CPA Flash Cards Nail Down Concepts

Flashcards are a convenient, effective tool that CPA Exam candidates find especially useful for memorizing important material covered on the exam. Flashcards efficiently help you nail down your understanding of core concepts. Easy-to-use, portable CPA Exam review flashcards are an unsurpassed aid in improving your answer speed.

CPA Exam course reviews offer flashcards in digital as well as printed formats. One brand leading the way is NINJA CPA Review, which has teamed with Brainscape technology to make NINJA Flashcards even more accessible for on-the-go CPA Exam candidates.

NINJA Flashcards are used on over 51,300 exams, making them the most-popular flashcards in the CPA review industry, and Brainscape is the most-powerful learning engine in the education market today.

Mobile exam prep is helping CPA candidates learn the must-know concepts for each section of the CPA Exam. NINJA Flashcards focus on drill-downs into CPA Exam topics that your review course likely missed.

The Tool for the Fourth Quarter of Your Review Game

Brainscape is a web and mobile learning platform for “smart flashcards” guaranteed to help you learn faster and remember longer. This app is easy to navigate and allows you to rate your confidence in knowing the flashcard. Rating your strength with each flashcard reinforces concepts you’ve just read.

The NINJA Flashcards leaderboard is sure to motivate you to study. These CPA flashcards are helpful in analyzing your progress and showing you both strengths and weaknesses. NINJAs say this is a good “fourth quarter” tool to use when the test is only days away.

The average CPA candidate is 29 years old and working full time. Many have family commitments, and many are raising kids. When you add in other obligations that demand your attention, is it any wonder most CPA candidates say finding time to study is a challenge?

The problem is reflected in a first-time CPA Exam pass rate of about 30 percent. Passing the CPA Exam is tough. Flashcards are the time-saving memory aids that could save you on Exam Day.