NINJA Review: Why You Need It

Preparing for the Uniform CPA Examination is a daunting task. All types of software choices, study courses, and preparation materials exist in the marketplace. It is easy to wonder which one to choose to optimize your preparation time. Look no further than the NINJA Review. Learn why over 40,000 candidates continually praise this program for their passing success by reading below.


Look in any dictionary and find the word ninja. Its origins date back to Early Middle China. A true ninja is a warrior who moves with lightning speed while using a highly skilled martial art form, in very simple terms. In modern society, it describes someone who wants to optimize time and cut through the nonsense that pervades the learning process and society in general. Does that sound like you?

The CPA preparation industry contains an immense amount of data, manufactured by all types and sizes of companies and individuals. Much of it is developed to confuse, overwhelm, or intimidate candidates. You could spend hours studying a particular topic that is not even on the upcoming exam and not realize it until you sit down and take the test.

The NINJA Review is different. It cuts through the chase. You receive only concise and appropriate content each and every time. Information is presented in an uncluttered, informative manner that enhances the studying process. The memory aids train the mind in a remarkably convenient and thorough manner.

Personalized Assistance Is Available

Being able to contact the developer of CPA Review materials is essential to your overall passing success. Not every provider offers this invaluable service, either. Many claim to have a toll-free number or on-site professional available, but actually getting in touch with someone may be a different story.

What is particularly unique about NINJA is the fact that the developer, Jeff, is a real-life, practicing CPA who is readily available for questions. Candidates simply post a question online and receive a prompt and friendly response at the earliest possible time. It does not get much easier than that!

You Are Frugal

CPA Review courses run the budget gamut from very cheap to very expensive, depending on the provider and study material type. As a frugal individual, you look for the best deals possible to extend your purchasing dollar. You take great pride in doing this.

Frugality means you realize that top quality is not always tied in with high prices. There are CPA programs available at very reasonable prices that contain the highest quality content available. Content is relevant, current, and beneficial. It is continually upgraded so students receive the best educational materials possible. NINJA Review offers all of this and more. Go to: for more insight.

You Have Limited Study Time

Studying for the CPA exam is difficult enough when a candidate has ample preparation time available, but that likely is not the case. If you are like the average candidate, you are working overtime, jugging family obligations, and/or dealing with other daily activities that seem to make studying impossible. Think again about this.

You need a CPA Review course that values and optimizes your limited study time. This is when NINJA comes to the rescue. With so many studying tools available, like flashcards and notes, you can feed your brain in only minutes!

No matter how limited your time, budget, or lifestyle seems to be, utilizing what is available through NINJA Review will point you in the success direction. Get started now by visiting the CPA Community at Do it now!