CPA Practice Exam

Candidates have to be ready to respond instinctively to the challenges of the CPA Examination. The CPA exam is a timed exam. Answering questions fast and accurately is crucial. On exam day, you should not spend time trying to figure out the text format. You should be able to focus on answering the questions.

Getting the best use out of a CPA practice exam will prepare you to walk into the exam with confidence. Choose a review course that offers a comprehensive CPA practice exam. The practice exam should include timed drills, assessments of your weaknesses and strengths. A CPA practice exam that provides a large number of Multiple Choice Questions will help you become familiar with more than the content that will be tested. It will show you the way the questions are phrased and the way the exam works.

The CPA Exam is computer-based, and it also demands that you show ability beyond performing basic computer skills. You will be called on to use a four-function calculator, spreadsheet, and research function. You will be asked to tackle accounting, tax and auditing questions, and that will require you to find authoritative literature for the answers. Look for a CPA practice exam that shows you how to use the computer tools provided in the exam.

You’ll get the best exercise with a practice exam that provides exam-like conditions. This is the kind of practice that will help you become accustomed to budgeting enough time to each testlet within each part of the exam.

The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA} makes a free tutorial and sample tests available on their website. AICPA advises candidates to read the tutorial and see the exam’s format before they review the sample tests. The sample tests give candidates a preview with a functioning replica of the CPA Exam. This sample also gives candidates an opportunity to become familiar with the Examination’s format.

The sample test software uses test questions that represent all the types candidates will see on the CPA Examination: multiple choice (MCQ), written communication (WC) and task-based simulation (TBS). The sample tests provide answers to sample questions.

AICPA advises candidates that the sample tests are not intended for use as study materials in preparation for the CPA Examination.