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CPA Tutor – NINJA Sparring

NINJA Sparring is the live CPA Tutor offered through NINJA CPA Review.

We launched it in 2020 at the request of a member while everyone was stuck at home and never stopped doing them. 🙂

The weekly live sessions are via Zoom; all NINJA CPA Review members can attend and ask questions.

They are hosted by NINJA Mike, a member of the NINJA editorial team and an expert on all CPA Exam & CMA Exam topics.

Fun fact: Mike scored top-5 in the WORLD (yes, the World) on the CMA Exam.

Yes, Mike has a thick accent (he's from India), but most people can get past that and love his teaching, based on the emails I get.

We run four live Tutoring sessions a week with the following schedule:

  • Monday – FAR
  • Tuesday – AUD
  • Wednesday – REG
  • Thursday – BEC

Most sessions include an accompanying Excel worksheet.

Replays are available the following day, and 300+ hours of replays are available for NINJA Monthly members, broken down by CPA Exam topic.

FAR Sparring – Basics & Fundamentals of Accounting

AUD Sparring – Revenue Cycle, Cash Cycle, & Expenditure Cycle

REG Sparring – Property Taxation

BEC Sparring – Variance Analysis

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