NINJA Reviews Say This Strategy Wins CPA Exam Points

The NINJA reviews are in. CPA candidates say the NINJA strategy is fresh, effective and especially appealing to students who thrive on a non-traditional approach to learning. The number of NINJA users has reached 41,000 and growing for a reason. Students are revealing how they use NINJA to add 12 or 17 or even 22 points to their CPA Exam scores.

They are using NINJA to help squeeze in extra study time, to make understanding easier and to keep remembering longer. CPA candidates rely on NINJA to learn the tricks that score the extra four or five questions needed to pass the CPA Exam once and for all. Reviewers say NINJA offers a greatly improved version of the tools you find at other CPA review courses. They say NINJA has come up with innovations they can’t find anywhere else.

NINJA creator Jeff Elliott emphasizes that the single most important part of CPA Exam studying is preparing for the Multiple Choice Questions. NINJA reviews say his MCQ test bank outstrips all competitors. These MCQs excel because NINJA puts concepts into the context that students need for the CPA Exam. And NINJA provides a much larger number of MCQs for practice than any other review course. That’s why Jeff knows many CPA candidates who have passed the exam by working only his MCQs.


Now NINJA is the first review course to offer an MCQ Audio. Each full-length practice exam is weighted according to the AICPA CSO to build a stronger MCQ foundation. NINJA MCQ Audio, which is introduced as part of the Ten Point Combo, offers students the right balance between enjoyable listening and effective repetition.

NINJA reviews say the MCQ Audio gives them more study time in a day when every hour is packed full with working and commuting. On these audios, students hear lively everyday language that’s easy to understand. Users enjoy listening to a real human being who makes them forget other robotic lecturers.

Some REG students react to the innovative MCQ Audio: “I think this is a great idea. I’m a non-traditional student and I need all the help I can get,“ says Samantha B. Another NINJA notes the fresh approach. “It made me think about topics in a different way,“ according to Tiffany P.

FAR student Jean H. says, “Great job as it is very easy to understand in layman’s terms.“ On the MCQ Audio BEC, Jennifer S. relays, “Your explanations are so memorable because of the vocal intonations and regular language.”

“I’ve been searching for something like this because I usually have a long commute and I was trying to figure out a way to study while driving,” says Natalie B. about the MCQ Audio AUD. Another AUD student, Troy M., says, “I am an auditory learner and found these to be exactly what I need.”


Many NINJA reviews talk about the improvement in scores after students try the NINJA MCQ software. Why are CPA candidates seeing such a difference? Robert M. credits the selection of questions. “For BEC, the NINJA MCQ is a must…you put together a great test bank,” he says. Others find the cost of the MCQs a good deal. “… the fact that SIMS are included with the test bank for a measly $47 is an astounding value!” says DM.

“I used NINJA MCQs for REG and got my highest score (94) ever,” says Lindsey R. Her thought is echoed by A. Jones, who says, “I used nothing but NINJA MCQ and audio for FAR and passed with an 81.”

“The Audit MCQ helped boost my score 12 points (!!!) from a 73 to an 85,” adds Walker.


Among Jeff’s most successful strategies is telling students to put down the highlighter and re-write course review notes in their own words. NINJA reviews say that recommendation proves even more successful when students begin with his NINJA Notes.

“I followed your instructions of reading them over and over again and leaving myself a week to rewrite them. I’m deploying this same method as I study for FAR,” says Kris K. in crediting NINJA Notes as a big factor in raising her Audit score to an 87. LittleMoe says he bought NINJA’s FAR notes because the notes greatly helped him with AUD.

With a boost from a score of 70 to 82 on BEC, Kandis Joy says she finds Jeff’s notes “extremely helpful in summarizing and outlining almost everything included in my other study materials. The notes are very organized. ” Another BEC student, Melissa S., says the notes “helped to review right before the test. I saw several questions that the notes helped me on.”

After using NINJA notes to earn an 88 on BEC and a 78 on AUD, Andrew V. studied with them even more before revisiting REG. The next time around he took home a REG 82.

Brett finds the FAR notes “definitely helped keep the information fresh, especially for IFRS,” while Virginia says the FAR notes “gave me the extra bit of information I needed to pass.”

After buying the FAR NINJA Notes on a whim, DeepBreath was “super relieved to learn that Jeff suggests a different approach to studying for the exams” and delighted to have found them at the beginning of studying instead of the end.


“I listen to it on my way to and from work,” says Mike B. of the REG Audio. “I think it really helps fortify the regular material. I especially value the little tricks you have to remember certain parts.”

