CPA Score Release Dates: Learning the True Necessities

Taking the Uniform CPA exam is difficult enough, but waiting for the final scores can seem like an excruciating process. Candidates can become confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated through this process. Learning more about the CPA score release dates will help you become a better informed professional, while also lessening stress levels. Read on…

Know Your State Grading Category

There are three categories of states when it comes to releasing your CPA exam scores. The state you take your exam in will be the determining factor. The categories include the NASBA states, indie states, and snail mail states.

The AICPA sends test scores to the the NASBA, or National Association of State Board of Accountancy. This Association enters the scores into the National Candidate Database. It then releases the scores to the applicable State Board of Accountancy. All state categories receive scores at the same time. Most State Boards of Accountancy receive scores from NASBA within 24-hours after grading. The Board then reviews the scores and sends the results to individual candidates.

A number of states are classified as indie due to not releasing their CPA test scores through the NASBA. Some examples of these states include Arizona, Alaska, California, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Virginia, Texas, and Wyoming. Consider contacting your State Board of Accountancy to find out what type of grading category your state falls under. It will only enhance your peace of mind.

Join Others

You need to realize you are not alone when waiting for CPA score release dates. Most CPA review programs have an online forum available for you and other candidates to post experiences. Being able to express yourself in a supportive community builds confidence, trust, and friendships. It provides more insight into everything involved with preparing, and sitting for, this extremely difficult professional examination.

One of the most popular online chat forums for CPA candidates is operated by Another71, the publishers of NINJA CPA Review.  You must become a member before posting any comment.

Gaining Perspective

The CPA Exam used to be given semi-annually. This was the only time candidates could sit for the exam. Remember there are CPAs working today that took, and passed, the exam before the convenience of the internet was efficiently utilized. This individual will more likely be your new boss. This demands respect and appreciation.

Odds has it that your new CPA boss is probably an old-school candidate that had to wait three months for scoring results. There was no choice but to go about daily activities as best as possible until the test scores were known. Results were only given via traditional mail. Paper notices contained test results.

Think about this when you feel your blood pressure rising due to waiting two weeks. Turn stress into gratitude and enhanced appreciation. You will notice how your overall perspective changes towards the profession and life in general. Others will pick up on this, as well.

Any well-informed and educated CPA candidate knows the importance of learning all aspects involved with this high level examination. Learning as much as possible about the CPA Score Release Dates and how it applies to your individual situation is part of the overall educational process. It is the final step towards your dream of becoming a professional CPA.