CPA Exam Pass Rate Statistics

I was perusing the Uniform CPA Exam's official website – and found something that I didn't know existed…archived webcasts.

According to these webcasts:

41-45% of all candidates who sit for a section pass it.

Thought: This is interesting because the people taking these exams aren't just people who casually went to the center, signed up, showed their 2 forms of signed ID and took the exam. These are people who went through the trouble to get their 150 hours…get their NTS…pay the exam fee…drop a grand or more on review materials and sacrifice valuable time preparing for the exam. Taking the CPA Exam isn't something you just stumble into – it's an intentional process and if you have an NTS in your hand, you haven't taken it lightly.

AT BEST, 45% of these CPA candidates passed their exam section, leaving the other 55% wondering what went wrong.

Basically, if you fail a section…congrats: you're an average CPA Exam candidate.