Yolyc88 also listened to Ninja Audio for Audit during the work commute. “Towards the end, I almost had them memorized,” says Yolyc88. He credits Audio AUD for a high score of 96 on the last test. Another commuter, beechcrest, took NINJA Audio along the ride to work and listened “until I could speak along WITH Jeff.”

“It is a very easy way to get 2.5 hours of info in a day. They are also great when cooking dinner or cleaning around the house,” says alh87 of AUD Audio.

UCFCPA points to one difference between his latest BEC score result and those on three previous tries. This student added NINJA Audio and brought his BEC score up to 82. “It really helped me to remember the concepts in each section, and I was able to remember specific topics on the exam I would have forgotten otherwise.”

“I have found the NINJA audio to be a huge help in squeezing in extra study time. I was at my son’s baseball practice last night and I listened to the audio for almost an hour that would have normally been “down” time,” says tgkevine of BEC Audio.

The tips and examples in FAR Audio are “direct and easy to understand,” says Mom2two. “It makes me think ok I know this, I can pass this thing!” Givemesleep took advantage of FAR Audio every minute in the car. “It’s cheap, effective and worth every penny if used correctly, says Givemesleep, who adds the tool easily helped score 10 extra points.


“Straight to the point, and made to be absorbed quickly and stay in there,” says Ari K, who studies the AUD Book. In his NINJA reviews, Danny H. said FAR Book made studying very easy. The early release of this year’s FAR Book was welcomed by Whitnie H., who relays, “It’s easier for me to read compared to my [other course] book.” “I really dig the format with practice questions built right into the info,” says Chad M. about FAR Book.

Jeannette S. finds “the comprehensiveness of the (BEC) book is superior to the other material I’m using.” “It’s easy to understand, with more detail than the NINJA Notes,” says Nicole of the BEC Book. She values the application that sums everything up after each small section.


NINJA Blitz REG breaks the material down into smaller bites that are easier for students to digest, says Lynette. MM says Jeff succeeds where many accounting instructors fail: making the material understandable. Carla on Facebook appreciates the NINJA Blitz FAR method of remembering GSP-CD funds. NINJA Blitz FAR “helps on digging in material that we miss on the other reviews,” says Jose D.

“The Blitz videos more clearly articulated the really important information than the (expensive course) videos I primarily used for AUD, BEC and REG,” says Nick B. “And they clarify the important things from my MAcc program to solidify those nuggets of gold I needed on test day.”

David J. says, “The (BEC) videos are short and sweet and to the point. It makes it easier to blast few a few whenever I have a few minutes.”

NINJA Blitz AUD is particularly important to Linda M. in helping summarize all the information and remember what is important. Jenna mentions her relief at listening to Jeff in the AUD videos “for a change this weekend instead of (expensive review course) ‘old geezers’. It gave me a little boost of hope and perhaps even a bit of sanity,” Jenna says in her NINJA reviews.

Ten Point Combo Complete

Kara P. tested a set of NINJA MCQ REG and a simulation on her iPad mini and says she is pleased with how they worked. She appreciates the links in the answers to terms within the explanation. Kara P. also says she finds the dashboard display of her study history an effective instant accountability check.

CPA Candidate SJ used NINJA Notes and Flashcards to supplement Becker MCQ when he made his third attempt at the AUD section. “And BAM! My score jumped 14 points to a passing score of 79 with just one month of studying,” says SJ. He singles out the AUD notes and flashcards for praise.

Students who use the Ten Point Combo AUD frequently talk about their score increases for this difficult section. Adding Ten Point Combo and NINJA methods to Becker boosted his AUD score from 58 to 87 in one testing window, says GriffinCPA. Andin his NINJA reviews, beechcrest says the Ten Point Combo Complete helped him pass Auditing on the first try. Legit44 was up against his last section, Audit. He had failed twice with a 69 and a 71. “So I ordered the “Ten Point Combo”…and got a 22 point increase,” he says.

“If I don’t listen to the Audio notes, my day feels so incomplete! LOL!” says rbcpa. This CPA candidate raised his BEC score 17 points from a 60 to 77 by using the NINJA Flashcards, Notes and Audio. He listened to the NINJA Audio notes in the car, gym and at work when there was down time.

CPA candidate ajurew1 used the Ten Point Combo when studying for another shot at REG and increased the REG score from 66 to 82. “Didn’t even use any other study materials when studying for the retake,” says ajurew1. Another candidate, CPAski, says, “The NINJA Notes saved me on four questions!” That candidate saw the REG score climb 15 points from 67 to 82.

“I listened to the audio every second I got – in the car, in line to pick up lunch, everywhere. Save the audio tracks to your phone so you have it with you at all times,” recommends Mickey G. His hard work and the Ten Point Combo took his FAR score up 15 points and gave him the highest score for any of his sections in AUD.