it). I Failed that miserably. Got dishearted. Stopped. And now my daughters 18mo and I'm ready and more determined than ever cause I know if I don't do this now, I will regret it. Like will get busier with more kids and work.

    So I realized that I need to give it my all. Shes now in full time day care (mommy guilt is real…)and Studying has taken a priority. Life was def easier when I wasn't studying but I just think of this as a temporary discomfort. I cut out our social outings. It's family time, house work, part job job, sleeping and studying only. It's not the ideal set up and I know my husband is seriously rooting for me to pass so we can close this chapter.
    Until then, chug along.

    Congrats on the wedding! (All this said, find a good balance of what works for you. I have to study and review often cause I tend to forget concepts easily. I blame my badly taught acct classes for it.)

    And excuse any typos. Typed from my phon and it's passed my bedtime.


    Good Lordy Me

    I say go for it but what I already learned is you need to compartmentalize the exam. What I mean by that is if it becomes such a black cloud following you around everyday then you need to have a self check moment with inner self (hope that does not sound strange) and take a chill.

    I made a big mistake when I just started studying, I let it take me over. That is not healthy for you, your spouse or your kids. I have had to come to grips that I am a slow learner and take my time with the material. Downside this adds some much “more” time to the process. I keep trying to remember what everyone says, “this is not and IQ test, put the time in you will get thru…”



    I agree with some who say this isn't all or nothing… a lot of people put their whole life on hold, but for me, I have to just leave more time between exams, and yes it takes discipline but I can't say that it has consumed me to the point where I don't see anyone. I have a full time job, two kids and a husband who works nights. I find time to study but I don't study all weekend long or every waking moment-that's just not possible. That's why it take me 10 or 8 weeks to get ready, not 3… Now is the best time to do it before you have kids…

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