Guides Set Out Roadmap on How to Study

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No CPA candidate needs to spend time trying to figure out how to start studying for the CPA Exam when study guides help navigate every challenge from the application process to score release. Guides offer study schedules to keep you on track and effectively reviewing content that’s covered on the CPA Exam.

A study guide will alert you to tricks and strategies that can boost your score by vital extra points. Learning the how-tos of test-taking can make the difference between passing and failing.

Free study guides are available from most review courses. Looking at them may help you decide which review course to buy. The American Institute for Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) created a free customized Study Aid to keep you headed in the right direction through the study process with a personal timeline, tips and sample questions for test practice. The AICPA study aid does not teach CPA Exam content. Find the AICPA exam companion at CPA Exam Aid.

CPA Review Courses Offer Free Study Guides

Among the free study guides are Another71’s NINJA Study Planner and CPA Exam Survival Guide.

Roger CPA Review will give you a Roadmap to Success, while Becker Professional Education provides tips on exam structure and exam content.

Additionally, Wiley CPAexcel has free resources on how to Pass the CPA Exam.

Frequently asked questions addressed in study guides are the CPA Exam format and how to get familiar with the exam process. Guides also explore exam content and study preparation methods. They break down exam strategies for FAR, AUD, REG and BEC, and they introduce you to the two question types in the CPA exam: multiple choices and task-based simulations. Guides suggest ways to score points in simulations and written communications.

Valuable advice on how to study can be found in CPA Exam study guides. They’ll suggest you set out times for study times and find quiet areas that are well lit and free from distractions. Breaking study into manageable blocks of time will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Perhaps most important to all CPA Exam candidates, study guides offer tips on how to pass the CPA Exam and stay motivated.

Disclosure: This site owns NINJA CPA Review and has affiliate/promotional partnerships with other CPA Review courses (we're cool like that) and may be compensated if you purchase through one of our links (at no cost to you).

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