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Disclosure: UWorld Roger CPA Review and NINJA CPA Review have a paid partnership.

tl;dr Roger CPA Review and NINJA are doing a limited-time CPA Review promotion:

Save $1,500 on the Roger Elite Course and get 4 months of NINJA CPA Review free.


Jeff Elliott here from and NINJA CPA Review. And I'm excited to tell you about a special, limited-time partnership that NINJA is doing with UWorld Roger CPA Review. And before I get started, let me just introduce myself.  For those of you who don't know me and have not heard of NINJA.

 I'm a licensed CPA in the state of Kansas. I'm a father of nine and a husband of one I'm founder of another 70 founded that back in 2008. And it blew up to be one of the most visited CPA exam sites on the interwebs. And I founded NINJA CPA review back in 2011 and fast forward to today, it is the most used CPA exam supplement and all of CPA review.

And I've helped over a hundred thousand people pass the CPA exam and that's through NINJA products, emails, and the forum. The number's actually probably a lot bigger than that, but. I'll do a humble at a hundred thousand, only a hundred thousand. So if you're not familiar with NINJA CPA review or NINJA monthly, a NINJA is a full CPA review course or a supplement.

People use it as a full course. People use it as a supplement. Probably more people use it as a supplement because by the time anyone ever hears of NINJA, they already have bought a course. We have a, a test bank with over 6,000 multiple choice questions, 200 Sims adaptive learning. We have our popular NINJA notes.

We're probably best known for the NINJA Notes and the NINJA MCQ test bank. Sorry that my voice, excuse me. Here we go again. Sorry that my voice is cracking. I am a over 40 and still have you. I'm not 15. I promise. And the NINJA audio. And if you like,  awkward humor, then you'll like the NINJA audio as well.

Although I do edit out my voice cracks in the NINJA audio. Other people say that I've smacked my lips and just like I did there and the NINJA book. And then in addition, we have NINJA monthly flashcards, weekly CPA Exam tutoring and private CPA study groups. One of the coolest things that we've added post-COVID.

Everyone moved to zoom iso we started doing weekly zoom CPA tutoring. We do far on Monday nights, auditing on Tuesday nights, reg on Wednesday nights and BEC on Thursday nights, there are live sessions over a topic. Then you can ask your Q and A live and we have private study groups. And it's all for $67 a month.

And that's, you know, everyone has a payment plan or whatever. NINJA CPA Monthly is not a payment plan. It's like Netflix, you can start and stop it whenever you want no commitment. And there's no drama. If you subscribe to NINJA monthly and you don't like it, you don't like my humor. You don't like my, my Kansas Twain.

 then you can ask for a refund and I will. Give it to you in a no-drama fashion that we can depart his friends. So that's okay. Enough about me. Let me give you a quick blurb about UWorld Roger CPA review, just from my perspective. I mean, you can go check out the company themselves, and you've likely already heard of them, but,  I've known Roger CPA review for over 10 years.

I've actually met as a side note. I met Roger personally at an AICPA meeting,  with the review providers in New York.  so Roger has a great reputation in the CPA review industry and,  he's. He's especially known as being a great instructor. I enjoy his videos and I have a great relationship with his team.

And a lot of NINJAs also use Roger. So what happened was just, everything's crazy right now. COBIT, everyone's stressed. They've added continuous testing. So how can we help people pass the CPA exam faster and move on with their lives? So. You got together with Roger's team and we made a package. So the packages you can get there, their Elite course, which is their four-part CPA review basically comes with everything and the kitchen sink, and it's normally $2,999.

And,  it's been discounted down to 1499, so it's $1,500 off. And if you want that price, you can use the coupon code NINJACPA. And you know, there's, you know, coupon codes are a dime or dozen or whatever. And what makes this coupon code special is that you will also, in addition to saving 1500 bucks,  you also get.

Ah, four free months of NINJA monthly. And so you'll see people rolling out bonuses. It's a blah, blah, blah value. Well, NINJA four months of NINJA. Monthly is literally a $268 value because that's how much, four months of NINJA monthly costs. And I've never discounted into monthly and never will.  so it's always the same price.

I don't play the price game. It's always, so it's a $268. Dollar value. And so if you buy the Roger elite course and use the coupon code NINJACPA,  you will, in addition to saving $1,500 on the Roger elite package, you will also get four months of NINJA monthly. And it's probably goes without saying, cause it's pretty obvious, but this is a paid partnership.

That I'm doing with Roger and his team. So,  just want to throw that out there. You can use coupon code NINJACPA. Now, if you don't want the full course, just guys, maybe you have one section left or whatever.  prior to this promotion, when prior to discussions about this promotion, I had never seen there,  single sections being discounted.

Never saw it, but we started talking about it and decided to do a single part coupon just so that people can take advantage of the offer. So if you only need a single Roger part, you can use,  basically it's, it's the, this the section plus 71. So it's NINJACPA. And you'll get $250 off.

And in addition, well, I believe this is an exclusive code,  for a single section discount. You'll also get,  addition to saving 250 bucks. You'll get one free month of NINJA monthly, again, that costs 67 bucks. So you get 250 bucks off a single Rodger course, and you get a free month of NINJA monthly. So if you buy far Roger, you can get far NINJA monthly.

 so you can use those coupon codes. It's pretty straight forward. If you, if, if you like NINJA and my,  my laid back demeanor, doesn't turn you off then I think you will like NINJA if you're like, man, you just, you're just not stuffy enough for me then you won't like NINJA. You probably won't like Roger either.

 He's a lot more animated than I am actually. So, but if you want to take advantage of this offer, you can get more details. You can go to another 70 forward slash Roger, or you can click the link below this video. And so in closing, if you already have a CPA review course, and didn't plan on getting another course, and it's not in your budget, whatever, then you should just add it into monthly.

Use it for a couple of months, 67 bucks a month and just pass and move on. If you're wanting to kick your other course to the curb and you're in the market for another review course,  this is a great package.  I don't think that you're going to see a better value in 2020, a better promotion, even like a black Friday deal.

I mean, every other course out there can discount their stuff at 50% or whatever, but. The kicker here is that you get four months of NINJA. And I just don't think you can beat that. So go ahead and go to, or click the link below the video. And I will see you there.

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