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Beginning Roger’s Accelerated Classes


Shanti is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since December 2010.

Whoa! Two 8 hour days doing Roger CPA Review accelerated classes. What a weekend! I thought my brain would be some serious mush come Sunday evening, but not so. I even had moments where it didn’t seem like Roger was teaching me new things, but actually reviewing what I already knew.

Add a fleeting moment of ‘Cool, I know this stuff!’ because he quickly dashed those thoughts on Sunday going more in depth on FAR stuff than I did in my classes.

I am taking the Roger accelerated review classes. So I trek from Fairfield to San Francisco on Saturday and Sunday (about an hour each way).

The classes are held in an area where it is mostly busy Monday to Friday, so finding coffee first thing in the morning (a must for me) has been a bit tricky. If you can believe it, there is only one Starbucks open about a block and a half away.

Now I’m not normally opposed to going to Starbucks, but some choices would be nice, especially on this particular Saturday. Of all things, their espresso machine was broken! Now I know I said coffee is a must, but I am not a huge fan of brewed coffee. I prefer to drink a liquid candy bar (as my husband puts it) and those are easier to concoct in a mocha base than a coffee.

I also spilled my coffee on myself trying to catch an elevator that was going down when I needed to go up. This day was not getting a good start. I was keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the day would improve.

Saturdays REG class was great. I do taxes and even though the tax season ended for the most part a couple months ago, it still feels fresh. The morning was spent on individuals which was the bulk of my clients this year. So I had a pretty nice warm up of a morning. The afternoon was a little rougher, covering the law side of things. But Roger makes it easy to pay attention since you don’t know when he’s going to pop out with a new mnemonic or story. He’s got much better comedic timing than on other videos I have watched.

I didn’t manage much more studying than class this past week. I can’t really see what happened to my time to justify why I didn’t. There was no major event or catastrophe. I so wish I could find more time in my days to get studying done! I want to pass this test the first time around! At least I have another full weekend to look forward to.

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  • I just spent a week in San Fran and loved it! There are a lot of AMAZING locally owned & operated coffee shops. Just ask some locals and I’m sure they can point you in the right direction! I went to 3 or 4 places in the short week that I was there that put starbucks to shame.

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